yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


“As we run through the stages of the spiritual path that we follow one by one, vivid of aspiration, beneficial, strong and constant hopes that we feed help us extraordinary to dare to become exactly what each of us really is: DIVINE BEINGS THAT WERE CREATED BY THE FACE AND RESEMBLANCE OF THE DIVINE FATHER (GOD).”


We suggest you to carefully read the concepts about Merit and Hope, before reading this text.


Hope is the tiny flickering light from the end of the tunnel of our souls when everywhere around us is darkness. The writer Edmond Rostand said: “It is wonderful to believe in light especially in the night!” When we feel lonely, when we are sick and abandoned, when we suffer very much, when we are very sad, we succeed to get out of the abyss where we find ourselves because we are able to keep our hope. Humanity evolves as if it were guided by this sui-generis invisible flag which lies in the depths of our soul only because men, women and children did not lose their hope in the most dreadful moments of their lives. Just like a fragile herb, hope needs a certain care and precisely because of that it must be cultivated. Hope is the tiny flower which is on its waste planet which the Little Prince wets ceaselessly so that it would live and be a necessary witness to love. The French writer Anatole France said: “ONLY WHEN WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN ROSES WE MAKE THEM FLOURISH FASTER.” Through firm, constant and full of love attention which we focus upon the beings, situations, things and even upon ourselves – evolution becomes fecund, progress gradually burgeons and everywhere around us Creation begins to blossom again. Beyond appearances, the hope – no matter how strong – of a better life, is not enough. More than that, we have to know to build this existence we aspire at and for this we have to act properly without ceasing to dream and to aspire. In other words, this implies that we know to form and revolutionize ourselves.
It is good to realize that all that happens in our existence, with no exception, nothing important occurs accidentally. Even when we realize this, beyond an accidental happening, there lies in fact a mysterious necessity. A famous biblical saying says: “Help yourself firmly and with perseverance and the Heaves (GOD) will help you.” These words are full of truth and wisdom. In one of his writings, the Chinese sage Lao Tse says: “A VOYAGE OF 10 000 STEPS ALWAYS BEGINS WITH A FIRST STEP”. Keeping our hope means to always be able to make more seven steps no matter what the obstacles and the danger we are in would be. In fact, the hope we manifest also reflects the trust we have in life. The fundamental demarche of this action of inner salubrity consists in finding a clear and lucid consciousness that will allow us transform the malefic energy that is still within ourselves, into beneficent energy. For this, it is always necessary that we become able to detach with lucidity from all our conflicting situations, from all our futile chimeras and all the monsters we feed, and then regard all these from a divine, creative, beneficent point of view. When we become able to do this, we may realize that to hope rhymes very well with TO ANTICIPATE. We must also remember that strong, constant and invigorating hope must be shared.
It is one of the treasures hidden inside everyone of us, and that is why it is important to learn and discover it here and now as rapidly as possible. Manifesting a strong and constant hope also means becoming able to smile.


* Most often, people feel lonely because they build thick prison walls around themselves, instead building wonderful bridges of communication. The biggest unhappiness that can come over us is that of never being useful for anyone. The most tragic life is that which does not serve to anything good. A useless life is an anticipatory death. Try day by day to become richer and richer by the means of the joys you offer with generosity to the others. If at a certain moment you discover that something essential is missing from your life realize as rapidly as possible that you did not direct your regard as high as possible towards the stars and you did not discover GOD yet, Who is waiting patiently the meeting with you, being hidden in the mysterious depths of your soul. If you believe in the divine goodness, in His humble and sublime kindness, the treasure I give you is the good for which I had no time to do, although I aspired to do with the hope of GOD. For each of you there is enough good left and which you can begin to do starting from today. Thus you will discover with a great joy that a great part of the good and happiness you offer the others, you simultaneously offer yourselves. You can do the same in the case of the treasure of endless love. You will immediately discover that every wave of love you give to the others, at the same time it is and remains yours forever.

* “You ignored genii who were extinguished and even drowned in tears, noble souls who were not appreciated at your right value, you children who were not accepted by those who conceived you, you innocent exiles, all of you who came into life through its deserts, you who found everywhere hostile and cold faces, frozen hearts, plugged ears, do never complaint! Each of you can know the endless superabundant joy the moment a heart full of love opens for you, an ear listens to you, an attentive and kind regard turns towards you. For everyone of you, such a day, even when it is only one, makes disappear as by magic all the unhappy days there were before…”

* The writer Ullman said: “To be and to remain always young is possible. Youth is not only a time in life, as, first of all, it is a constant and wonderful state of mind (or, in other words, a mysterious process of resonance of the mind with the subtle beneficent energies of youth, we the yogis might say).
It is a wonderful effect of the superior strong will, an admirable quality of the creative imagination, an overwhelming, beneficent, intense emotion, a complete victory of the courage over timidity, an almost irresistible call of the mysterious taste of adventure over the warm state offered by comfort and over stupid prejudices. You never become old only because you lived a certain number of years.

You become old when you start to be afraid to love intensely and endlessly. You become old when you desert, proving cowardice and when you refuse to aspire, full of enthusiasm, towards the divine, sublime ideals. The passing of the years wrinkles your skin. Sneaky renouncing to the highest ideals inevitably wrinkles your soul. All our trivial, squalid preoccupations that forestall us, all doubts, all fears and despairs are our insidious enemies which, little by little, make us weigh down and lean towards the ground, obliging us to become dust or waste even before we die. ALWAYS YOUNG IS ONLY HE WHO LOVING CONSTANTLY AND ENDLESSLY IS AND REMAINS A GREAT INQUIRER. HE CEASELESSLY WONDERS IN FRONT OF THE MYSTERIES GOD REVEALS TO HIM, DISCOVERING IN ECSTASY MYSTERIES THERE WHERE ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT SEE ANYTHING SPECIAL DUE TO THEIR OPACITY AND SECLUSION. Such a man asks himself and the others just as a very curious eternal child: why is this happening? He generates by the help of GOD the wonderful events, through his optimistic, creative, strong mind and he always discovers new joys in the divine game of life. He contemplates very attentively all the syncronicities that appear in his existence from time to time and he discovers their secret significations, also understanding that all these are a dialogue between GOD the FATHER and himself. He knows that in reality you are as young as your endless love and the firm and unshakable faith you have in GOD. He has already discovered that in fact you are as old as your seclusions, suspicions and doubts. He always knows very well that the perverts always judge all the other people together, according to their own perversity. He knows that both beauty and ugliness lie in the eyes of the beholder. He knows that you can always stay young as long as you are eternally in love, an incurable romantic, a measureless loving person, a person full of an exemplary benevolence, cheerful, full of innocence, pure, delicate, tender and receptive. He knows that you can overflow with happiness tens of times a day, when you are and remain open to all that is good, beautiful, great, true, sublime, uplifting and divine. He knows that although you live on earth it is possible that you exist at the same time in a mysterious paradise when you are ceaselessly receptive to the mysterious voice of the heart, to the enigmatic call of the infinite and to all mysterious messages that come from GOD. And if one day you will let yourself tempted by Satan and your heart will be then bitten by envy, wickedness, pessimism and it will eventually come to be ground little by little by cynicism, scepticism or spleen because you ignored these advice full of wisdom, immediately turn towards GOD and beg Him to have mercy for your frozen, secluded and old heart! Then immediately make unceasing efforts so that GOD turn His face towards you.”

* Only the wise know that is not just the world that needs to be transformed, but above all we have to fully and profoundly transform the person. There are many people wondering where will this new and profoundly transformed deified man will come from? Each of us must immediately understand that he will not appear from somewhere outside. Every man and every woman that is you, who reads these lines right now, must immediately realize that this profoundly transformed and revolutionized man has to be discovered into your own inner universe. Just as from a raw metal we extract through a laborious process a pure metal which does not have any sinter in it, transform yourself and then immediately bring to light this unexpected man. The complete awakening of the state of shakti in a woman, respectively the awakening of the state of vira in a man represents a very important stage in the bringing to light of this new and transformed person. Thus, every woman and every man may become an adorable and extraordinary example for the others.

So that all of these come true, it is necessary that you bring to light as soon as possible this new man who is hidden into your own inner universe. For this it is necessary that you hope very strongly and dare to become, as soon as possible, that who you really are. Do not miss this chance and act here and now when you have at your disposal the entire existence and a lot of talents that GOD gave you when you came into the world with a certain purpose in order to multiply them. In every human being there are admirable possibilities, unsuspected merits, amazing faculties and gifts that have already blossomed. The initiated are able to see into your inner universe all the burgeons which are waiting to blossom.

* Discover as soon as possible the immense creative force that hides in every drop of your sexual potential. Use your youth very wisely in order to become an example for the others and try and attain minute by minute the extraordinary happiness you deserve. For this it is necessary only to utter ceaselessly: “GIVEN THE FACT THAT GOD IS WITH ME AND HELPS ME WHEN I ASK HIM FULL OF LOVE AND HUMBLENESS, IT ONLY DEPENDS ON ME TO FULFIL ALL THESE SO THAT I BECOME A LIVING EXAMPLE WHICH HUMANITY NEEDS VERY MUCH” and to act full of enthusiasm.

* What appears at first sight as being impossible, unattainable, even when it cannot be fulfilled yet, helps us overcome our limits, elevates us, transforms us and propels our aspiration and serves us as a lamp.

* A divine, universal and constant hope is also a process of occult resonance which continues to exist into our own inner universe. Such a hope nourishes our soul and offers us subtle energies which help us transform faster and faster. All that every one of us call a heavenly world, first of all we have to begin and awaken, create and activate our creative thinking, our constructive imagination, our enthusiasm, our beneficent intentions, our will, our endless love, our intoxicating sensuality, our joy of living, invigorating humour, divine universal hopes, each one of all these and also all that is wonderful within ourselves must become this heavenly world which blossoms into our inner universe. When we leave this world for good through the so called death, we will not be able to take with us into the other world anything except all good or bad experiences we accumulated. The wise say that its entire life does not worth a thing in the case of the human being who leaves this world without having realized and fully awaken in itself this heavenly world.

Wake up HERE and NOW, into your own inner universe, this heavenly world and be sure that, afterwards, when you leave this world for good, you will be able to enter the heavenly realms that exist in the other world. This is one of the secret meanings of the wise words of Jesus, who said: “DURING YOUR EARTHLY LIFE YOU SHOULD GATHER EVERLASTING TREASURES IN HEAVEN”.

* The vigorous oak in front of you, which fills the sky and awakens into your being a vivid admiration, was born from a tiny acorn.
A block with ten floors has begun to be built as soon as the headstone was laid.
A fruitful voyage which implies that we walk ten thousand kilometers always begins with a first step we take beyond the door still of the house we live in.

* No matter what, you are the one for whom this earth exists and appears to you the way you see it.
You are the one for whom the sun and the moon, the stars and the twelve zodiacal constellations are suspended above you and shine for you into the sky.

The past, the present and the future, the mysterious, the fairy-like, the paradisaical exist ceaselessly for you also.
GOD the FATHER who endlessly embraces you and the state of immortality which you also can attain, exist HERE and NOW even for you.

* Endless love is much more powerful than violence. Water drops that fall rhythmically are eventually much more powerful than the basalt. Kindness and tenderness are much more powerful than hardness.


* Many of us should realize that if it were necessary to begin our life once again, we should manifest aspirations, dreams and ideals millions times greater than those we manifested before. Each of us should discover as soon as possible, HERE and NOW, that life, as GOD conceived it, is infinitely more beautiful, more mysterious and much greater than each of us could believe in the most inspiring and paradisaical dreams we ever had.

* Fully awakening and amplifying in ourselves courage, optimism and Divine hopes, often loving intensely, profoundly and endlessly, you will not know fear anymore, as fear paralyses us and it often kills our mind and our being. Fear and all kinds of cowardice generate into our inner universe the small death which then leads little by little to a reduction and to a complete disappearance. Fully awakening and amplifying in our being the courage, we will be able to face properly all our fears. When the mysterious energy of courage is enough powerful in ourselves, all the fears can be annihilated as by magic, instantaneously. When all our fears are burnt almost instantaneously by the fire of our strong intelligence, we will be able to really understand how is it possible that the sleep of our intelligence create those monsters and after all our fears were thus annihilated, we will be able to turn the inner eye of AJNA CHAKRA towards the paths that fears came to us and we will discover that there where they passed by there is nothing left now. Nothing else except our triumph over all our fears.

* To embrace the tantric path, being inspired by a frantic aspiration, implies, especially at the beginning, to dream and to nourish dreams which seem impossible at first sight. This implies that we overcome more and more often all our limits. This implies that we burn with a possible creative fever of the beginning. This implies that we always maintain ourselves into the eternal beginning. This implies to launch out full of soar towards mysterious horizons and realms which the other do not even dear to dream of. This implies that we often love endlessly. This implies to love more and more even when it seems to us that it is too much. This implies to dare and realize completely all that is wonderful and elevating and which the others do not even dare to dream of. This implies to aspire very strongly to attain wonderful blissful realms, which seem inaccessible for the others. This is the elevating quest of a tantric, that inspires him to reach the stars through the ceaseless fructification of all the chances life offers him with generosity. For a tantric who is inspired by a strong, sublime and insatiable curiosity, time does not matter, as he experiences instantaneous moments when eternity reveals to him in all its paradisaical and indescribable splendour. There is no place for desperation in him, as his divine hope is immense. Always disposing of a gigantic energy, he is always able to fight and conquer all difficulties and adversities. Thus he becomes a legendary hero even when, full of modesty and humbleness, he does not look at himself as such. In the middle of all fights he has with the forces of evil, he is and remains full of optimism and joy and his heart is unstirred.

He is never unhappy, as his being burns constantly like a torch, even when the human beings who started out on the same path on which he is have been extinguished or they scarcely flicker. He is permanently inspired by his noble ideal which propels him to attain all that apparently seems inaccessible for the others: the overwhelming mystery in which GOD the FATHER exists and reveals to him.

* If you ever feel sad, abandoned and lonely, no matter where you are in the world, close your eyes and focus your attention very firmly in the mysterious centre on the heart (ANAHATA CHAKRA). Then, full of humbleness and hope, beg GOD the FATHER to help you. Then wait calmly and you will discover that a new energy will suffuse your being and will regenerate you. Then fill your every cell with this euphoric energy of the love of GOD, then get used to awakening and amplifying in yourself this endless energy that comes from GOD the FATHER and try to discover that this state also offers you a wonderful spiritual energy which you can access anytime. Contemplate in a transfiguring way the light you contemplate during the night in the stars that are in the sky and try and charge your being with the spiritual energy which the sunlight offers with generosity to the earth since millions of years.

* Nourish divine hopes into your inner universe in order to become the inspired poets of your own life. Dare to attract as much blue as possible into your sight and amplify the force of the blue subtle stream into your aura. Dare to attract the wonderful pink of happiness into your hearts and make the subtle pink stream grow into your aura, becoming thus capable to offer to others, too, a part of your great happiness. Dare to awake and amplify the beautiful orange colour in all your sensual, invigorating experiences of pure, intense and uplifting pleasure, making thus grow into your aura the subtle orange stream, which amplifies into your being the joy of living. Dare to attract more and more yellow in the microcosm of your being by an invigorating and catching laughter, which will miraculously transform your inner predominant vibration. This may amplify into your aura the subtle yellow stream, which, at the same time, harmonizes your subtle force centre, MANIPURA CHAKRA. But above all, dare to love fearless and measureless when love awakens unexpectedly into yourselves and thus make the subtle cardinal red stream grow and amplify into your aura. Make possible the existence and persistence of a renewed tenderness in each of your gestures. Dare to thank GOD the FATHER, full of humbleness and gratitude, for all He offers you every day.

When there already exists in yourselves the necessary state of purity and innocence, you will feel every time how GOD answers and floods your being from top to toes with a mysterious, euphoric and overwhelming descendant thrill. By doing this several times a day, you will attract into your aura and, at the same time, you will make the fundamental subtle brightwhite stream grow and amplify. Pay also a great deal of attention to all your gestures. Never forget the revelation offer to the Hungarian woman Gitta Mallasz by angels: “Pay a great attention to all your gestures and try to realize that, in fact, each gesture you make acts shortly afterwards and generates some corresponding processes of occult resonance into the human being. Even a weak or a serious gesture generates effects, even a gesture made in fun or a casual gesture give results. Any gesture acts, even when you do not realize it. Even a furious gesture or a wild or an anaemic gesture, even a gentle gesture or a gesture full of tenderness acts. In the case of each gesture, everything, but absolutely everything acts in a mysterious way when the person acts. Be especially very attentive when, at a certain moment, you feel that GOD the FATHER speaks through you, and especially then take action. A spontaneous, even warm smile makes seven souls shine and blossom. Knowing all these, be attentive and take care that almost every gesture you make be a divine, liberating gesture.”

* When you are full of a divine hope, analogically speaking, you are and remain just like a beautiful fir tree, you are the branch, you are the leaf you are the tree of the forest. Then your flowering heart sees and contemplates itself in everything it offers to life from the superabundance it receives from GOD, just like a tree which oversteps its shadow and ascends towards the sun. Assimilates up to identification all the mysterious, paradisiac winds which are captivated by your branches. Ceaselessly aspire with all the cells of your body, as the leaves of the trees avidly aspire towards the sun.

*  Night is never absolute, even if the others tend to think this way. For the human being who has a strong hope, there is always a ray of light. Only for that who hopes and nourishes this way the divine expectations there is a shiny window that opens. For that who nourishes divine expectations, there is always a dream and an aspiration which uplifts. For that one there is a beneficent wish which fills an inner emptiness or fulfils a wonderful necessity; only for that one there is a huge hunger which must be satisfied; only for the one who has a strong hope in the depth of his soul appear, at the right moment, a generous heart, a hand reached out, fingers that open with generosity, careful and full of warmth eyes and thus begins a life in which we fully enjoy everything we share or are shared with. On our face appears then the smile of fulfilled hope.

* No matter how humble and insignificant you life seems to you, try to face it with courage, optimism and live it fully, even frantically, cultivating in yourselves a vivid curiosity and the thirst for adventure. Never try to evade from the wonderful experiences of life. Seek to realize that when you insult life you give proof of foolishness. Even if you do not realize it for the moment, life is never bad because, in any circumstance, when you blame life you are doing nothing else other than to project your own perversity and malice on life. It is a paradox that, especially for the wealthy ones life seems flat, toneless and poor. The one who is only looking for the stains in the sun, wanting only to criticize, will always find something to criticize even in Heaven. The wise one says: “THE WISE ONE FEELS GOOD EVEN IN HELL. BUT THE FOOLISH ONE SUFFERS EVEN WHEN HE IS IN HEAVEN.”

Be full of universally valid, divine hopes and love life no matter how poor you are from the material point of view. Do not forget that: “THAT WHO IS POOR IN INFERIOR, USELESS WISHES IS RICH IN CONTENTMENT AND MAY EASILY BECOME HAPPY.” When Paradise is awakened in our inner universe, nothing and nobody can take us away from this Paradise and it becomes possible for us to experience intense and profound states of happiness, we can have amazing, passionate and uplifting experiences even if we are in an asylum for poor people. The sun at dawn reflects itself magically both in the windows of an asylum and in the imposing windows of the super-luxurious villa of a millionaire.

When spring comes, snow meets with the same beauty in front of every door. In the case of the human being who realizes this and is full of serenity and contentment, he/she will be able to experience a lot of rare satisfactions and will feel states of happiness, satisfaction and joy in close connection with the houghts he/she manifests when he/she lives either in a lodge or in a dream palace.

* There is in our being an extraordinary powerful experience which manifest itself ceaselessly both when we do good deeds and during our most insignificant daily states and sensations. Moreover, in some privileged moments, in our being appear ecstatic flashes of the reality of mysterious Eternity.

Sometimes appear states in which we are enjoying in unison with the enigmatic, immense, oceanic and mysterious joy of GOD the FATHER. Feeling permanently embraced by GOD, we thus discover that we are never, without exception, alone. When we love to the full and without limits, when we experience euphoric and overwhelming states of amorous ecstasy, when we enjoy everything that is beautiful both in the people around us and in nature, we discover by means of a mysterious state of unison, the same states which are coloured in hundreds of billiards of tones by other human beings who lived during the previous centuries or live here and now, at the present moment. All these allow us to fully enjoy universal, cosmic life which we aspire to share with the others, with GOD’s help. All these unveil for us the amazing mysteries of divine life and generate in ourselves profound and overwhelming states of wonder. In the case of the human beings who reach certain stages of spiritual accomplishment, life appear to be very beautiful and full of fascinating mysteries. It reveals to us as being full of significations in its apparent absurdity. For that who has reached the state of wisdom, each aspect of life has its meaning and where the others see only the chance or coincidence, the wise one contemplates a mysterious necessity. The synchronizations which appear both in his life and in the lives of the other human beings unveil for him mysterious meanings which make him discover the enigmatic dialogue which GOD has, within His divine game, with the entire creation. By means of the states of enlightenment he experiences, he discovers that everything, without exception, is reflected in his inner universe, in the perfect unity of the universal life, which, in one way or another, always forms a perfect whole.

He discovers that once we refuse with toughness what is good and necessary or when we want to eliminate certain elements which are actually essential and divine, once we embrace only our inferior and selfish pleasures and are tempted to give way to capricious and ephemeral, making a certain aspect of life predominate in excess in the detriment of another or when we foolishly and persistently reject a certain essentially divine aspect, we mutilate, at the same time, our being and indeed life becomes absurd for us. Especially when the divine state of harmony of the whole is lost, everything becomes arbitrary for us.
* Nourish constantly divine and powerful hopes. Never miss a chance that life offers to you at the right moment. Remember that fortune helps those who are bold and courageous. Be always a tireless hunter of paradisiac happiness. Assume without doubt and hesitation the risks of all your good and divinely integrated actions. Acting this way, you can be certain in anticipation that you will often succeed.

* If you open yourselves more and more and start loving both the human beings that surround you and the entire nature you live in, everything that is beautiful, simple, pure, harmonious, attractive, even small and considered insignificant by the majority of people, you will discover little by little that, by the power of your love and with a constant transfiguration, all that captivates your attention becomes for you amazingly big, endless, incommensurable and, at a certain moment, you will also discover that it becomes possible for you to expand your intense, profound and measureless love to everything that surrounds you. If, by amplifying your gentleness and the state of humility, you try to attain complete trust from what seems miserable and without value for the others, awakening for this into yourselves the state of servant, then all that seems impossible for you now will become easier and more harmonious. This constant attitude will awaken into yourselves unexpected states of happiness.

* I wish to as many of you as possible to begin to love intensely, profoundly and without measure.
I wish to as many of you as possible to become contaminated by the divine madness which makes you believe with an unshakable force that the world can be rapidly transformed by means of your own example. Each of you should try to be and become as soon as possible an extraordinary human being, in order to become, at the same time, a living example for the others. To make the true state of human fraternity awaken as soon as possible into the others, be yourself always kind, loving, humble, full of good-will, honest and full of sympathy for those who are admirable and wonderful. Acting moment by moment in this state of spirit it will be very easy for you to become more and more fraternal. In order to transform and really revolutionize the world and the ambiance of the place in which we leave, first of all we have to transform and revolutionize ourselves in a profound, authentic and permanent way.

In order to become a torch in the night of the others’ ignorance and selfishness, the living flame of our being must become extraordinary powerful, because it is only this way that we can offer the others from our superabundance of light. To accomplish this, first of all we have to hope and to dare. I wish you to keep your vigilance vivid and unaltered in the middle of the night and to manifest freely your force of dreaming with the eyes opened and full of aspiration towards noble and uplifting divine ideals. And if for some of you the fascinating clarity of the stars still seem to be far away, act in a manner in which the force of your breath regenerate your inner vision, in order to help you discover that, in fact, any aspect always appears to us according to the power of our inner vision. By the power of your stimulating example, you will also be able to light up in those who are ready, the flame of the inner torch. Be full of enthusiasm. Make the courage grow into yourselves. Never stop from nourishing the divine, uplifting hopes, having always at your disposal great reserves of hope, optimism, aspiration and enthusiasm.

You will find it easy to succeed when for some of the others knees succumb, poisoning doubts paralyse them and their hearts harden when they become a pray to all kinds of temptations. The regenerating fire of divine hopes can burn only in the human beings who keep its flame alive and powerful. The vivid fire of hope works in all of us like a mirror in which we can recognize ourselves as a true persons among the other people. Never stop only to cry in front of a grave. Be absolutely certain that inside that grave has remained only the skeleton of the one who has once lived on this earth. Analogically speaking, when you are crying in front of someone’s grave, you are acting exactly like the one who, being somewhere on a beach, is crying in front of the abandoned clothes of another who ventured into the sea water in front of him, to take a bathe. When you are standing in front of someone’s grave, be absolutely certain that the respective person is not there. Be certain that the respective person does not sleep into the so-called “eternal sleep” in that grave. Be absolutely certain that in the grave in front of you there is not the soul of the one who once lived here, on earth. Be absolutely certain that the one who is said to have died has, in fact, left this world to live in a different energetic state in the so-called “other world”, which, for the initiated ones, is the gigantic astral universe. That who has definitively left this world through the so-called death, continues to exist and live into the other world, where is surrounded by billions of mysterious subtle energies of the astral universe. When you awaken into your being some paranormal senses, it becomes easily possible for you to communicate with the soul of the person who has left this world for good, thus convincing yourself that there exists a mysterious life after the so-called death.

* Those who leave this world for good through the so-called death, continue then to live in the other world, in a beautiful universe which is made of invisible worlds and within which are manifesting a lot of wonderful colours and tones belonging to these worlds. Instead of crying in an useless and foolish way after those who have definitively left this world through the so-called death, it is much better to make an offering of light for them, transferring thus the light of the candles we consecrate for them into the other world, where this light becomes for them nourishment, an impulse of uplifting towards the Allhigh One, joy, inspiration and wonderful substance which may transform, purify, inspire and help them. Instead of crying in front of their grave, is much better to open ourselves towards their souls which exist on other realms and offer them love, light, wonderful thoughts, mysterious impulses to guide them towards the divine. When we are pure and transformed enough, it becomes possible for us to communicate with those who have left this world for good and it is possible that we there help, love, guidance, kindness and inspiration every time we ask for their help, in close connection with the spiritual level reached by them. Putting correctly into practice these simple and full of common sense advise, we realize that, in fact, there is no death, but just the passage to another wonderful, mysterious world, which is the astral universe. Even if the skeptical ones will smile with sarcasm while they read these lines, we challenge them with anticipation to a fundamental bet, which they will always lose. No matter how skeptical and distrustful are now each of them, they will realize they were wrong when leave this world and discover with amazement that their lives did not end, because the so-called death is, in fact, a birth in the astral universe. It is then when every skeptical, every inveterate materialist person will realize that he/she was wrong, but it will be too late. These words are, at the same time, a confession we make for everybody. We are already completely convinced that there is no death.

Those who will not believe that something like that is possible, will lead themselves, willingly or not, towards the scary moment that some call death. The hope in life after the so-called death is divine and universally valid. More than that, it helps us understand the enigmatic role of our existence on this earth. Conscious out of body experiences made at will make possible the projection of our astral body into the astral universe and among other things, they convince us before leaving this world forever through the so-called death, that our existence continues then into the other world, in the astral universe. At the right moment, in the advanced years of this YOGA course we will systematically study, both theoretically and practically, certain efficient methods which will allow to many of you to have conscious out of body experiences and explore many astral realms from the astral universe, before the so called death, for those of you who will be prepared.


In certain situations which are not accidental, a foolish, illusory hope which makes us act and takes us out of our state of drowsiness, blindness, larvality and lethargy, may awake and amplify a divine, universally valid hope which may change completely and profoundly our existence, giving a profound spiritual sense to our entire life.

One day a very beautiful young woman went crying to a great yogi. She confessed that she was desperate because her child had just died and her husband also died two years before, and therefore she was convinced that she had nothing to live for in this world, because except for her child who had just died, she had nobody. In her innocence, she hoped that maybe that great yogi would do a miracle for her. Since she had heard that great yogi had some supernatural powers (siddhis), she begged him to revive her child.

After she begged him to do that miracle for her, the woman placed her child’s body at the yogi’s feet and waited full of hope that the yogi satisfies her ardent desire which seemed legitimate to her. The yogi looked at her with much compassion and kindness and told her, smiling:
– Woman go in town and bring me some mustard seeds from a house where nobody ever died. You must know that if you manage to find such a house where nobody ever died, I will satisfy your wish and revive your dead child.
Hearing these words, the woman stood up and left very happy and full of hope, being convinced that she would find that house in which nobody had ever died. She knocked at many doors but everywhere, with no exception, she received a somehow similar answer.
-We can give you immediately the mustard seeds you want, but the condition your demand implies that nobody should have died in this house is impossible to fulfil! Under the roof of this house many human beings have died!

Although she heard these words very often, the woman continued to knock with obstinacy at every gate and kept looking for three days on end, hoping foolishly that eventually she would find at least one house that death had never visited. She hoped stupidly that it would be impossible not to find a house under whose roof nobody had ever died. In the third day, in the evening, she finally realized that she had to give up that useless hope and understood that in fact death was part of life and had the revelation that it was useless to want to deny the reality of death. Then she went back to the yogi and when she was in front of him, he looked at her smiling and asked her if she managed to find a few mustard seeds from a house where nobody had ever died. The woman bowed humbly and respectfully in front of the yogi and told him:
-Forgive me, I beg you, for my stupidity! And if you think that I’m ready and deserve it, please offer me the initiation in the yoga practice, because now I want to know what is divine and immortal inside me, and therefore not ephemeral. I will never ask you again to revive my child because eventually he would have died anyway, sooner or later, in one of the days of his life. I beg you to teach me how to discover inside me that immortal supreme essence which exists beyond the body and which never dies. Please help me really know myself and reveal the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman).

– There is nothing what I could offer you through the help which is manifested in and through my being from God, and which you do not already have in your inner Universe, either in a potential state, or in the state of a germ about to grow and blossom. Each of you should realize that SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL ALSO BECOME WHAT I AM, AND ONCE I ALSO WAS WHAT YOU ARE. Inside each of you there is mirrored everything in a state more or less potential. Therefore the great wise men said that: “WHAT IS IN THE MICROCOSMOS OF EACH OF YOU EXISTS EVERYWHERE IN THE MACROCOSMOS, AND WHAT IS NOT THERE, IN THE MICROCOSMOS OF YOUR BEING, DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE MACROCOSMOS.”

– Each of you should realize that there is though something that nobody and nothing can give you.
This priceless treasure which nobody can ever give you, not even for a second, is the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman) who is the most valuable thing that is hidden in the centre of your being.

– The Supreme Immortal Self (Atman) can never be given to you or taken from you by anybody and anything. Only you can give to yourself the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman) by revealing it gradually and completely in your inner universe. By revealing gradually and completely the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman), each of you reach thus the state of deification and at the same time you get the supreme and permanent spiritual liberation.

– By revealing gradually and completely the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman), you also get to know the Supreme ultimate divine truth. By knowing the Ultimate divine truth in your being, you obtain thus the complete liberation and reach at the same time the state of wisdom.

– By completely revealing the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman) which makes also possible knowing the Ultimate divine Truth, in your being appears the profound divine peace. By knowing the Ultimate divine Truth and by revealing completely the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman), you discover inside you GOD the FATHER and realize that you have been made in GOD’s image. An important step that precedes this success is the gradual awakening in your inner universe the glorious androgynous state.

– The awakening of the glorious androgynous state facilitates in an unimaginable way the obtaining of the state of inner unity, and transcending the polar complementary opposites.

– Reaching the androgynous glorious state allows us to discover that we have been made after God’s face and likeliness both feminine and masculine. The unknown purpose of all our amorous quests and of all our erotic feelings and experiences that we have when we unite with other human beings of the opposite sex, is awakening and gradually reaching the androgynous glorious state.

– In the yogi millenarial tradition the androgynous glorious state is often represented by the image of Shiva, half man and half woman, respectively the left side being a woman and the right side a man, in the so-called glorious androgynous hypostasis known as Shiva Ardha Narisvara. Nourishing some divine and strong hopes, like he hope to reveal the Supreme Immortal Self (Atman), the hope to fully awake the androgynous glorious state, the hope to know the ultimate divine truth, the hope to obtain the state of deification helps us, most of the times in an unknown way, to reach much quickly these purposes. For the initiated ones the apparent obscurity of this world is nothing but a shadow. Beyond this obscurity there is always for us the joy, the happiness, the plenitude, the bliss. In order to get all these it is necessary to hope and to dare to do what we have to. Beyond the apparent obscurity, the foundation which dominates the universal macro-cosmic manifestation is the bliss, the splendour, the harmony, the beauty, the order, the kindness, all these are mysterious and they reveal to us as such only when we are ready and we discover them by direct experience in our inner universe.

– When the human being really succeeds in knowing himself / herself, when he/she succeeds in awakening the great potentialities which exist in him/her, then between the Microcosms of her awakened being and the Macrocosms there appears a mysterious state of occult resonance by which a lot of hidden truths are revealed in the Microcosms of the
human being who succeeds to transform enough himself / herself.

– The entire creation, as it was structured and conceived by GOD the FATHER is a sui-generis gigantic hologram in which every part is connected in a mysterious way so that everything mirrors into itself. In its turn, it, as a part, is reflected into the great Whole. This mysterious structure of reality made the great wise man state that permanently, the part is in the whole and the whole mirrors itself into the part or, in other words, the entire Macrocosm mirrors itself in the Microcosm of every human being and, in its turn, the Microcosm of every human being is included and, at the same time, reflected in the Macrocosm’s great Whole. In the Microcosm of the human being, that what is below resembles to what is above and what is above resembles to what is below or, in other words, the superior pole mirrors itself in a certain way into the inferior pole and the inferior pole mirrors itself in a certain way into the superior pole. Even if we do not realize this for the moment, both our own life and the planetary life and even the macrocosmic life have a meaning.

– In the case of the human beings who are spiritually evolved enough, they become capable to perceive the perfect beauty and harmony which exist in the entire creation of GOD the FATHER. Even if we do not realize this for the moment, each of us, as well as all the human beings who live on this planet are all like pilgrims who travel slower or faster towards HOME (the kingdom of GOD the FATHER).

– In close connection with our good or bad intentions, hopes, actions and thoughts, every human being receives sooner or later exactly what he/she deserves. In the entire macrocosmic manifestation, nothing, without exception, is at random because always everything is necessity. Where the ignorant one sees common chance or coincidence, the wise one discerns a mysterious necessity.

– Today, in the night of misinformation and of manipulation cunningly and persistently made our days by the planetary government of world Freemasonry (or, in other worlds, by the so-called “Illuminati”) who are already making efforts to enthrone a so-called New World Order, which is, in fact, a planetary satanic conspiracy that intends to proclaim a planetary fascist state within which all human beings will be permanently monitored by sophisticated electronic means and will be forced in the future to come, to have introduced under their skin the SIGN OF THE BEAST (the sinister chip), we still dare to strongly hope, welcoming thus the Good News announced to us by Jesus Christ.

– Beyond the immense evil that is manifesting these days at a planetary level, by means of world Freemasonry and the so-called “Illuminati” who succeeded in weaving a terrible conspiracy at a planetary level, whose tentacles swallowed up almost the entire planet, we are still certain that the good will triumph over this planetary evil that the world Freemasonry has framed and that soon, good, harmony and truth will defeat the evil, the lies and the disguised satanism they promote. Beyond the gloomy appearances, beyond the wickedness, the lies, the cunning and the hatred which exist on this planet, we boldly declare our faith and hope in a divine and bright future which humankind deserves. It is imperative that each of us refuse to believe that the present circumstances are fatal and make people unable to act, so that on this Earth should not exist better conditions than those which unfortunately now exist.

– We must refuse to believe that all human beings on this planet can be nothing else but mere puppets that allow themselves to be moved just like some leaves which are taken here and there by the criminal hurricane that the world Freemasonry generated on this planet.

– We must refuse to believe that when they engage in unison to act having common and beneficent purposes, the possibility to influence and transform as soon as possible into something better the course and the unfolding of certain global events.

– We must refuse to believe and to share the opinion of those who pretend that the human beings are and will always remain irremediably captive in the starless night of hatred, war, selfishness, intolerance, stupidity and that the luminous dawn of wisdom, peace, love, kindness and fraternity will never become a predominant and collective reality on this planet. We must refuse to believe that the cynical prophecy of certain full of hatred Freemasons who affirm that some people will let themselves engaged in a criminal way in the satanic vortex of a new planetary war (the third World War Freemasons have already predicted long time ago).

– We refuse to believe that humanity will let itself engage towards the hell of some outrageous and aberrant destructions that will appear during a thermonuclear war.

– We hope and we also strongly believe that truth, peace, kindness, good understanding, fraternity and love will eventually have a crucial role. Even when temporarily defeated, life always remains stronger and much more valuable than death. Besides, for the initiated, death does not exist because, even when it occurs, in the case of the human beings it is a pass and a rebirth into another state which allows its continuity in the other world, in the astral universe.

– We hope and we even strongly believe that beyond the serious problems that are on this planet at present and which, many of them, were planned and launched deliberately through the planetary conspiracy of the global Freemasonry, there remains the hope of the immense help we can ceaselessly receive from GOD the FATHER to stop in this way many evils which were deliberately provoked on this planet.

– We dare to believe that eventually, by the help of GOD, the immense majority of the dwellers of Earth will be able to receive all they deserve.

– We dare to hope that very soon the dwellers of this planet will enjoy natural, healthy food, without being obliged to consume genetically modified products, additives noxious for their well being and for their physical health, water without fluorine obligatorily introduced and that they will enjoy enough natural and healthy food.

– We dare to hope that they will breath fresh air and that they will not allow that their health be seriously affected by the destructive radiations of the mobile telephone.

– We dare to believe that in the near future almost all dwellers of this planet will have the possibility to have access to fundamental spiritual knowledge that will help them awaken their souls and discover GOD the FATHER.

– We dare to believe that through the collective transformation of consciousness, all human beings will make a gigantic step through the passing from the present global level of consciousness to a new stage where this transformation will facilitate the full awakening and activation of a certain superior form of geniality. The awakening and activation of the supra-mental level in many human beings will accelerate the apparition of a certain superior form of geniality.

– We strongly believe that, in the near future, the entire humanity will acknowledge and discover GOD the FATHER into their own inner universe, identifying Him as the source of wisdom, health, happiness, harmony, kindness and love. We strongly believe that love, kindness, wisdom, peace, mutual help, fraternity and saving kindness will become in the near future common universal laws of this planet. Only then, in that near future, the human beings will be able to transform themselves spiritually, psychically and physically in a divine and harmonious way, and love and good understanding between people will prevail and then fear, hatred and venomousness will considerably faint. Romanian people are called to play a very important part as spiritual catalyst in this process of planetary transformation that will take place in the near future.

– Even if some will regard these affirmations with scepticism and mockingly, the future will confirm the reality of these aspects which are anticipated here.


– Divine universal hopes are the inspiring dreams of the vigilant man.
– Divine universal hopes are the most accessible and instantaneously uplifting assets for the human being who has got nothing else except GOD.
– The divine and universally valid hopes which are strong and constant increase the mysterious power of the awakened soul.
– Only the initiated ones appreciate at its real value the divine and universally valid hope which is constant, because they know that it is a hidden process of occult resonance which makes our hope comes true. The divine, beneficent hope is at the same time the hidden flame which banishes the darkness within the human being thus awakening his soul and keeping him alive.
– Divine and universally valid hopes are the creative dreams of the awakened man.
– Unfortunately, there are quite many people who are capable of sacrificing their entire wealth for some delusive, aloof and dubious hopes.
– The profoundly beneficent hopes which at the beginning seemed to be the most ridiculous and which at the beginning were the most daring, were often the causes of extraordinary successes when God helped. The divine and universally valid hopes are like the mysterious and flickering light of the candles, for in reality they beautify, lighten and cheer the way.
As much as the night of the ignorance is darker, the divine hopes are sending more and more toward new rays of light. The mysterious moments that we spend thinking intensely at some elevating and happy perspectives, thus hoping that some actions and situations will take place are sometimes more pleasant then the hours which are paved superficial employment. The divine hopes that are strong and constant fully nurture the big souls with a mysterious nutriment and make the small ones grow fast. As a ship should not be anchored with a single anchor, neither our life should depend by a single divine and universally valid hope.
– A man should not hope at everything as long as he lives. As long as a man lives, he hopes, but only the initiated ones and the great wise men permanently nurture only the divine and universally valid hopes which are strong and constant.
– A soul that prepares itself properly nurtures divine and profoundly beneficent hopes in malevolent times and continues to do so even in the times of great prosperity for if it’s needed he could properly face the trials of his destiny.
– When the man does not manifest a profoundly beneficent hope which is at the same time care strong and constant, he will not be able to find what is undreamed for him, because especially then for him everything is unfathomable and almost inaccessible.
– Two beneficent feelings are almost always important for us: manifesting a state of gratitude towards God the Father several times a day, and nurturing of the divine and universally valid hopes which are strong and constant which help us to prepare our future HERE and NOW, in the present.
– The divine and profoundly beneficent hopes, which at the same time are strong and constant instantly make possible to attract inside us new and mysterious energies which brighten our souls especially in the hard times of our lives.
– A divine hope which is profoundly beneficent and also strong and constant is at the same time a mysterious calling of the truth which we intuit in some situations without being able to see it or fully discover it. Unlike it, the delusive and false hopes are the result of the numerous ephemeral desires or of the illusions of the mind.
– The constant maintaining and nurturing of some divine, profoundly beneficent, strong and constant hopes which is followed by the guidance of the human beings from a divine hope to another, is one of the best cure against the poison of despair and against doubts of any kind.
– When we are in the dark, it is a very good thing to constantly and strongly hope for the light.
– The divine and profoundly beneficent hope which is strong and constant, besides the fact that it is hopeful, it also accompanies us on a smooth and very pleasant path, to the end of our life. The divine and profoundly beneficent hope which is strong and constant is and remains one of the mysterious robes of the truth. Each time we will follow it with the appropriate attention, in the end we will get to the truth.
– The divine and profoundly beneficent hope which is strong and constant mysteriously nurtures our being and increases the power of the soul. Only the initiated ones know that its reason is in fact the reason of the heart.
– In the case of the one who believes in God with an inalterable power, He never lives the man alone, because in unhappy times as well as in suffering times He gives him the beneficent hope.
– When we forget about happiness some divine beneficent hopes remind us of it.
– Less as a man would think that he gets in this life, even when he does not suspect it God always puts at his disposal the divine, beneficent hopes. To inveterately refuse the divine and beneficent hope which is at the same time strong and constant care, means to despise an extraordinary gift that God offers veiledly and with a great generosity to man. Few realize that this divine gift is always at the disposal of man.
– By the divine, beneficent hope that God the Father makes to sprout in the soul of the man, God the Father thus manifests in a mysterious way, His protection.
– Few know that in our struggle with difficulties of all kind and with the evil, the divine, beneficent hopes which are at the same time strong and constant remain the most faithful ally.
–  The divine and profoundly beneficent hopes which are at the same time strong and constant represent the richness of the souls of those who are pour in wishes. The divine, beneficent hopes that are constant are and remain the inner richness of those who lack material wealth.
– The divine and profoundly beneficent hope which is strong and constant remains the mysterious fortune of the soul.
– The beneficent hopes are the most precious asset of those who do not want to posses anything else.
-While the divine, beneficent hopes are a useful help for the good and pure people, the delusive and ephemeral hopes are at the same time a great indirect challenge for all those who are enslaved by sins.
– The seal of the real divine and universally valid hope is always represented by its full concordance with the mysterious intentions of God the Father.
– The divine, universally valid hope which is at the same time strong and constant is and remains a hidden engine of the soul, which enhances us every time to be active.
– The divine, universally valid hope which is at the same time strong and constant make the blemishes of lack disappear. In the power of the beneficent hope lies the greater fortune and also in its power lies the greatest lack of attachment.
– Sometimes only the beneficent hope manifested in and through the being as power is in itself an important certitude not just what it could do afterwards. None of the divine, beneficent hope’s target is so sure as the hidden power of the hope itself.
– The divine, beneficent hope which is at the same time strong and constant when permanently nurtured never fades away.
– Wise is the one who due to his spiritual discernment and the purity of his heart always differences, without mistaking, the divine, beneficent hope from the delusive hopes which are ephemeral and delusive.
– The delusive and ephemeral hopes of mindless people are accompanied by delusive exertions.
– The result of the divine and universally valid is always the good.
– Often we lose a lot of energy and a precious time being preoccupied by a lot of actions or small things, pushed by delusive and dreamlike hopes that by doing so will be good for us. Often, people try this way, in vein, exactly for not manifesting important divine and universally valid hopes.
– The ignorant man has many delusive and ephemeral hopes, because often, the deceitful phantasmagorias give wings to the chumps.
– For the ignorant ones there are a lot of delusive and ephemeral hopes wish rise from the phantasmagorias of the mind. In reality they are nothing but phantasmagorical desires of the mind which reflect their worthless desires. Such delusive desires never have the power to nurture the soul because they never resonate with its hidden substance.
– Those who are ignorant and lazy consider the hope to be the risk of the risks. But the wise ones know that the divine and beneficent hope is a minimum risk which is worth taken. The divine, beneficent hopes that are in the same time strong and constant consulates those who are heartbroken.
– The only utility of the scepticism is that in a way it allows us, to doubt the afflictions which come over the skeptics, one after another. Divine, beneficent and string hopes are and remain an act of faith even when we don’t realize it.
– In the case of the human beings who are coward and weak, a little beneficent hope is often mixed with the poison of fear.
– To hope in a divine and beneficent way actually means that we start to enjoy.
– Divine, beneficent hope which is strong and constant is, in fact, a loan made from happiness.
– The divine, beneficent hope is the breezy and alive path that we roam at down between two rows of blossomed trees.
– The divine, beneficent hope which is strong and constant is and remains one of the biggest and most difficult victories which a human being can accomplish in situations in which his soul is weak and helpless. Divine and universally valid hope which is at the same time strong and constant is and remains a strong rod with which one can travel in eternity.
– The divine, beneficent hope which in the same time is strong and constant is and remains a good sister to patience.
– Never loose your divine, beneficent hope when you are in difficult times, because often the sweet core lies under the hard crust.
– The divine, beneficent hope is and remains one of the sweet balms of life which often enchants the soul.
– A divine, beneficent hope which is at the same time string and constant is and remains in some cases an excellent healer.
– Where there is an awakened soul there are also divine, beneficent hopes.
– Where there is a man who awakened his soul there is also at least one divine, beneficent hope.
– A total and profound peace of soul can be accomplished only when we stop nurturing vain hopes.
– Necessarily, a man has to pass through the darkness of the night in order to be able to see, afterwards, with different eyes which are more lucid and clear in day time. Even when he does not realize, always his guide is the divine, beneficent hope. Knowing this, it is his duty to follow it every time because otherwise he will get lost.
– The human being who does not conquer his doubts cannot realize his divine, beneficent wishes either.
– Due to an immense gloom, which lacks any divine, beneficent hope, one can even die.
– When you are in a great bane and all that remains are the divine, beneficent hopes, you prove an immense foolishness if you turn your back on them and if don’t follow one of them.
– Often the divine, beneficent, strong and constant hope is and remains the luck of the one who considers himself lucky.
– To the one that is ignorant and who at the same time realizes that he is helpless, divine, beneficent hopes show him the way to the real knowledge and enhances him to awaken his inner power.
– Divine, beneficent hopes are the sweet whisper of the Divine Mother (Mahashakti) which is mysteriously spoken in the soul as well in the mind of the trailed one.
– In the diverse tests of life the soul of the human being is denuded of the delusive and ephemeral garbs in order for him to get strong and pure. Even so, even when he is tested the Supreme Divine Mother (Mahashakti) full of love covers him with the clean garb of the divine hope.
– The divine, beneficent hope confers us the enigmatic smile of the confidence in life.
– The divine and beneficent hope is the mysterious spark of light which always allows us to successfully get over any difficulty.
– The divine, beneficent hope is at the disposal of every human being and it is the one which makes any mortal man immortal.
– Divine, beneficent hope which is strong and constant brings an unsuspected happiness and comfort to those who are in pain or have difficulties.
– With the help of the divine, beneficent hopes those who are tested can easily see the mysterious light which exists beyond the opacity of the darkness.
– The divine, beneficent hopes are enigmatic pickings of immortality which are offered with generosity by God to every mortal.
– In the hard times of terrible difficulties, God the Father embeds in the soul of the man who returns towards Him the divine, beneficent hope in order for the one who is very proud and arrogant to discover humbleness in this way.
– Divine, beneficent, strong and constant hope builds up the soul of the one who goes through great difficulties.
– In some situations, the divine, beneficent hope is the bright memory of the past happiness and the broad anticipation of the happiness to come.


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