Is really Gregorian Bivolaru the number one enemy of the Romanian secret services? (1)


by Mihai Vasilescu

The media intoxication – not just in recent days but in the previous 25 years – is trying to convince us that Gregorian Bivolaru is the enemy number 1 of Romanians and Romania. Harassed assiduously by authorities, splashed with hatred and insults in about all media channels, in printed papers, on radio and especially on television, followed from the shadows for 24 hours a day by the Romanian Secret Services since the age of 17, the yoga teacher has continued all this time with a supernatural consistency to do what he aimed to do: to teach yoga. Much of his work is related to spirituality. He taught tens of thousands of people to practice yoga and wrote courses and books about yoga and other spiritual topics. But Gregorian Bivolaru has lectured and wrote books not only on spiritual subjects. A considerable part of his publishing activity approached directly hot and taboo topics for the media: Freemasonry crimes, the fact that Freemasonry is a satanic sect, political intrigues and conspiracies, the poisoning of Romanian children with vaccines, the chemtrails issue etc. Why did he? Because he believes that people have the right to know the truth and if he wouldn’t say what he knows about all these, he would be as an accomplice of those who do these crimes.

Although the media in Romania has made Gregorian Bivolaru the number one among its topics since 1990 till present, it has not written anything true, neither about his activity, nor about his life and personality. Gregorian Bivolaru, the favourite topic of the media, is still unknown to the great majority of Romanians, who imagine however they know everything about him. The media tried to convince us through a hard media intoxication that he is the greatest enemy of the Romanians and the cause of all evils that happen in this country.

For over 25 years the media has published a large volume of false information, often contradictory, about Gregorian Bivolaru, almost completely ignoring to also request his point of view (or distorting his words rudely).

The phantasmagorical accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru in the media are so varied and abominable, that probably not one but dozens of sick minds are behind each media campaign. Some accusations of this kind are found in the criminal cases that have been fabricated against him – the accusations incoherence, lack of evidence and cases inconsistencies were highlighted also in court, but the media did not say anything about it. Although two courts, of Sibiu and Cluj, have shown that there is nothing real about the allegations made in the files, the media fell completely silent about the verdicts favourable to Gregorian Bivolaru and continued to circulate in despair accusations without any foundation; like “minors trafficking” for example.

If someone wants to get an impression about the value of professional journalists in Romania, the Bivolaru case is enlightening. By the importance given in the press, the Bivolaru case has no equal, while the lack of professionalism in the way it was treated says it all about the lies and institutionalized denigration practiced in Romanian media, which is obedient up to the point of annihilating values.

But who or what forces are behind this huge media campaign? Who ordered it? Who finances and controls it? Who hates so much Gregorian Bivolaru that invests so much time, money and human resources against a single man? In 2005 was found that the amount spent by the authorities in investigations of Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA was of 2 million euro at that time. With these expenses a file was manufactured, in which Gregorian Bivolaru was falsely accused of “sexual intercourse with a minor.” Certainly, this figment of Romanian prosecutors is the most expensive sexual fantasy in the history of the planet.

The amount spent so far by the authorities to investigate the yoga movement and Gregorian Bivolaru has probably already reached somewhere around 5 million euro. Just the propaganda websites against MISA Yoga School are funded with 30,000 euros a month. Who is responsible for the fact that these huge amounts of Romanians hard worked money are spent on a demented vendetta against a yoga teacher who has officially retired from public activity since as far in the past as 1996?

The answer must be sought decades ago, during the communist regime, when Securitate declared Gregorian Bivolaru the most dangerous dissident of the communist regime. Yoga was already outlawed in Romania at that time. On the one hand, the yoga teacher was considered dangerous because he taught yoga to too many people (even though it was illegal to practice yoga, he had a large number of students), and on the other hand, the yoga ideas promoted were considered dangerous to the communist ideology. Interestingly enough, the Securitate documents did not explicitly mention sexual continence as opposing the communist ideology (although at that time of procreation obsession, all contraceptive methods were forbidden), but certainly it was greatly disturbing to some. Surveillance, tracking, prosecution of Gregorian Bivolaru by Securitate could fit into that bizarre communist era, and if it would have been just that, perhaps the repression of the yoga movement in Romania would have been closed with the end of the communist regime. But on contrary, some political intrigue was added.

Demented ambition of some Securitate leaders to be promoted, led them to speculate the paranoid obsessions of Nicolae Ceaușescu, convincing him that Gregorian Bivolaru was plotting something against him personally. By incarceration of Bivolaru they hoped to win favour with Ceaușescu. Gregorian Bivolaru however, was the only one who managed to escape from Securitate custody – a stinging slap to his torturers, who tens of years after the famous escape are attempting to deny it or to invent absurd theories to give another explanation. Yet facts are facts: despite the obstinacy of the Securitate who hunted him, Gregorian Bivolaru continued to teach yoga when he was free. When he was arrested for allegedly plotting against the communist regime, he managed to escape, but was caught again and locked for escaping, although he had no initial conviction. After the escape episode, the Securitate obsessive hatred against Gregorian Bivolaru increased every year, together with the resources invested to track him, in an attempt to frame him for a common law offense.

Obviously, even now there are some characters in the recesses of SRI, who hate to death Gregorian Bivolaru not only because he escaped from the Securitate custody, but also because he continued tirelessly his work, despite all attacks against him: threats, attacks, beatings, imprisonment, media defamation resembling public lynching, continuous bulling by all means, files manufacturing for common law offenses, tracking and surveillance etc. We can only imagine the hatred of these “professionals” of secret services, who have money, people, materials, hi-tech tracking equipment, weapons, who control the press – and who think they are omnipotent – against a single man who resisted undisturbed over 45 years to all attacks against him and managed to build a valuable yoga school that attracts tens of thousands of people toward spiritual ideals. The failure of all attacks against Gregorian Bivolaru did probably only increase the obstinacy and hatred of those who have concocted them.

This obsessive hatred is doubled this time by the fear that he might escape again. After that shameful episode for Securitate, every time they have succeeded through various flagrant illegal maneuvers to lock up the yoga teacher, they kept him locked using hundreds of armed gendarmes. The brutality with which they treated Gregorian Bivolaru when in custody, also has its origin in this demented hatred, for he has never made the slightest violent gesture.

During communism, Securitate had a section dealing with yoga practitioners tracking, and planned various strategies of action against them – including framing them of common law offenses. Nowadays, a whole department of SRI is in charge of tracking yoga practitioners, of disinformation and disparagement campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru and which devises various strategies against him and the Yoga School. After 1989, Gregorian Bivolaru has been continuously tracked, same as hundreds of yoga practitioners. The reason given was national security. What is the result of these huge expenses? There was not a single sample obtained for committing any crimes. Gregorian Bivolaru was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for “sexual intercourse with a minor”, although the minor denied, even during proceedings, that she had a relationship with him. Obviously, there was no evidence for that accusation and yet the corrupt ÎCCJ court issued a conviction for 6 years.

So this is how SRI, the staunch follower of Securitate, is tracking since years a citizen based on the idea that he endangers national security (and hoping to find some offense of common law), but found NOTHING and filed a lawsuit for “sexual intercourse with a minor”, offense which was in fact not committed. If THAT means national security for SRI, we honestly hope Romania never to be in a situation of potential conflict, because it is clear that the “intelligence” services are grossly incompetent, unable even to understand their field of activity. Is it really required SRI to have an entire department, with specialists trained by the CIA, to stage acts of common law to a yoga teacher?

But what the Romanian secret services have in full, instead of competence, is dramatism. Were really necessary 300 policemen and prosecutors in an action against yoga practitioners (in 2004)? Was it really necessary that Gregorian Bivolaru to be guarded by hundreds of armed policemen after being arrested abusively, when there was no official accusation brought against him in 2004? Was it really necessary Romanian authorities to put Europol on the trail of a man falsely accused of “sexual relations with a minor”? Was it really the case that over a hundred French policemen to be involved in an action of big proportions against a man who hasn’t made his entire life even the smallest act of violence and who is fallaciously and dishonestly accused for “sex with a minor”? Was it really the case that based on a such ridiculous accusation, which is not covered by the Europol concern, Gregorian Bivolaru to be locked in a maximum security prison?

The disproportioned, paranoid forces development against Gregorian Bivolaru show both hatred of Romanian secret services and their obsessive fear that he might escape again.

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March 2016

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