CHAPTER I – A Short History of this Non-Governmental Organization

Our association is a non-profit NGO, legally founded in January 23rd, 1990, by decision of Bucharest Law Court, Sector 1, and it has an educational, experimental, socio-professional and philosophic character, having in view the spiritual elevation of people through proper instruction, by learning the millenary science and practice of Yoga.

There are now 14 years since the communist dictatorship that has fallen, dictatorship during which any spiritual manifestation that would enrich and elevate the human being was drastically repressed.

But in the following text we will demonstrate that today, the same people with the same old mentalities, who used to suffocate in that period any initiative that could create a moral and spiritual regeneration, are still repressing the ones who are striving to bring a really benefic change to society.

Many of the members of our organization have suffered in prison during the communist dictatorship because of their innovative and free spirit, for their will to free other people of fear and of limiting preconceived ideas.

Some of these people, stigmatized and oppressed by the communist regime, imprisoned because of their beliefs, are true path-openers in some important fields of research, in areas that are nowadays largely appreciated in Occident.

Millenary oriental disciplines, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Ayurveda (naturist medicine) that are now highly regarded in Occident, are regarded with skepticism and distrust by some Romanian authorities, that are tributary to the old communist mentalities.

More than this, because of the extraordinary benefic impact that these ancient disciplines have on people, many Romanians have started to practice Yoga after the 1989 revolution, in order to improve their health by means of naturist cures, developing at the same time their personality through these unconventional practices.

A real current for spiritual and moral regeneration has begun to develop in Romania, because of these disciplines that were new to our people who had been deprived of knowledge for tens and tens of years.

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