Is really Gregorian Bivolaru the number one enemy of the Romanian secret services? (3)

by Mihai Vasilescu

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The involvement of secret services in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru is pretty obvious if we consider that the verdict of conviction given by ÎCCJ for “sexual act with a minor”, in the situation in which the respective minor major no complaint and contested the existence of this act, was made based on intercepting telephone conversations that, allegedly, had taken place two years before.

The warrants to intercept Gregorian Bivolaru’s telephone conversations involved “national security” and were illegally extended, so that the respective evidence did not have, from the start, any judicial value. This did not appear to matter to the ÎCCJ judges. The private conversations of two people, surveilled by the secret services because “they endanger national security”, with a warrant that was not legally valid, led to the abusive delivery of a verdict of “sexual act”, in the circumstances in which any first year student at Law University knows that a phone conversation cannot be considered eligible proof that the sexual interaction has taken place.

The connection between national security and a sex act between two people at the age of consent (which both deny they made love) is still not resolved. What amazes us is the fact that at the level of the civil society no one has any reaction regarding SRI actions. Is this institution that swallows up immense funds from our taxes involved in perverted “voyeurism” justified by the sturdy defence of homeland and people?

From the beginning, the accusation of “endangering national security” was formulated because Gregorian Bivolaru stated about some highly regarded politicians that they were Freemasons. And this, the fact that the politicians running the country are Freemasons, is a real danger for this people. The SRI however does not appear to have normal criteria regarding spending funds, because instead of looking into, for example, the Freemason politicians, attempts to frame a yogi with a sex scandal.

The involvement of secret services in the case of MISA-Bivolaru is much more consistent and elaborated then listening to phone conversations and installing listening devices in various locations where the activities of the yoga school are held. Right from the get go, the Secret Service is what the ones that elaborated the subversive disinformation strategy and generated the countless media campaigns to discredit MISA. The secret services made available to the press as well as to other institutions of the state false information, attempting to stop the activity of the yoga school, using the same pattern they employed during communism.

Because it did not manage to dissolve the yoga school, or even to discourage its activity, the secret services kept up the coordinated attacks against Gregorian Bivolaru and the other yogis for years.

All these lead us to state that the secret services consider Gregorian Bivolaru their no. 1 enemy. Let’s review some of the evidence and arguments to this very serious statements.

First of all, the press campaign against MISA started with the recurring publication in the post revolutionary press, in various newspapers and magazines known for the fact that they were controlled by officers of the former Security, of fragments from Gregorian Bivolaru’s case file. The Security torturers, frustrated that they couldn’t scare him or stop him from teaching yoga during communism, didn’t look with kind eyes and explosive development of the yoga school founded by Gregorian Bivolaru right after the pseudo-revolution of December 1989.

The ones that investigated the yogis before 1989, former intelligence service agents, turned agents of the SRI after the restructure of the secret services in 1990, continued to “work on them” with the same methods of the political police. Only that now, they had at their disposal another terrible instrument: the press. Through the consistent discrediting, made with lots of efforts and funds and huge editorial spaces, of the yoga teacher, the former Security officers continued their personal vendetta against Gregorian Bivolaru.

And so, in only three years, they managed to impose a false image of him in the press and, instead of him being considered  – as he actually was – one of the most important dissidents of the communist regime they presented him as being a common criminal, a repeat offender, a convict, insane,  etc.

The press published obsessively the Security accusations regarding Gregorian Bivolaru, the Security attempts to frame him with felonies and even the abusive psychiatric interment as if all these were real. Another telling detail: no journalist consulted Gregorian Bivolaru’s file, although documents from this file were published in the press!

Several details and proofs regarding the secret services involvement in the media campaign to discredit Gregorian Bivolaru in the 1990s can be found in the article Ten overwhelming proofs that the secret services are the ones who initiated the discrediting campaign of Gregorian Bivolaru in the Romanian press.

Another proof of the involvement of secret services in the attacks on MISA and in the frame up of various felonies to the yoga practitioners is the fact that the prosecutor who investigated Gregorian Bivolaru in 1982, 1983 and 1984, when the Security was trying to frame him with various crimes (and in the end he was convicted because he had at home several Playboy magazines) also coordinated the investigations starting with 1997.

In 2004, after the abusive searches in March, the same prosecutor conducted the investigations and the interrogations. We are speaking of Anton Grigorie Chaborsky. Is it normal that in a state that claims that democratic regime ended the abuses of the communist era, the same employee of the political police and torturer of yogis should run the investigation?

The Prosecutor’s Office investigation against the yogis started in 1995 with a complaint by Mario Sorin Vasilescu, also a proven collaborator of the Security, who paid him to write propaganda against spiritually valuable yoga practice (as is taught and practiced by Gregorian Bivolaru) .

Mario Sorin Vasilescu wrote numerous propaganda articles against Gregorian Bivolaru after 1989 as well, probably still on order (because it is known that the informants and the collaborators of secret services cannot withdraw). It was also Mario Sorin Vasilescu who filed some truly aberrant criminal complaints, like the fact that the yoga taught at MISA doesn’t fit in the traditional Indian style because MISA puts up posters and holds conferences in order to attract as many attendants as possible and, apparently, that is proselytism!

Mario Sorin Vasilescu, who also held conferences announced via publicity posters, only to have an audience at least a thousand times smaller than Gregorian Bivolaru, considered that MISA posters are not in accordance with the Indian tradition. And what is most absurd, these complains eventually led to the opening of an investigation for the “endangerment of national security” (of Romania, not of India). The very same file culminated 20 years later with the fabrication of an accusation of “sexual act with a minor”.

Observe the similarities of the secret services method, before and after 1989.  The Security also conducted numerous searches and interrogations and, not finding anything to accuse the yogis (except yoga practice, which would have meant a political condemnation), resorted to frame felonies. In the same way, in 2004, after brutal, illegal searches and abusive interrogations, not having any kind of proof for any sort of illegal act, they moved on to framing a crime.

After the abusive arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru in March 2004 and his release just days after, the minister of interior at the time– Ioan Rus – declared to the press that the MISA mentor should have been detained until proof against him can be found. In what kind of country are we living?!

But let’s go back to the press. Most journalists who kept up through the years a hateful propaganda of Gregorian Bivolaru were informants, collaborators or SRI officers. For example, Sorin Roșca Stănescu, the chief editor of the newspaper Ziua, which led a furious press campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru is a SRI colonel. Valentin Zaschievici, another very active journalist in the defamation of Gregorian Bivolaru, was also revealed to be a SRI informant.

Dan Voiculescu, the owner of the Intact trust (out of which Antena 3 stands out through its over-dimensioned, lying and slanderous campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru), is a colonel in the SRI. România Mare, another propaganda publication very active against MISA, was founded from the start by Corneliu Vadim Tudor in order to serve the former officers of Security as a political propaganda instrument.

Let’s move on to another area. The “experts” that took “scientific studies” from a “psychological” perspective of the yogis and of Gregorian Bivolaru (but without knowing them or directly interviewing them) are either employees of the SRI, like Tudorel Butoi, either even superior officers of the SRI (the case of Irinei Holdevici).

These pseudoscientific studies were included in the files put together by the Prosecutor’s Office. What is completely ridiculous about these studies – and disqualifies their authors – is the fact that they were put together based on articles in the press, and not through interviewing yoga practitioners. Moreover, Irina Holdevici is an adept of Mario Sorin Vasilescu.

One of the most elaborated frame ups of the SRI in the MISA case was the spreading, through the media, of the false information that the SRI would have made a study of “the most dangerous sects” in Rumania. According to the information published by the press that quote SRI as source, out of the 300 groups and movements included in this report, MISA was in first place.

This report however does not exist. As was confirmed by the representative of the Ministry of Cults in April 2004, SRI was asked the respective report and was ascertained that such a reporter does not exist. However, the information was circulated obsessively and is still used to discredit MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru.
In 1996 1997, SRI attempted to impose, through media disinformation, the idea added the MISA yoga school is a dangerous paramilitary organization (as such, in the 2004 searches it was spoken of “weapons trafficking” and the gendarmes were trained for a violent incursion). The most serious consequence of this direction of the propaganda was the institutionalized discrimination of yoga practitioners worked in the army and the police.

The names of yoga practitioners working in the army were made available to the press by the secret services and a despicable press campaign followed that mocked them, mostly by mentioning succulent sex orgies. Most of them were forced to quit the army is they wouldn’t quit yoga.

In November 2005, SRI gave a press statement according to which MISA is a dangerous paramilitary organization. The flexibility of the press in the various slanderous accusations against MISA, does not cease to amaze us: from day to day, the journalists see no contradiction in moving from the image of a “sluggish flock of brainwashed sectarians” to the idea of a “violent organization with iron rules”. And because there is no proof for any of the circulated accusations, in the end an ambiguous sex scandal is fabricated.

We will stop here with recounting the examples of SRI involvement in the discrediting campaign of Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA yoga school. The immense resources invested by the secret Services in this campaign and the fact that there exists a special department of SRI that deals only with the failed attempts to impede the activity of MISA yoga school lead us to believe that for the Romanian secret services, Gregorian Bivolaru is the “number 1 enemy”. It is probably for this reason that the Romanian authorities demanded Sweden that he be confined in maximum security in Sweden, when his request for political asylum was judged.

More recently, in France, Gregorian Bivolaru, for whom SRI needed over 20 years to manage to frame him up with a felony – sexual act with a 17-year-old minor – is confined in maximum security conditions.

The Romanian police requested that Gregorian Bivolaru be sought by Europol for acts he did not commit and the French secret services mobilized more than 100 policemen for an ample action that took one week to arrest a person wrongfully accused of a “sexual act with a minor”.

The SRI involvement in the actions against MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru is certainly outside the law, grievously violating human rights, and instigating various state institutions to act in a similar manner. From a human rights point of view, the abuses of SRI against Gregorian Bivolaru constitute a dangerous precedent that should give cause for reflection to all Romanian citizens. The brazen manipulation of the press by the secret services in the Bivolaru case is living proof there is no independent press in Romania and that the ethics of this profession is just pretend.

Considered from the perspective of expended resources, the SRI campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru is a useless waste of public money in a personal vendetta of former heads of Ceausescu’s Security. Considered from the perspective of their results, this demented fight of the secret services with a yoga teacher and the school he created is a great failure. The small petty satisfactions of those who managed, sometimes at the cost of immense efforts and expenses, to bring behind bars Gregorian Bivolaru, never lasted too long.

Gregorian Bivolaru has been for over 40 years on the secret services radar and was for all this time the victim of countless abuses, including acts of torture, attacks, not to mention the violent campaign of denigration and public lynching through mass media, all at the instigation of the secret services. But Gregorian Bivolaru is not and never will be a victim, because he is an advanced yogi, who has understood his spiritual purpose and has accepted the efforts and the sacrifices it involves.

The Bivolaru case is not singular. In various countries on the globe, spiritual leaders are the target of despicable, irrational and hateful attacks. This is one of the strangest aspects of the contemporary world and society and has to do with the implementing of the “New World Order”.


March 2016

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