The Entertainment Industry Besets Human Beings with Evil Influences Through All Available Means


Whether we open the TV or go to the cinema, whether we read a magazine or listen to music, we are assaulted from all sides by vulgarity, mediocrity, evil. We can all see this. Even those who do not believe in a planned offensive conducted from the shadow notice the immoral and unethical tendency toward which mankind is directed, but they keep calling it “art” without questioning themselves: Why exactly that direction? Why gossip, sex, stupidity, superficiality, hideousness? Why not love, dignity, unselfishness?

The messages and evil symbols that have been appearing obsessively in all fields for several years show us two things. In the first place, that they work. If they were not, certainly no one would insist on these aspects. Secondly, because all the efforts that are made in this direction have as their purpose the orientation of the human beings in a gloomy area of low passion, ignorance and suffering in order to prevent their development and their evolution. Because transformation is the natural course of any existence and as good takes root, the more fiercely they try to inoculate evil in the lives of people

Movies and Soap Operas Approach More and More Demonic Plots

Have you ever wondered why in all movies there is at least one crime? Although there are so many special topics that could and should be explored, the most frequent is that of death. Sure, a strong plot is essential in a film scenario. But how and why have we come to accept so easily that characters kill each other? It is important to understand that it is not necessary to have as many characters as possible killed, for a movie to be good. People have come to accept in a most natural way the idea of crime through the constant repetition of some specific scenarios over the years. This can be seen in the great number of murder rates that take place in real life. What if the main topic of the movies would not be the desire of revenge but forgiveness, humor, wisdom?

”Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion.”
The Devil’s Notebook by Anton LaVey – the founder of the Church of Satan

”The TV set, or Satanic family altar, has grown more elaborate since the early 50’s, from the tiny fuzzy screens to huge entertainment centers covering entire walls with several TV monitors. What started as an innocent respite from everyday life has become in intself a replacement for real life for millions. This (the means of influencing and controlling people through TV programmes – Ed.) is a major religion of the masses.”
The Devil’s Notebook by Anton LaVey – the founder of the Church of Satan

Satan Has Become the Main Character of a Television Series

The Fox Broadcasting Company is launching in 2016 a new television series, praising Satan. The show, called Lucifer, has as its main character the ”Prince of Hell” who decides to live among people and settles in Los Angeles.

Lucifer is presented as a young, handsome, charismatic and intelligent young man. All women want to be with him and all men want to be in his place.

The full name of the character is Lucifer Morningstar or better, ”star that shines” – the obvious intention of the producers being to attribute the idea of evil an interesting new ascending and generally accepted direction.

He owns a night club, sinificantly called Lux (light), bathing in money, drinking and partying, while he ”plays” with people around him. Without turning into a good character, Lucifer makes himself pleasant to the public due to his rebel, arrogant, charismatic features and to the supernatural powers he owns. Thus, his demonic side will be easily overlooked, which will negatively influence those who will be watching the series.

Another successful television series, in which, similarly to Lucifer, moral values are completely overturned and the negative and evil characters have main roles in the story is Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer, obsessed with blood. The role of this characters becomes easily accepted and loved due to the fact that he kills only ”bad people”, criminals in their turn. Thus, the public comes to appreciate that very small good thing, acceptable in contrast with the great evil, represented by the fact that Dexter is a serial killer. He is presented as an ”angel” that deals with dirty business.

There are more other television series in which demonic or infernal characters are in the foreground: The Walking Dead: Zombie Invasion, Supernatural, A Game of Thrones, Carnivale, Sanctuary, American Horror Story etc.

Vampires, demonic spirits and monsters of all kinds are present in the films of the last few years, not only in television series. Horns, Maleficent, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, American Psycho are only a few examples featuring demonic characters in the main role.

The increasing number of such productions shows very clearly what direction mankind is headed. That it is not a simple accident, but something programmed, which involves the “education” of people, is also shown by the evolution of movies for children.

The Programs for Children Promote Violence, Stupidity and Homosexuality
Little by little, the characters in cartoons have become more and more violent, disharmonious and ugly, inoculating specific behaviours in the innocent and undiscerning minds of children.

Children are bombarded with scenes of violence, aggression, anger and revenge, they are programmed since their early years to accept the idea of homosexuality, in the images being encoded details with evil meanings etc.

Notice the detail of the pyramid with the eye from a capture from Family Guy cartoons. This sign passes unnoticed by the viewers, yet it was placed there with a precise purpose; the subconscious notices every detail. When the viewers will see this sign somewhere, they will feel attracted, even fascinated by it. Thus, they will be open to receive the message carried by the respective symbol. (At the end of this article we will return to these issues.)

In The Simpsons, a television series the characters of which show a crass idiocy, there are occult symbols carefully inserted into each episode.

The characters from Ugly Americans are downright hideous and evil. Among the main topics covered in this cartoon are dark magic, sex, sexual abuses and homosexuality.

Disney Company Has Been Supporting Homosexuality for over 20 Years

Disney company was one of the first ones that accepted and acknowledged same sex relationships. In 1995, the company began to offer health insurance to the live-in partners of gay and lesbian employees. John Dreyer, the spokesperson of Disney at that time said he was delighted that the decision was in line with the non-discrimination policy of the company and he hoped other companies would follow their example.

The declaration was just a smokescreen, as indicated by the fact that female employees had a strict dress code. Until 2010, women were required to wear pantyhose with skirts and dark coloured clothes and couldn’t wear sleeveless tops!

Brief Overview of the Homosexuality Promoting Agenda in the Cartoons for Children

The serious level of dirtiness as far as the presence of homosexuality in cartoons for children is concerned, is due to the constant implementation of specific ideas, situations and characters.

A true example that promotes homosexuality is SpongeBob Squarepants, an animated television series that first appeared in 1999, and still enjoys a great success.

The character SpongeBob Squarepants became the centre of attention in 2005 when he appeared in a video for children during a campaign promoting homosexuality of the We Are Familiy Fundation. The creator of SpongeBob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg stated he sees the character as asexual, but understands why some aspects of the cartoon might appeal to the gay subculture.

SpongeBob Squarepants

Another example is the animated series Digimon, in which the main characters, two boys named Matt and Tai have a very ”special” connection. One parent says: ”I notticed many hints of occult in the television programs for children (…). When my son, aged 13 started to watch Digimon, I searched the Internet and found out that the two characters, Matt and Tai, two boys aged 10 are in love with each other. What is worse is that the series is also watched by adults. I found many websites hosted by adult fans who were so delighted with the relationship between the two children. Disgusting.”

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) presents a gay character named Gobber, who becomes melancholic when seeing a husband and wife, because he doesn’t have a special ”partner”.

Animated series Clarence, nominated in 2014 for Primetime Emmy Awards for best short-format animated program and broadcast on Cartoon Network attracted attention due to some scenes in which two gay men are having a date at a restaurant and when meeting they kiss on the cheek (although at first, the screenwriters intended to have the two characters to kiss on the lips) and hug in the gay way.

The list of animated movies for kids, presenting gay characters is very long. Here are some other examples:

– The Legend of Korra (2012-2014), broadcast by Nickelodeon – the characters Korra and Asami Sato are shown as lovers in the end of the final episode, actually confirmed by the screenwriters;
– Chozen (2014) – Chozen, a gay boy who aspires to become a rap singer has a relationship with another boy named Hunter;
– Adventure Time (2010) – the movie has been based on the romantic relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, The Vampire Queen. Due to the fact that some countries prohibit same-sex relations, the movie has been largely censored.
– Archer (2009) – Ray is a gay secret agent, a former Olympic medalist skier, Pam, a human resources director, is bisexual and the butler of the main character, Woodhouse, is suffering because of his former lover who died in the war.

Similar examples are The Cleveland Show (Fox), Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in the World (Logo), King of the Hill (Fox), South Park (Comedy Central), The Simpsons (Fox), Sailor Moon (has been highly censored; Kunzite and Zoisite formed a same-sex couple, but Zoisite was turned into a woman in the English version; Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are lovers but in the English version they call each other ”cousin”), YuYu Hakusho (Fuji Television), Gargoyles (Syndicated), Sakura Trick (Television Saitama), Steven Universe (Cartoon Network), etc.
Over the years, parents and adults rebelled against the indoctrination of children with homosexual hints through television programs. However, such television series are still broadcast, and in many states the rulers are rather concerned with giving more rights to deviant sexual minorities than with promoting a healthy education.

In Ukraine, the Most Popular Animated Movies Are Considered Dangerous for Children

The National Expert Commission of Ukraine on the Protection of Public Morality has examined the most popular animation TV series. The commission has issued a list of “dangerous programs for children”, which should be banned.

According to studies, the animated character SpongeBog Squarepants is gay. The Commission considered other animated series such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Teletubbies, Shrek and Futurama to be “projects designed to destroy the concept of family and promote the consumption of drugs and other vices.”

The Commission’s report indicates that animation movies are “deliberately created” so that the children become “abnormal people who spend all day watching TV with mouth open, buying all information presented” , a behavior  applying to the “psychology of losers”.

According to the study, as a result of watching such series, children become violent, start using ugly language and become depressive. And Japanese animation movies are considered “obvious examples of sexual propaganda”.

Fashion Is Another Way through which Evil Is Promoted
Even when it’s about wearing clothes, not the strange and hideous outfits that are presented in fashion shows, clothes and accessories are presented in the strangest way. Famous fashion houses are paying large amounts of money to promote luxury brands in a way that may be considered at least bizarre. What is ugly, aggressive, weak, morbid, evil is presented instead of what is beautiful and transfigurative.

According to the principle that an image is worth a thousand words, here are some of the pictures that have appeared in recent years in famous fashion magazines, such as Vogue, V Magazine, Interview, Elle, that are read by millions of people around the world.

In a pictorial in Vogue Italy, called Cinematic, designer clothes are combined with elements such as abuse, dehumanization and death.

We ask rhetorically: do the editors of Vogue Italy, really believe that those who watch these pictures are impressed by the clothes?

In 2014, photographer Raj Shetye made a pictorial inspired from a real-life rape case that took  place on a bus in New Delhi, in 2012. The young girl who was abused by a group of men died.

In Vogue Kids Brasil, there are images of young girls photographed in totally inappropriate situations for their age. They are photographed undressing or from indecent angles, imitating sexy poses and thus promoting sexuality at an early age. These pictorials ought to be banned.

In 2006, photographer Steven Meisel has done a photo shoot, which he named State of Emergency, another “scenario” in which women are brutalised and humiliated.

Elle Italy shows us what fashion industry knows to do best: humiliate and control thin, submitted women.

A pictorial presented in Interview Magazine brings to the fore the same topic: abuse, violence, humiliation.

In another pictorial, famous top model Naomi Campbell tortures a man, with an indifferent look.

For the Marc JacobsSpring 2014 campaign, singer Miley Cyrus is placed next to another… dead girl!

It is important to realize that the obsession with which negative aspects are promoted is not a coincidence. We are bombarded on all sides by evil symbols and situations in order to accept and even embrace them, following the example of so many stars.

In the Music Industry, Satan Sings in Several Voices
In the world of music, the assaults of the demons and of perversity began a long time ago. The methods through which strange ideas and trends are induced in the minds of people are extremely varied: starting from bewildering, chaotic rhythms, often packed with infernal screaming or roaring (as in the case of hard rock, heavy-metal music, etc.); criminal subliminal messages included in certain songs; lyrics and videos that promote violence, gaudy sexuality, stupidity, indolence, drug use; the devilish outfit of certain celebrities to satanic rituals performed on stage in front of tens of thousands of spectators and broadcast live around the world.

Many famous singers have acknowledged having sold their soul in return for success, in other words they made a pact with the devil, thus becoming channels through which certain demons or satanic spirits manifest. Misaligned people such as Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne and many others are heavily promoted as great artists.

Recently, Rihanna, a singer very much in vogue, with millions of fans, released her latest video.

Despite its shocking content the video has been intensely advertised. Scenes of extreme violence, torture, drugs, coarse language, revenge, all within a 7 minute story that will be watched by millions of times by the singer’s admirers. In the end, naked and covered in blood, she looks provocatively to the camera.

It is enough to watch who are those who win the music awards and competitions, in order to realize that it’s not random, but it’s an outright promotion of evil and perversion.  To give but one example, the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has been won by a transgender singer, Conchita Wurst, precisely because of her image and not because of her outstanding vocal qualities.

The Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye is the Most Common Satanic Symbol

The most well-known actors and singers, regardless of religion, age or lifestyle, have something in commom: they have posed at least once, making the sign of the all-seeing eye. This occult sign, which originally represented the Divine eye, was claimed by the satanic cult of freemasonry.

In the image below we see a silver coin created in limited edition for the participants to the World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges that took place in Washington D.C., on March 28 2008. On the two sides of the coin appear the famous Masonic symbols: the compasses and the pyramid with the all seeing eye.

So, what is the connection between freemasonry and the international stars? Do they disclose through the sign of the all seeing eye their membership to this occult organization? Not necessarily. In fact, these ”VIPs”, so admired by millions of people are simple puppets in the hands of the satanic Freemasonry, that uses them to influence common people.

Among these unconscious victims, lured by celebrity, one can mention Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattison, Keith Urban, Kanze West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katty Perry, Ed Sherran, Colin Firth, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kendrick, Anne Hathaway, Ana Bulijevic, Alexander Skarsgard, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Britney Spears, Daisy Lowe, Bono, Madonna, Lang Lang, Lady Gaga, Willow Smith, Zoe Salnada, Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart, Al Pacino, Jay-Z, Emma Stone, Daniel Radcliffe, Kylie şi Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and many others.

Even child stars appear making the sign of the all seeing eye, further evidence that the satanic cult of Freemasonry is trying to convey certain ideas in  people’s minds, from a young age.

Knowing all this, it is important not to fool ourselves by playing into the hands of those who are striving from the shadows to push people into a degrading state of confusion, of reversal of values. By embracing every time what is good, beautiful, true, by embracing love, noble feelings, by awakening inteligence, common sense, discernment in ourselves and by opening towards the higher, divine aspects, we shall be protected from the straight or the insidious influence of evil.

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