Control Techniques for Women

In most cases, the practice of sexual continence is spontaneous for women. Many women practice this continence without having learnt it nor exactly understanding what is happening. Therefore women are confronted with fewer problems concerning continence, and so can enjoy the delightful pleasures of multiple orgasms that are without sexual energy discharge. 

 Woman can easily have multiple orgasms during lovemaking with continence. Some women who are exceptionally gifted and much erotically awakened, can reach hundreds of orgasms in only one erotic fusion. The amplitude and depth of these orgasms differ each time. Furthermore, at the end the woman is not exhausted, but rather she is full of effervescence and vitality. She also has an extraordinary eagerness to start lovemaking again with increased energy.

Ashwini mudra

One of the most efficient methods to avoid the discharging of the sexual potential is to do ASWINI MUDRA for long periods of time.  This is the strong contraction of the anus muscles, maintained for as long as possible. This technique is extremely simple and can easily be done in the “dead” times during the day (e.g. when travelling). Though it seems uncomplicated, ASWINI MUDRA has amazing effects in obtaining control of the sexual energy when practiced sufficiently.

Intermittent Urination

This process involves the successive contraction and relaxation of the urinary sphincters during urination. Developing this skill leads to greater control of the sexual muscles and to heightened awareness of some processes occurring during sexual discharge. It also allows the person to anticipate, and so avoid, the sexaul climax. In this way, the person can experience orgasm without wasting sexual energy.

The lack of sexual energy discharge should not be confused with the states of frigidity or dissatisfaction, where the woman does not feel erotic pleasure with orgasm. Lovemaking with continence is strongly euphoric and regenerating.

Urinary Orgasm

Women can easily reach orgasm, even if frigid, if they drink more liquid than usual before lovemaking. During intercourse the woman should totally relax the urinary sphincters, as when urinating. There must not be any worry nor fear, because even if the sphincters are very relaxed, urination does not occur. Instead, there is a very substantial energization and the beginning of the orgasm process. This quickly leads to the ineffable orgasm state without discharge. Thus you can reach a very special type of orgasm, the Urinary Orgasm.

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