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When the mind is silent, the ecstasy begins

By Aida Calin

You know the art of seduction. You have no inhibitions. You like to explore the hot universe of passion. However, the great secret of the mystical orgasm is revealed to you by tantra: total surrender.  

When it is approached as such, mystical amorousness becomes a form of yoga or meditation. This assumes that during amorous fusion, through a deep and real love, the appearance, in the first place, of a total absorption of the mind in the direct experience of the amorous experience and, in the second place, an active and creative integration that fulfils the being on multiple planes (physical, mental and spiritual).

In the ordinary vision, there is a very large spectrum of discursive attitudes that can be wrongly considered as “normal”. In tantric eroticism this has to be reduced at least until the level on which it is not interfering, distorted or it does not stop the emotional intimacy and the achieving of the mystical experience.

The Jnana Yoga system, which also contains the cognitive meditation from which even the Zen system derived, is a way of using language spontaneously and naturally. For example, if we listen to someone talking to us, our mind will understand the message that is transmitted to we are not doing anything other than paying attention to the sensation of unpleasant noise or the opposite of a harmonious sound, which the respective voice is generating. Actually, we will understand clearly what it is said to us if we do not make verbal paraphrases or inner speculation after every proposition.

Even the most insignificant things can be perceived through this silent attitude of the mind, which is called reservatus mentis. Any action made with harmony can lead to a mystical experience. In the same time, the meditative attitude can attract much more profound results and realizations.

Actually when we limit the discursive thinking processes, we give the possibility of our latent subconscious to fully manifest and thus we can pierce the depths of our being taking from there an extraordinary force for living. This offers a great energy to our experiences; the capacity of control over these energies, not through the rational mind, but through the supraconscious, expressions of divine will and harmony reflected in the pure mirror of our own conscience not darkened or surrounded the limiting thoughts, personality, ego.

Discover the god in your beloved 
To transform the amorous experience into a true spiritual experience, it is necessary to cancel rational, limitative thinking. This is a necessary condition, but still the simple liberation of the subconscious forces, sensations and experiences cannot really represent a mystical state, because the energy has to be sublimated, to be refined and the essential role to realize that it is played by the supraconscious, because it is the one who really enlightens and ennobles our experiences.

This is why the necessity of a very important element appears – transfiguration – an act of supraconscious imposing of a pattern or a divine archetype over the dark background of the subconscious world. Therefore, by binding, the force of the experiences received from below and the divine inspiration received from above, we can have a truly elevated experience of erotic fusion, we could say even mystic. To see beyond the usual image of the beloved one, the god or goddess, and to merge with their sublime elevated aspects, this is what transfiguration means. Such a reference to an ideal that exists in our beloved transposes us into an elevated world and helps us to experience the amorous act as a meditation.

Actually, if we analyze the myths that the psychoanalysts often refer to, especially Jung, we understand how beautifully integrated are these two tendencies, the subconscious, that expresses different profound urges charged with an extraordinarily great energy and the supraconscious which expresses itself through the transfiguration of the people, who all obtain divine virtues, becoming kings, princesses, gods and goddesses. This is why the experiences of these heroes are nevertheless profoundly human, presenting in a veiled form profound initiating keys, like the miracle of the awakening of our fundamental energies and their ascension to the superior levels of the being.
Now you drink from the fountain of lifeTo live the spiritual ecstasy while we make love engaging also in amorous continence, traditional oriental literature recommends stopping, suspending our thoughts. Tantra states we must open to amorousness having a mind devoid by thoughts, a state which some people even call “absence of the mind” or “pure mind”. This recommendation was often misinterpreted, ad literam, which can make us believe that the mystics interrupted all mental activities to remain in a state in which they close themselves to the world and remove themselves from life.
In reality, what is actually recommended is stopping a certain way of thinking, talking, which labels everything, linearly, based only on discursive representation. This way of thinking in which each one of our experiences, perceptions, sensations is immediately expressed by words, giving it a moral valence, positive or negative.
This way of thinking is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain and takes in a first phase the form of inner dialogue or monolog. Indeed this way of thinking so specific to our times, was not encouraged by the ancient mystic writings, which recommended minimizing it, to allow equilibrium. A harmony, between the specific manifestations of both cerebral hemispheres – the left one connected with the logical, rational and discursive manifestations and the right one that corresponds to the states of intuition, creativeness, and aesthetic sense.
When in amorous fusion with continence, we block the discursive thinking; we become much more aware of what is happening in reality. We begin to feel that “we drink from the fountain of life”, this is why the tantric tradition stimulates us to live fully, totally and directly every experience and thus to participate actively and creatively in amorous fusion. Therefore, we become much more conscious, absorbed and abnegated in that experience, without trying to describe not even in thoughts any part of that experience in words, while it is happening. In this sort of tantric amorous fusion the lovers are much more aware of themselves, being capable to concentrate and live totally the state of orgasm, because they don’t think, they abandon themselves to the direct perception of what it is happening to them, without the experience that appears being filtered through the limited screen of an interior monolog. 

Happiness, your name is spontaneity

Any superior integration (the creative genius himself, be it the scientific or the artistic domain) implies a capacity to condense and keep in mind the multi-dimensions aspects of a problem, this having a greater value then the ability to analyze them linearly, piece by piece, fragmented in time. The possibility to perceive the reality on different levels, in a cosmic perspective is obviously the attribute of a being with a superior level of consciousness, capable to integrate reality from different angles. Thus, a thing or a phenomenon can be analyzed from the vital, creative, amorous, volatile, affective, intuitive, mental and spiritual point of view.

Like any other meditation, the amorous experience favours a creative, intuitive way of perception, which has as a direct consequence the immediate living of the experience. Without describing each sensation and even to think “Oh, how good it is now”, or “I have a very elevated state”, we can feel the experiences expressing themselves freely. In the tantric amorous game, the man and the woman are open towards the sensations, immersed in them and not evaluating them, experiencing them plenary and not enunciating what is experienced. Obviously, the rational thinking remains integrated in the complex ensemble of a state such as this, but the mind is capable now to include without effort, all at once, all the perceptions which appear.
Two drops of dew in the same transparencyThe mystical experience takes place through a spontaneous and total conscious absorption and concentration over every moment of the erotic fusion, eliminating all thoughts about future purposes or goals, including in this ideas regarding to sexual compatibility and even to experiencing states of transcendent consciousness. The conscious abandonment in the amorous experience leads to the stopping of the mind and thus allows the appearance of a beatific state of tuning of the two lovers to the energy of pure love, and implicitly leads us to the plenary experience of states of yoga (the fusion with our own divine essence).
The oriental traditions mention the fact that experiencing plenary one or more sensations in the same time, in this case erotic sensations, induces the tranquillity of the thinking process.
Often this truth is expressed in different ways. As Henry Masepro used to say, for the Taoists the centre of wisdom and spirit is the heart, rather than the brain. In a symbolic way, the brain is the organ of language, of theories, while the heart is, symbolic speaking, the organ of life and indirect perception.
The primordial characteristic of tantra is, according to the great Oriental lover Mircea Eliade, the anti-ascetic, anti-speculative attitude, total involvement of the senses, decreasing the discursive analysis. Tantra was called “the one who brings liberation from the chains of Maya”. Maya is also the magic or illusion of the words, language, concepts and speculative theories. In general, there is confusion between reality and the description of it, between a territory and the map of that territory, between food and the menu. The menu has its value, but it is not very nourishing. The illusion of Maya, the conviction that our abstract thoughts always have their own tangible reality, is what allows religions and popular ideologies to have such a great influence over the masses.
Thus, when we make love, when we stop the thoughts, something very interesting appears. We are capable to concentrate perfectly on the present moment and on everything that is unfolding, while the reminiscences of the past and the purposes we aspire to for the future are no longer interfering with us, being nevertheless integrated and unified in a more superior way. Being melted one into the other, just like two drops of dew that unite, obtaining a unique transparency and brightness, the lovers feel the ecstasy that occurs to them in that moment. It is a union, a real communication, not just symbolic or incompletely realized on only a few levels of their being, reaching thus a superior state of fusion and communion with reality, the state of yoga. 

Yoga, the ideal sexual therapy

When it is understood and applied, a certain part of yoga is equivalent with the practice of western psychotherapy. We will see briefly how many mental techniques of sexual therapy are, in fact, yoga principles applied in the domain of sexuality (coitus reservatus, calming the thoughts, conscious induction of a sublime state, using positive suggestions etc.)

Modern techniques of sexual therapy apply profound introspection to establish the original causes of the psychological order that are the base of different sexual disturbances. The step is similar with the one that the yoga patricians have, which through methods of self-knowledge they get to the knowledge of the ultimate Truth, God.

The sexual-amorous act approached in a conscious way can help the human being, men or women, to discover and eliminate inhibitions, prejudices, psychic complexes, etc, allowing them thus the access to interior freedom and true happiness.

Most times, the great majority of men and women who make love are confronted, during the amorous act, with the difficulty of stopping the thoughts and ideas that concern them and “won’t leave them in peace”. This is one of the elements that lead to major sexual problems (impotency, frigidity, lack or decrease of sexual appetite) which determine them to consult a specialist.

Men and women, who are experiencing mystical amorous fusion, abandon direct, discursive and rational thinking, allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by ineffable experiences and sensations of expansion and happiness. On the other side, those people who never experienced the state of amorous spiritual blossoming are often not conscious, or less aware of what they are thinking. There are many styles of thinking, which can interfere, block or favour the spiritual amorous fusion. Evidently, the mental activity during the amorous act can follow a single direction or it can change depending on the lover or our own mood.

To be able to stop the flow of discursive thinking, a first step would be to become aware of the actual model of the mental attitude we have during the amorous game.


December 2007

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