In Order for Vanguard and Blackrock to Lose Power, a Critical Mass of Humanity Must Place Ethics Over Monetary Gain

It’s painfully obvious that Vanguard and Blackrock basically own all the major corporations in the world. Vanguard and Blackrock have a monopoly on Earth. They own all the major pharmaceutical companies, food companies, gas companies, electric companies, computer companies, banks, governments, and media. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is an inescapable fact.

People think they have choices because they can choose to buy ‘such and such’ commodities with their money, but if Vanguard and Blackrock own the majority of money and corporations, does money really belong to people at all?

Vanguard and Blackrock’s one and only power is from their trillionaire wealth. If V and B (we’ll call them that from this point onward for convenience) need the media to say something, all they have to do is use their money and ownership to get it. If V and B need big tech to censor, their money and ownership gets it done. The list of examples goes on and on.

If V and B ever became upset enough, V and B would probably attempt to cut off the food supply and/or start a nuclear war.

Yet, there is a way out.

The way out is for enough people to no longer be controlled by money.

One of V and B’s weaknesses is that they can’t always manifest their demands because their orders have to go through a chain of command, and trickle ‘down the pyramid’ through several channels. There are times when their orders ‘get lost in the mix.’ Another weakness of V and B is that there are times when those down the pyramid refuse to follow orders due to having moral spines that cannot be bought.

When a critical mass of humanity stands up for justice and ethics over monetary gain, V and B will lose their stranglehold on Earth. There will always be ‘dumb schmucks’ who will do anything for money, but a critical mass of humanity standing up will keep these dumb schmucks in check.

In the case for the United States, states will need to rebel against the V and B owned ‘US government.’ This is already being done in certain states, and hopefully more and more will follow.


June 24, 2022


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