Essential Aspects in Prayer

Here we present the main aspects regarding the method for the 24 hours of continuous invocation of God, the ”24 Hour Prayer.”

In establishing a profound dialogue with God, we must have a well-defined concept about the particular manifestation of God. We should refer to this specific concept as often as possible in any moment of our existence and especially during the communication itself. For instance, if we are at the beginning of such a communication, we can visualise God The Father as the ”Divine Mother” or as one of the ”Great Cosmic Powers” with whom we have already established a profound communion. If this is not done, we will not receive any answers, or the answers will not be clear.

Another important rule we have to take into account is that the prayer through which we ask God to manifest should be as clear and vigorous as possible. A weak prayer is one which we obviously do not believe and this is not enough. When we believe with strength and sincerity in the reality of this dialogue, we say inside ourselves: “It is certain that God will speak to me, I have total confidence that He will answer me”. If we refuse any other alternative, and we have unbreakable tenacity, we can be sure He will answer one day regardless of how many years have passed without Him answering.

Man cannot give God anything else but his love for Him. This is the supreme magical secret of  manifestation. He, our Creator, God The Father hankers as an eternal lover after our love. Above all, He wants us to give Him our love spontaneously, without Him asking for it. Our love is the only valuable gift God expects from us, but, nevertheless, He will not ask for it unless we really choose to give it to Him.

At the same time, He has a personal and an impersonal aspect. The Heavenly Father can have a personal relationship with each of us and He will establish it when we will allow it. As many saints and wise people confess,  man was created after the image and likeness of God and this constitutes a very clear symbol of our hope for deification. As a whole, man, together with the consciousness and all the subtle energies that exist in him, is a representation at a microscopic scale of the Macrocosm that is conceived and manifested by God The Father.

God The Father not only knows, but, at the same time, He is THE WHOLE. We also have to understand that  GOD THE FATHER ALWAYS ANSWERS ANY WRONG QUESTIONS WITH SILENCE.

If we decide to feverishly  and continously implore the Divine Mother, manifested as one of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers, to give us the grace of communication and direct communion with Her, She will talk to us in the end, directly proportional to our adoration. Regardless of how “busy” a Great Cosmic Power may be at a certain moment, She will answer us if we keep on hankering after Her, full of love and longing.

december 2004

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