Simple exercise for erection

It is important that an erection can be obtained at will and can be maintained. Most young men get an erection at the slightest thought of sex; for them a Playboy centerfold is an adequate aphrodisiac. In later life that ease of erection is lost. The male must remember how to do it and the erecting muscles must be exercised. The basic and most simple exercise is done early in the morning, immediately after washing and just before the sunrise ritual. The male stands in the erecting position, just by willing it, gains an erection. If he cannot at first obtain the erection by willing it, the female may help by gently massaging the lingam. An erection firm enough to support a hand towel (approximately four ounces) is required. As confidence and skill are gained, the male learns to relax the first erection and then re-acquire it. Bathing the lingam in cold water will often achieve this relaxation foe the inexperienced male. Each new erection must be sufficiently strong to hold a hand towel. Four erections are usually done for a complete exercise cycle.

Some students find that when they first attempt this it can be done with relative ease, but that it becomes more difficult as the level of interest falls with the passage of time. They should remember that they are extending their sexual life by many years through this simple exercise, for with its repetition the erectile muscles maintain good tone and condition.

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