Distressing Dependence on the Covid Face Mask: A Tool of Social Confinement. Dr. Nicole Delépine

Why don’t they get rid of the muzzle?

While the health law specifies that a generalized obligation is no longer conceivable without prior discussion by the deputies, the minister manages to continue to impose it on us while the epidemic is over, the early treatments recognized and the ineffectiveness of the mask on the population obvious![1][2] HIS OWN ROLE IS UNMASKED.

Constantly reactivated, the obligation to wear a mask causes a return of the trauma. This mask is not only a false protection, but a continuation of the destruction of our Humanity, towards transhumanism.

Even more serious than in the first analysis:

The obligation of the generalized wearing of the mask is emblematic of the management of the ‘pandemic’. This constraint is not of a sanitary nature and testifies to a nonsense; it is a commandment presenting itself, at the same time, as a law and its destruction. It is the passage to the act of an exit from the Political.

The reasons for the obligation can be summarized in the fact that, without it, there would be no manifest sign of the supposed ‘extreme seriousness’ of the covid. The centrality of wearing a mask lies in the fact that, by constantly reminding us of the ‘pandemic’, the constraint places us in the gaze of the power confiscating our intimacy”[3].

Obligation then becomes a supreme law conditioning our ‘freedom’ and instituting a negative relationship with oneself and with the other. It enjoins us to renounce our human life. The reality of death being no longer channeled by culture, it covers the totality of existence.

Thus, the corona mask is not the articulation of the symbolic and the real. It is therefore not a mask, because it is not veiling.”[4]

Something of the Real is captured: the desire for relationship. From then on, the people who put on the mask do not carry the word, but the cry of the one who has become a person. They exhibit both the rejection of the other and what results from it, their own annihilation.

The wearing of the corona mask produces a loss of ‘symbolic appetence’, of this desire of relation manifesting itself outside the satisfaction of the elementary needs of the survival. The ‘primordial meeting with the other’ is an impulsive push, that of the drive of life, essential in the installation of a bond with the outside.”

This natural desire, this drive of life, is today attacked by the wearing of the mask and its perpetuation after the suppression of the emergency law and any danger of this small virus clearly testifies to its instrumentalization by the globalist, eugenicist and transhumanist power. The normal man must disappear in their eyes and they use their means.

The wearing of the corona mask leads to an indifferentiation of the ego and the not-ego, of the subject and the object. (…). From this indifferentiation, results a fusion with the things themselves. The corona mask thus allows the installation of a schizophrenic structure, where the individual identifies himself with the objects of the speech. He becomes his mask”.

Thus the media power of the billionaires takes hold on the Human via the MASK tool.

The mask, a tool of power that is harmful to health [5]

The publication of decrees (of a questionable legality, jurists are looking into it) authorizing a pharmacist, doctor or health establishment to impose it, as soon as the French law abolishing the state of emergency was voted on July 26, 22, the same day, demonstrates the certain will as a TOOL of power to pursue the conditioning of the populations.

Let’s not doubt that pretexts such as pollution, ozone or the Lockness monster will be used by the leaders not to let go of its very efficient collaborator, the muzzle.

This would be only moderately serious, if this piece of fabric infected and infecting with various miasmas did not keep the global population in fear and thus in submission to the ruling bodies. In spite of the numerous worldwide proofs of the ineffectiveness of the mask against viruses and its danger of spreading bacteria and fungi (especially in frail, cancerous, immunocompromised people, primary or secondary to gene injections, etc.), the attraction of the cloth persists for reasons that psychiatrists will shed light on by helping us understand how it works.

The world through a mask is not the same. It is uncomfortable, strange, and out of step with our normalcy.”[6]

It can be both amusing and terrible to read psychoanalysts’ reflections during covid-19 about the mask:

A strange game is played around the mask in the practices and we know that language is also non-verbal. This body speaks to us a lot with the mask object! There are those who wear it easily, those who forget it, those who will not come and who may take the option of the line as a space of freedom created, those who talk about it with anger to feel locked up, suffocated and objectified and those who twist it in all directions as if they wanted to tear it off their face as if this double skin disturbed them. Others who no longer see it.

There are also those who, ‘by chance’ at the moment of opening the door of the office, have just broken their mask by putting it on. A nice missed act, isn’t it?

This was the case of this patient, who in life, could no longer bear the mask of the simulacrum. In front of the door, her mask had cracked. So it was a good thing and we talked about it.

And of this other one who realized in front of my door that she ‘left without’, letting go for the first time on so many superstitious prohibitions.

Bravo! In front of the door of the office, yes, the masks fall as the missed acts have always multiplied. Masked and unmasked at the same time.”[7]

Fear is embedded after these months of manipulation and it is difficult to get out of it like the distressing spectacle of masked drivers alone in their cars, young people running on a beach, mask stuck by sweat and heat wave, and worse: Pelosi who faces Chinese planes to land in Taiwan and comes out masked on the airport tarmac. Was it fear or manipulation on her part? How sad!

Beware! Despite the disappearance of any serious covid risk, the globalists would like to re-impose the mask on us

In the whole choreography of the pandemic, the body does not speak. The mask is a gag. Fixed on the mouth, it forbids speech, the vehicle par excellence of the relation to others, speech being, of all the functions of the body, the most closely linked to the common existence”.

Let’s be vigilant and spread all the information that shows its inefficiency, its harmfulness and its toxicity. Let’s inform our neighbors and friends who are still afraid of the risk for themselves of this infecting and dehumanizing rag. Let us not take lightly its prolongation beyond the infections that antibiotics will overcome, the disorders induced towards schizophrenia and psychosis should not be underestimated. We already see the damage in some normal people who were previously covid and have become very “special” and deaf to all reasoning.

The mask promotes covid infections[8][9]

The disadvantages and risks include that a cloth mask becomes a culture medium for a wide variety of bacterial pathogens and a collector of viral pathogens; given the hot, humid environment and the constant source, where home fabrics are hydrophilic while medical masks are hydrophobic.”[10]

Global experience has confirmed this statement by Prof. Rancourt of December 2020.

Jacinda Ardern “baffled” by the spike in COVID infections in New Zealand, a country where masks are mandatory (anguillesousroche.com)

Non-masked countries are less infected

The UK government’s own investigation found that the evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in stopping the spread of covid-19 in schools is “inconclusive.”[11]

The UK government’s SAGE advisor, Dr. Colin Axon, judged the masks as “comfort blankets” that do virtually nothing, recalling that the covid-19 virus particle is up to 5,000 times smaller than the holes in the mask.

The small sizes are not easy to understand, but an imperfect analogy would be to imagine marbles being shot at builders’ scaffolding, some might hit a pole and bounce off, but most would obviously pass through,” Axon said.

A prospective randomized study in Denmark with 6,000 participants[12] also found that:

there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being infected with covid-19,” the Spectator reported.

Who betrayed science

A “show and tell

It is indeed within the framework of a “show and tell” that the WHO recommends to wear the mask, while at the same time, it recognizes that this device does not make it possible to stop the virus and to protect the person who wears it. The advantage that the organization sees in this incentive lies in “the modification of the behavior of the populations, who are encouraged to make their own masks and thus take an active part in their destruction.”[1].

The WHO,[13] whose perverse and toxic role in this covid crisis is well-documented, overturned on June 5, 2020 more than a decade of decisions by public health agencies around the world that did not recommend masks for the general population.

The WHO made its 2020 recommendation on the preventive medical intervention of face masks for the general population worldwide by acknowledging:

At present, the widespread use of masks by healthy individuals in the community setting is not yet supported by high-quality direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and harms to consider.”

WHO and local public health officials are impeding scientific progress, promoting “observational studies” without controlled trials, rather than protecting public health. It should be of great concern to all that the WHO’s pretext of “a growing body of observational data on mask use by the general public in several countries” has morphed into the slogan of “a growing body of evidence,” which is on the lips of virtually every public health official and city mayor in the country.”

This slogan of “a growing body of evidence” is advanced as the false miracle justification for draconian masking laws, under real circumstances in which:

  • There have been NO new randomized studies supporting masking
  • All of the many past randomized studies do not support masking

None of the known harms of masking have been studied (application to the general population).

This is the opposite of science-based policy.

Politicians and public health officials are implementing the worst decision model that can be applied in a society that claims to be rational and democratic: forced preventive measures without scientific basis, while recklessly ignoring the consequences.

Denis Rancourt proves as early as 2020 that there is no scientific evidence to support forced masking on the general population, and that all medical studies of the last decade indicate the opposite: DO NOT recommend forced masking of the general population.

Recall in detailed summary in numerous articles that face mask requirements for the entire population cause:

– generalized discomfort,
– breathing difficulties,
– vision problems (e.g., glasses fogging up),
– impaired communication,
– psychological social distancing,
– skin irritation and infections,
– altered self-expression,
– prolonged exposure to bacterial cultures near the eyes, nose and mouth
– possible collection and administration of viral pathogens that would not otherwise be inhaled, and
– possible amplification of the particle size fraction of exhaled aerosol of infectious particles.

The slogan of “more and more evidence” is totally misleading[14]

Wearing a mask is particularly harmful for children at risk of learning disabilities. Let’s be vigilant in fear of bad ideas at the start of the school year[15][16][17]. Let’s protect them from the useless and toxic gene injection, but also from the wearing of the mask that the enfermistes might want to impose on us at the beginning of the school year in September 2022.

The compulsory wearing of masks for children is maltreatment! FranceSoir reminds us of an article from August 2020. They knew! It is very illogical and extremely serious to demand masks for children, because they do not contaminate others. It is totally aberrant to demand masks for children in class when, contrary to the flu epidemics, the school is not a place of propagation of covid-19 (9) and in case of flu which is frequently transmitted by the children in school, they have never been subjected to such an obligation nor to the flu vaccines.

Of the more than 3700 articles on children and covid listed on PubMed on 17/8/2020 and the 70 specifically dedicated to possible transmission by children, none of them provides evidence of transmission from a child to another child or to an adult in the real world.[18]

These articles all confirm, without exception, that covid-19 is rare and almost always benign in children, that children under 19 are not infected by schoolmates but usually by parents at home, that they do not infect adults, and that confinement of children and cessation of school activities are responsible for frequent behavioral and social psychological disturbances, in addition to an obvious impact on their schooling. ALL THESE ARTICLES HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED BY WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE.

Let us never forget: the mask is a technique of confinement

The current treatment of our bodies immediately recalls the technique of confinement used in the prison of Guantanamo. This camp inaugurates a new exhibition, not of the body, as in the old regime or in the early capitalism, but of its image, more precisely a negation of the body image.

Not only were the prisoners’ eyes masked by opaque glasses, but their nose and mouth were covered by a surgical mask. The body of the prisoner is confiscated, not to subdue it, but to keep it locked within itself. Nothing must distract the prisoner’s consciousness from an imprisonment, which must be perceived as having no beginning and above all no end.”

Compared to the reception, without explicit condemnation, of the images of Guantanamo, the enrolment in the “war against the coronavirus” is an additional stage in the renunciation of our humanity. (…)

In the “war against the coronavirus“, aptly named by President Macron in March 2020 and endorsed by the term “commando” that the new Minister of Health is expected to create, military language is omnipresent, and there is no longer any distinction between inside and outside. This psychotic fusion exists not only at the individual level, but also at the societal level.

The manufacture of psychosis has long been a concern of our leaders. The sensory deprivation techniques applied at Guantanamo Bay allowed for the manufacture of psychotic individuals in two days. These techniques were a direct application of research by behavioral psychologists, including Donald O. Hebb of McGill University in Quebec.

Unmasking the death drive

The principle of identity is essentially lodged in the face, the wearing of a mask is presented as an original fact, carrying an obsessive-compulsive disorder preventing any registration of the other.

If the face makes the social link possible, the corona mask is an unveiling that steals the features of its wearer. It “lifts the lock of the ego and gives free rein to the gush of the impulse“.

The wearing of the corona mask, as a support of the pulsional equipment, is in the heart of the “sanitary” device. It has for function the decomposition of the symbolic body, the annihilation of what makes us human beings.

The wearing of the mask prevents any rupture with the discourse of power and allows the eternal return of the trauma. It is a fetish replacing any symbolization.

But to symbolize is already to establish a distance with the super-moic injunction and to exist as a “we“, it is to refuse to be “taken one by one” in this war against the human race and thus to counter an “attack of the collective through the individuals” by Jean-Claude Paye, Tülay Umay whose article should be read in extenso.

In conclusion, the use of the mask, beyond the multiple physical, societal, educational, etc. disadvantages that we have quickly perceived as mistreatment of both children and adults, is much more than that.

It is the tool of the conscious perversity of the leaders who persecute us, want to dehumanize us and do it in full conscience.

The order authorizing its continuation in hospitals, published on the same day as the removal of the emergency covid law [France] on July 26, 2022 is a tragic demonstration of this. They knew, they know and they should quickly understand that we also know, and that their regrets, even remorse, such as those of J.F. Delfraissy and A. Fischer, will not be enough to absolve them of their grave decisions which have ruined too many lives and will continue to ruin more, as the deleterious effects of all their liberticidal decisions will be spread out over decades, as much by their psychological consequences as by the long term complications of gene injections.

Dr. Nicole Delépine


September 7, 2022


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