The strange journey of a child who took part in the secret “Black Program” (I)

The interviews below were published not long ago in the famous underground media magazine “NOVA POLICE”. Due to the fact that this publication is publishing a certain type of articles and disclosures on the secret agenda of the so-called “illuminati”, as well as their satanic plans regarding the “NEW WORLD ORDER”, there are no copyrights attached to it and this is why the free distribution of the information periodically included in this valuable publication, which is never published on the internet, is actually encouraged. We mention that this publication is the source of information of the mother-cell of a secret group which was formed in USA, known by the name of W.O.R.C. (World Order Research Center). The W.O.R.C. mother cell is coordinated by an officer who was part of the U.S. Navy. As we’ve mentioned before, the W.O.R.C broadcasting outlet is the secret magazine “NOVA POLICE”.

Due to the obvious value of these disclosures, we recommend that you copy this exclusive interview and send it to all those interested in this type of information, those who are also capable of understanding them. Eventhough many of these aspects might seem incredible at a first glance, you should never forget the idea we’ve illustrate through a saying: “Not only is the Macrocosmos proving to be much stranger and much more mysterious than we, humans, are capable of imagining – even when we are already endowed with a truly special creative imagination – but on many occasions, the Macrocosmos proves to be much stranger and more mysterious than he appears to be from the perspective of great initiates, as well as (when viewed) from the perspective of great sages.”
Gregorian Bivolaru, yoga teacher

Not long ago, we’ve had the occasion of meeting one of the children who were included in a Secret Black Program who, as you will be able to see for yourselves, went through a difficult and extraordinary evolutionary process. Today we insisted that he dared confess to us, especially since it’s time to take some risks regarding credibility, because we are disclosing some extraordinary aspects that can be extremely useful to us in following the path of knowledge and exploring the often unsuspected possibilities of the human being. While avoiding the disclosures of any aspects regarding secret ongoing projects in which he is still involved, this man accepted to talk to us, in order to help us understand the surrounding reality which is carefully hidden from us, as well as the stakes at risk, stakes that are hidden most of the times from the ordinary human beings. More than just mere detailed revelations, these confessions also represent an alarm signal for those readers who are informed and prepared to understand the disclosures being made.

We emphasize that these disclosures will not consist of any kind of precise information, the data you will receive will not be exact and the places in which all these acestions take place will not be revealed to you. In this manner, we wish to keep the anonymity of our guest in order to ensure his security, especially since this person still answers before his superiors and collaborates within such secret projects.

Reporter (R): Thank you for accepting to answer our questions.
Secret Black Programs’s Child (SBPC): Out of respect for all those who will read these confessions, I want to confess from the very beginning that I will answer truthfully but without surpassing certain boundaries which exist. Since our stake is keeping secrecy, I emphasize that I do not want to harm anyone, myself included. I intend to inform only those who are capable of understanding and believing.

R: Can you tell us who you are?
SBPC: I am an old PSI agent and also a colonel in the military. Currently, I work within a special unconventional structure which is integrated in a highly advanced secret program. Since I am still partially active, I underline that I cannot give you any detail regarding the contents of this program and its objectives.

R: Please tell us, how were you recruited and generally, who are the people working within such secret programs? Where do they come from?
SBPC: Such persons most often come from very poor families or they are orphans. They are taken for formation from a very young age (3 to 5 yers) and subsequently they are integrated in varied secret research programs, but in 99% of cases these are extremely secret programs, whose existence is always denied by the officials. The decision making factors act in such a way that any person who dares to talk about these aspects ends up being considered mentally unbalanced or paranoid. My biological father was an American and he worked within such an ultrasecret agency. Regarding my biological mother, she was Sicilian and since she couldn’t continue her relationship with my father, she had no other option than to abandon me in an orphanage.

R: Please tell us what do these people actually want?
SBPC: These children? They don’t even know what’s happening and that’s why they don’t want anything. First, they are selected, then they are subjected to some tests which are meant to prove their skills in certain fields, then they are taken into such secret programs who will build them into completely different human beings, from all perspectives.

R: But what do the mentors of these children actually want?
SBPC: This could actually be the true problem, for we should be able to know who these mentors are, what are their intentions and their morbid objectives. What I can confess is that after they are selected, these children are being raised in secret locations, and some of them live in the families of the so-called “illuminati”. This was also my case. It’s not easy when you have to go through a very strict education, being forced to assimilate all kind of information, without being told the purpose for which you’re doing all this. I can tell you it’s not at all easy to be kept in such a state, being forced to never say aword about the harsh conditions in which these children are raised and supported. Practically, these children don’t have a normal childhood, since it is strictly forbidden for them to play with children their own age.

I could also add that in such cases, conflicts with the outer world are very rare. Everything is rigorously organized, planned and conducted, so that there won’t be any other daily activity than focusing on becoming what we were supposed to become. I confess that only after several years I managed to understand everything that happened. I had to get over certain limitations in order to be able to understand what this so-called MK programming or other similar processes really are. These children are carefully programmed and prepared to intervene when sent in a mission (for example, a sharpshooter is ordered to assassinate an important personality) or to fulfill tasks that will never be disclosed to the public. They are actually the ones pulling the strings from behind the curtain, in situations in which it’s obvious, for the wise human beings that, in fact, something is hidden behind the unfolding of certain events.

R: In these conditions, who are you?
SBPC: I could say that I’m just an individual who grew up in an orphanage until the age of 3. After that I was raised in a family of the so-called “illuminati” and I was given a certain education on many aspects that I wasn’t able to understand at that time. At the same time, I remember I was subjected to countless tests. I was included in MK programs and destined to become someone who would then walk into a different world, a secret world which is always hidden for the great majority a people. If you’ll ever be able to get out of this world, you will feel completely alone, since everything you’ve experienced in that strange world can never be told to anyone, because if you have the audacity of doing so, you will risk both your own life as well as your friends’ and family’s life. Thus, we must always be as cautious and as subtle as possible in every disclosure that we make. Certain secret tests that have formed us into trained specialists, over time, were meant to train us into secret PSI agents. Some of these tests involved that I was locked somewhere underground (over 150m below surface) in a room with a metallic door and nothing else. There was no way to communicate with the outside world. I could scream but nobody was able to hear me and no one could reach me. The main purpose of these tests was to somehow make us seek and eventually discover, in a paranormal way, information on what was outside of those chambers, sometimes even outside of the whole edifice, and then we would gradually learn to become completely independent, capable of seeing the location of a certain point, our target, which in certain situations, could have even been located on another continent.

Gradually, through this difficult and intensive practice, we would become psychic spies with paranormal abilities. The purpose of our education was awakening these paranormal abilities. Later, this process became more and more extreme. Even when we sat down at a table with several ordinary people, we would leave the impression that we’re reading a newspaper (or at least we would pretend to do so) when in fact, we were using our paranormal abilities that had been awakened within us in order to seek and identify certain precise information on something that was either in another country or on another continent. To be more precise, In this way we’ve developed our abilities which allowed us to look like ordinary human beings who do not “stand out from the crowd”, but at the same time, we were capable of psychically project ourselves somewhere else in order to obtain certain information that they needed. During this secret training I’ve learned, among others, to have a perfect perception of two locations simultaneously, while also mastering my presence in two places at the same time. Thus we learned to be aware of the physical ambience of one place and also project ourselves psychically in a different location which was thousands of kilometers away from the first place. Eventually, this perfect state of bilocation became our natural way of existence.

R: Do you consider that awakening this paranormal ability was an extraordinary chance for you or a source of misery?
SBPC: I could say that this situation allows us to benefit from certain advantages. For example, due to the complete awakening of such paranormal abilities, it was easily possible for us to enter certain places and secret facilities, certain schools, without anyone suspecting us, and this allowed us to rapidly climb the hierarchy within certain ultrasecret programs we were part of.
Generally speaking, this is how things happened in my case as well. And yet, when I was 18 I felt the urge to look for my biological parents and, due to the fact that I’ve encountered some difficulties, all these aspects have lead me to follow a private investigator school. At that time, I confess I did not want to use this paranormal training unless I needed to have access to certain information from my file.
But eventually things took a different turn when I went through what was called “the three days of selection”, with the purpose of being recruited in the military.

After passing those three selection days, I met with a colonel who suggested me to meet with a general. He advised me to follow a military school which would open many opportunities for me to work within the secret services. Thus, I had the opportunity of joining an unconventional school. My private investigator degree was subsequently deleted from the archives by the military. This way they wiped out any trace of this little “slip off”in my life. This is the way in which the general expressed himself at some point.
Then I was given a different identity and I followed a special training within a special service, after my pilot training on Mirage 3 and Mirage 2000 fighter jets. After that, I was sent into mission still under a different identity, before integrating somewhere in the United States, in one of Air Force’s secret schools, where pilots are trained to fly unconventional flying devices. These flying machines are built based on highly advanced technologies, secrecy being a mandatory aspect, both regarding their existence as well as the technology used in building them and the ultrasecret programs that use them.

Then I was stationed for several years in a very secluded place in this world, together with some extraterrestrial beings that are structured in a way that I could briefly describe as non-human, beings that live together with us, on planet Earth.
I can honestly say that, I did not believe for a single moment that these extraterrestrial beings exist until I faced them and this is why, to the very last moment, the existence of such extraterrestrial creatures seemed unlikely to me. You should know that such extraterrestrial beings have been working for many years together with us, humans, using some sophisticated technologies that are much more than just mere advanced technologies. In those times I was part of an ultrasecret group that officialy does not exist and I was working with some beings that are structured differently than humans. I can say that I was hearing about them for the first time, moreover, I encountered them every day, during my secret activities.

R: Can you tell us what did your activity consist of, back then, and what sort of activities did these extraterrestrial beings, whom we could consider “different”, perform?
SBPC: Back then, my work consisted of calculating the variables in certain maneuvers which had to be performed at great speed. These maneuvers were done during training flights, and they were meant to test cutting-edge technologies that existed at that time. In other words, I was supposed to push the limits of these sophisticated flying machinery. I had to analyze every aspect of the specifications of those devices and then I had to bring the necessary improvements to those machines. Among the personnel working there, there were a few participants who were actually different than us, even if on the outside they were just like us, entirely. Those creatures had a non-human structure. Many of their activities were related to the materials used for the construction of those machines or to the communication systems used on them. In these cases, it was obviously something entirely out of the ordinary but I will not be able to give you any more details regarding this.

I can tell you that these non-human beings did not seem to share a common origin with us. Where I was, there were several extraterrestrial races working together. Some of them were tall, others were rather short. Their hights could vary from 1.20m to 2.40m, on average. From my experience on that facility, they did not seem to be aggressive. I noticed another interesting detail: you could say that all of them had telepathic abilities. They understood each other very well without having to talk to each other. When I talked to one of them, he made me understand that he was already aware of my thoughts and wishes. Within this type of teams, everything went on in an organized fashion, all activities were done with great calm, in silence and they never forgot what they had to do. Some of these beings were some kind of clones, supposed living robots and I must admit it was difficult for me to tell them apart from the human beings, although many of these beings seemed to be completely devoid of any feeling. In other words, I could say that those living robots had no kind of emotions.

This article was taken from the “The Notebook of the Costineşti Spiritual Summer Yoga Camp 2011”, volume 3.

june 2015

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