Denmark plans to implement mandatory conscription for women to meet NATO’s membership requirement

Denmark is planning to implement compulsory military services for women to boost the size of its armed forces and meet the membership requirement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

According to Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the Nordic country’s defense minister and deputy prime minister, the move is in response to NATO’s criticism of Denmark’s defense shortcomings.

Currently, Danish women can join the armed forces on a voluntary basis, whereas men are required to serve for about four months if they are called on under a lottery system.

The new measure has the backing of several women’s organizations and comes as Denmark, like the rest of Europe, provides increasing levels of support to Ukraine in the war to oust Russia from the country,” Bloomberg reported.

Ellemann-Jensen announced the mandatory conscription of women after his office published the conclusions of a NATO biannual report, which attacked Denmark’s failure in investing enough in its military, mainly on land and at sea. But the ministry stopped publishing the full report due to the “current security policy situation and Russia’s aggression.”

Neighboring country Norway became the first NATO member to introduce a mandatory military draft for women in 2015, raising the share of women in its military up to 20 percent as of 2021. Meanwhile, the largest Nordic nation, Sweden, reinstated conscription in 2017 to extend enlistment to women. The service in both countries still remains highly selective for both genders. The Netherlands also enlists women in its military since 2020, while the conscription is voluntary.

So, I thought NATO was basically put together to fight the Soviet Union and now that the Soviet Union has not existed for decades, why does NATO still exist? That should be a big red flag to people,” said podcast host Holly Seeliger.

She added that this move could only contribute to the complete destruction of Europe, pointing out that there has been a severe shortage of people in the continent due to wars and continuous socio-cultural factors over the years.

The birth rate has been extremely low, particularly after World War Two. And there were all kinds of different wars of empires in the 1800s as well. So, just generations of warfare years wiping out the fighting male age population will contribute to this, as well as changes within the social, family and cultural structure that we see in Europe,” she said. “I’m already against the Third World War which will kill more and more Europeans.”

Wars are perfect for money laundering, Seeliger says

Meanwhile, Denmark reportedly donated to Ukraine its new French-made heavy artillery system, a total of 19 self-propelled guns of the Caesar class. The move has sparked debates in the country as this could only weaken the nation’s own defense system.

We need to find a balance between helping Ukraine and continuing to strengthen the Danish defense so that we can safeguard Denmark’s security and live up to our obligations in NATO,” Ellemann-Jensen said.

During Seeliger’s podcast, she denounced how money has been easily flowing out of the countries to further fuel the looming world war and how mainstream media is concealing this fact.

The mainstream news is completely not talking about what is going on in Europe, particularly in Ukraine and Russia. And the United States is just throwing money at this quagmire, giving tanks and all types of technology and equipment into the war,” she commented.

The podcast host noted how the U.S. government has been just printing money and augmenting Ukraine’s defense artillery. “The United States always gets dragged into these wars. So, through the individuals and banking institutions, they make a tremendous profit off of European wars of aggression,” she said, adding that she believes the U.S. is even sending troops to “quell” the chaos in Haiti.

She pointed out that this is how the “global elites” maintain world wars. “It always starts with the crashing of the economic systems and inflation,” she said. “You can have massive money printing, money laundering and the need for military expansionism and weapons through the economy. And the wartime economy is perfect for money laundering.”

You can watch the full episode of “Zoon Politikon” with Holly Seeliger below.


March 16, 2023


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