The resolutions of the First International Antimasonic Congress (fragments)


September 23-30, 1896 -TRENTE

Here are some of the conclusions the participants of the First International Antimasonic Congress reached: (The congress was organized in the spirit of the encyclical Humanum Genus the Catholic Church at the end of the XIX century)

Which are the Masonry’s rapports to Satanism?

The answer to this question was unanimous: because the simple or first three grades freemasonry (Apprentice, Companion and Master) is clearly and necessarily divided in exoteric and esoteric, its members, most of them ignoring the meaning of Masonic symbols, are not morally ready and disposed to make a physical or sensitive trade with the spirits or Satan himself yet; the connection between simple freemasonry and spirits does not exist from a physical and sensitive point of view.

Still, from a moral and intellectual point of view, this simple freemasonry is tightly linked to Satanism because it is an association that calls itself as being God’s, or as Mazzini defined it: ” Ecclesia Sancta Dei” , by this God meaning Lucifer or Sun, the principle of universal matter generation.

Finally, these simple Freemasonry’s Masters, by using symbols and having separate meetings, distinguish themselves from the Apprentices and Companions, to whom the Masonic symbols are not explained. These Masters can practice Hermetic or Black Art and Magic, under the name of Sacerdotal Masonry, if they want to. Thus, by being Masters, they are also Satan’s priest, who is represented by the Shining Star in all symbolic Lodges.

What is the goal of Freemasonry?

After a long discussion, the answer to this question was unanimous:

The goal of freemasonry is universal destruction from a physical, intellectual and moral point of view, because:

(a) From a physical or existential point of view: freemasonry divinise Death or universal destruction, perversely substituting the Indian Trinity of a generator, destroyer, respectively regenerator god to Christian Holy Trinity, substitution that is represented by the general principle in the case of the Universe, principle according to which mors unius est generatio alterius – some people’s death is some people’s life – and successively, eternally the vice versa, put into practice by the freemasons, to the disadvantage of humanity, under specious fight names for life, perpetual revolution and unlimited progress.

(b) From a moral point of view: freemasonry’s goal is universal destruction as it deifies the evil principle and together with it, all the vices under the name of virtues.

(c) From an intellectual point of view: its goal is truth’s universal destruction by explicitly and necessarily professing the secret, the lie, the perjury and the daily blasphemy for its purposes.

Resuming all the above said, the conclusion was: as those closing their eyes in the sunlight could not see anything of Universe’s life, order and beauty, the freemasons aspired towards universal destruction, faking the Christian concept of a creator God by replacing the generator God concept, because they practised adoration and the cult of the cursed deadly sin in act in all their symbolic rituals and in all their religious ceremonies, because they glorified universal revolt in Satan and humanity’s endless orgy, which were Alpha and Omega of their God, Destruction.


The First International Antimasonic Congress declares of being fully convinced of the following:

(1) That Freemasonry is a religious and Manichaeistic sect, which has as final goal of all its secrets and mysteries the cult of Lucifer or Satan, secretly adored as a good God, in opposition to Catholics’ God who “initiated” blasphemers call evil God.

(2) That Satan, inspirer of Masonic sects, knowing he would never come to be adored by the majority of people, looks for sowing the germs of naturalism in the majority of people’s souls and minds by the medium of Freemasonry; these germs are nothing but man’s complete separation from God.

 (3) That, for sowing this malefic naturalism in the world, Freemasonry tries hard to get people used to putting all the religions (the true and the false ones) on the same level, to substitute the catholic atmosphere with the Masonic one; all these by Godless press and school.

(4) That a particular way that serves Freemasonry to lose the souls turned towards supernatural but that are not “ripe” for luciferic Manichaeism yet is to push them towards spiritism pervert practices.

(5) That Freemasonry is a political sect too, which looks for gripping the governments in order to transform them into their pervert action’s blind instruments and that it looks for spreading war everywhere.

(6) That Freemasonry’s goal is instauring World Republic by sowing revolution in all four corners of the world based on the revolt against divine sovereignty, destruction of freedom and local independence, borders’ abolition and perversion of patriotic feelings, feelings that, after those of love for God, inspired the human genius to the most beautiful actions, the most noble sacrifices, the most heroic self sacrifices.

(7) That Freemasonry is direct responsible of the modern socialism because it replaced the Christian ideal of social welfare with its ideal and the Christian social hierarchy, governed by justice and tempered by charity, with an assumed equality between all people: by making them forget they will pay for their deeds in the after life it teaches them that the only benefit is the one tied to the material goods of this life and that all have the right to an equal part of this welfare.

(8) That Freemasonry fights against (Catholic – translator’s note) Church by introducing an anti-Christian legislation in the case of Christian people.

(9) That Freemasonry socially works for ruining Christianity by either creating several secret companies that appear to be life-insurance, prudence, mutual help companies or infiltrating in such companies for giving them a wrong direction

(10) That Masonic philanthropy, opposed to Christian charity – that is people’s pure love for each other – is incapable of serving as a link between humanity and God; Masonic philanthropy only exercises the masons and this is to the disadvantage of the rest of the society.

(11) That Freemasonry tries to corrupt the woman in order to irremediably corrupt the family; it accepts women in its lodges everywhere possible; it is the soul of the so called feminist movement or woman’s emancipation, movement that is destined to bringing fight and disunion in families, by vaguely wishing an always undistinguishable reform.

(12) That Freemasonry tries to replace religious celebrations and the days consecrated to soul rising and body resting with pure civil celebrations, in order to get people used to lose touch with Church in social life.

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