En vogue in PARIS: spy and inform about one another!

This is the urge the authorities give to the Parisians

An article by Angela Anghel

“Love thy neighbour as thyself” is a concept that tends to be replaced nowadays with “spy your neighbour and inform about him as soon as you suspect he is getting out of the herd”. This is how French authorities understand to control human beings’ life. In France, the crusade against spirituality goes beyond any limits. French authorities have been “fighting” for a long time against all those who have the courage to live accordingly to their own beliefs. Under the pretext of saving the citizens from the “dangerous sects’ claws”, they act more and more aberrantly, bringing serious prejudices to people’s fundamental freedom and rights than the so-called sects.

One of the most staggering actions has recently taken place, in March 2005. On the streets of Paris, there have been spread fliers that practically turn the Parisians against “sects and spiritual movements”. Maybe you will ask yourselves who decides and on what basis a spiritual movement becomes a sect, what is the difference between them and why are they put together now? In France, even the smallest agricultural self-subsisted communities that maintain themselves by cultivating the land are included in “sects”.

These fliers are incredible and scandalous incitations, like those during Inquisition or Gestapo. Denouncing your friends, relatives or colleagues you suspect they do things that the majority does not anymore is presented as a powerful proof of civic spirit. Among “dangerous” behaviours that could pass for suspect is (those who have not read the “Freemason Masters’ Protocols” yet, will be amazed, maybe) even the fact you spend your free time reading or you have different ideas from those we have been indoctrinated with from childhood by mass education. There is…a 2002 drawn MAP of the “sects and spiritual movements” in Paris. The map ridiculously keeps the mention “confidential” to create the impression it contains important data which are not accessible to anyone probably.

The action initiated by Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, prime adjunct of Mayor of Paris, is criticized by the Information and Consultancy Centre regarding the New Spiritual Movements that asks the following question on www.sectes-infos.net: “Will there soon be a law that punishes the denouncing practices’ adepts? Or are we going to put in prison the non-conformists, as some countries already do? […] it is clear that the argument of the “dangerous sects” unveils today what was long time hidden: the wish to indiscriminately persecute any spiritual movement. This can be seen in the title of this map (as long as the official churches are not mentioned, we draw the conclusion they lost their spiritual character). […] Offering the “sects”’ location to the public is like talking about dangerous terrorists; furthermore, doing this in an abusive way and against any democratic spirit is an incitation to violence and hatred”.

This kind of instigation of some officiality does not certainly pass unobserved. The Olympic Committee that votes these days the city the Olympic Games will be kept in 2012 is announced. Among the candidates: Paris.  The protestants are deservedly asking themselves what will happen in the situation the Olympiad is kept in Paris. Many sportsmen are vegetarians; some of them even practise mediation to improve their performances. Will they be forbidden to enter the city because they are “sectarians”?

After numerous protests, Mrs. Hidalgo and the City Hall of Paris begin backing, trying to spike the rumour they had something to do with that flier. They try hard to present it as a “sects” attempt of discrediting the municipality! Such a version is more absurd as the so called sects could not have spread those fliers inside local city halls and could have not determine building Initiative and Action Committees destined to fight against the danger of sects among other things. Moreover, the fliers’ content is identical to Mrs. Hidalgo’ declarations that are published on City Hall’s site together with the “signs” list, from where a “sectarian” can be recognized, published by A.D.F.I. (Association for Protecting Family and Individual).

Read and wonder! Here is the famous flier’s content!

“Help Paris City Hall to Clean the City of  Sects and Save Our Children and All Parisians by That”

It is possible for you to know somebody among your relatives or family, a person who has a non-conformist behaviour, vegetarian, mystic, who cures himself by natural means, concerned with metaphysics, with the meaning of life, having many relations. A.D.F.I. (Association for Protecting Family and Individual n.n.) has sent a list of the symptoms that can confirm your suspicions:

– Change of behaviour
– Clothing
– Interests
– Trips inside France or abroad
– Meetings during the week or in week-end
– Several calls
– Many letters or e-mails
– Lot of time spent reading or meditating
– Diet. Are there taboo-s or strong restrictions? Prescriptions of nutritional or other kind supplements? Subsidiary treatments?
– Refuse of science: the person has other explanations concerning science, life, physical or biological mechanics than those studied in school

If the person manifests several of these symptoms [n.n. see the used word, as if it were a disease], do not hesitate signalize this to the local city hall in order to help him escape the sect’s “claws” he is a member of.

What are the measures to be taken? Creating a file

– Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of the persons that are linked to the suspect.
– Keep a diary of events regarding the suspect
– Observe what he reads, the words he uses, his schedule, name and surname of those who make his company.

Paris City Hall and C.I.C.A.

On the agenda today: the fight against sectarian groups

Sector 18 city hall invites the associations and the citizens to participate to a C.I.C.A (Local Initiative and Consultancy Committee) on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 19.00, under the presence of Daniel Vaillant and Anna Hidalgo, prime adjunct of the Mayor of Paris, who will present the action conducted by Parisian municipality and specialized authorities in taking practical measures against sectarian groups’ actions.

Municipality of Paris has determinedly engaged against sect developing, creating a network of public surveillance, starting actions for informing and preventing the public, and a support of the associations where work is often difficult due to danger the sectarian movements present for young people in particular but for weak people, too.

The fight against sectarian derivation is everybody’s problem. It asks for the mobilization of the public forces and associations but to the one of the citizens whose vigilance is seldom tested by the proselytism of the groups that hide their real nature also, proposing activities in the pre-school, sport, cultural, social and health domain.

The map of Paris city displaying “the sects and spiritual movements” available here.


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