Meditations, favorable astrological conjunctures and spiritual events for March 2015


”Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish one are rising immediately and indifferently continue walking on their path.”

Attention! Each of these beneficial moments that are hidden gifts we are given by God, are helping us entering and enjoying, in a spiritual way, the secrets of occult astral resonances. The strong and continuous focus of our attention on these ineffable moments offer us the opportunity to live fully and deeply the mystery of the present moment.

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

(Note: All hours in the program are according to Romanian time)

Sunday, March 1 – SPRING DAY. Between 14.00-14.45: meditation of communion to the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI.

Sunday, March 1, between 17.40-18.25 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Uranus. Effects: Facilitates the amplification of the state of divine relay, awakens inspiration and originality. It gives the possibility to easily overcome rigidity and limitative prejudices, representing a chance to develop our courage and initiative geared towards achieving profound transformative and beneficial purposes.

It also gives a refined state of passion and spontaneity. It awakens and amplifies the beneficial dynamism of one’s being, facilitating the engagement in innovative initiatives, awakens and stimulates the ability to act quickly and effectively, it awakens and stimulates the boldness and the intelligence.

Sunday, March 1, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Tuesday, March 3 – TRIPURA SUNDARI.The favorable period for lovemaking in a couple relationship with love, continence and transfiguration is between 2.30-22.30. Special Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI is done Tuesday, March 3, between 10.40-11.40. The moment of maximum benefit is Tuesday, March 3, at 11.09.

Tuesday, March 3, between 14.10-14.55 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological event: Jupiter trine Uranus. Effects: Awakens and amplyfies dynamism, self trust, originality, mental lucidity and humanitarianism. Makes possible the manifestation and fullfilment of of beneficial aspirations, activates the capacity of personal affirmation.

Wednesday, March 4, between 17.00-17.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in trigone with Jupiter. Effects: It awakens and amplifies in our being, generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism, allowing the appearance in our inner universe the intense and plenary experience of the state of happiness without object. It favors the improvement of health, generating an ineffable state of harmonious integration in the social sphere, favoring success in the material plane.

It facilitates the entering into profound empathic telepathic communion with the spirits of nature and the spiritual guides from the paradisiacal subtle worlds that exists in the astral universe. It awakens and amplifies the state of harmony and spiritual elevation, allowing at the same time for a state of profound spiritual communion with The Spiritual Guide from the physical world, generating a state of euphoric affective expansion and favoring abundance.

Wednesday, March 4, between 20.30-21.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in conjunction with Uranus. Effects: it awakens in the being a strong desire for spiritual freedom, facilitating simultaneously states of detachment and setting free from prejudices that commonly exist with a couple relationship. It dynamizes originality and creativity and favors the deepening of spiritual friendships. It awakens and amplifies the state of surrender through love, leading to overcoming possessiveness and attachments that are limiting our spiritual evolution.

It facilitates states of divine rely within the affective relations. This aspect makes possible the entering in ineffable communion with the universal affective realm. It awakes within us the state of Christic Consciousness. It awakens and amplifies the self giving capacity towards the highest spiritual ideals of humanity.

Thursday, March 5 – FULL MOON. The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Thursday, March 5, at 02.05 and it ends Friday, March 6, at 14.05. The moment of maximum negative influence of the full moon is Thursday, March 5, at 20.05.

Friday, March 6, between 2.00-2.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun sextile Pluto. Effects: It awakens the mysterious energy of will, it brings a pregnant state of spiritual aspiration, and it facilitates superior and profound understanding of esoteric knowledge; favors the appearance of an increased state of confidence in ourselves, it awakens in the human being a good and deeply transformative force.

It favors the intuition and revelation of our mission in this life. This aspect also gives us the strength to surrender to the Will of God. It also helps us to capitalize on the chances that could lead us to a spiritual leap; it amplifies the inner self transfiguration process and the profound connection to our own soul.

Friday, March 6 – begin the CAMP FOR DEEPENING OF THE SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP ASPIRANT – SPIRITUAL GUIDE, which will take place between 6-14 March 2014, in Costineşti.

Sunday, March 8 – Women’s Day. Between 19.45-20.30: Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari.

Sunday, March 8, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Monday, March 9, between 18.00-18.45 – Meditation of communion with the Christian celebration of the 40 Martyrs.

Tuesday, March 10, between 7.45-8.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars trine Jupiter. Effects: it enables intuition and the practical valuing of spiritual laws, it develops spontaneity and courage. It awakes nobility, love for truth and righteousness. It enhances the desire to express the spiritual potential and enforces the assuming of responsibilities.

It brings the state of enthusiasm, it provides success in the material sphere, it awakens practical skills of useful in daily life, it awakens generosity, it favors creative expression, it awakes self-confidence, the power to express spiritual truths.

Thursday, March 12 – special meditation on GRIEG’s birthday.


Sunday, March 15, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Wednesday, March 18, between 10.30-11.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect – Mercury Conjunct with Neptune. Effects: it confers the awakening and amplifying of creative intelligence, facilitating a state of detachment. It awakes the memory of previous spiritual states and makes appear a state of mystical communion.

It awakens and dynamizes telepathic communication capacities. It allows us to have an intuition over the significance of the synchronicity phenomena and facilitates the perception of angelic entities’ presence within our existence.

Wednesday, March 18/Thursday, March 19, between 23.30-1.00 – Special meditation of communion with SHIVA, on the occasion of SHIVARATRI moment.

Saturday, March 21 – Sun enters the sign of Aries. This beneficial subtle influence can be felt during a special meditation of communion with the moment of the vernal equinox, from 0.15 to 1.30.

The significance of the vernal equinox: The night decreases and the duration of the day increases (the day then becomes almost equal with the night). This moment of balance symbolizes an ineffable state of harmony that makes possible the appearance of a state of profound and strong transformation of the outer nature as well as a beneficial transformation of our human nature. Everything then awakens to life and tends to surface to enjoy the intense and profound beneficial subtle energies of spring.

After a period of “conservation during which the restrictions of the winter were felt”, especially when the diet of most of the yogis is consisting of seeds, grains and dairy products, it is coming, according to the Christian Orthodox tradition, the Lent which comprises also the moment of equinox. Especially in this period occurs spontaneously a special purification process both in our physical body and in some of our subtle bodies.

As a result of this phenomenon, it gradually appears a state of mental silence, of mental balancing, and affective boosting. Regarding this moment from an esoteric point of view, this moment puts us in a state of resonance with the ineffable glorious androgynous state, with the mysterious state of harmony that under certain conditions appears in our inner universe between the masculine nature and the feminine nature, between inner man and inner woman (between anima and animus). Not accidentally, especially in this time of rebirth and mysterious regeneration of nature, it occurs the mating of most animals, plants begin to sprout and, step by step, the germs of life are reviving all around us. Regarding at this moment from the astrological point of view, it is found that it is then the moment when sun moves from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries.

Thus we are witnessing the end and the beginning of a mysterious zodiac cycle. Man becomes especially now, analogically speaking, like a volcano which is about to erupt, to explode. Therefore it becomes often capable of, especially now to achieve unprecedented things. The meditative and contemplative state of the Pisces is now replaced by the spontaneity and willingness for assertion of the Aries.
Especially now we give up to unnecessary sacrifices and excessive idealism in favor of the exaltation of concrete experiences, of direct actions which are performed in the idea of realizing our inner aspirations in the best possible way.

The human being must now fully adapt to these requirements of revival, reinvigoration, the awakening to the reality of the present moment, stopping the state of sleep, halting the process of hibernation (this step having a material and social significance as well as a spiritual one). Therefore, the human being must adapt as well as possible to the mysterious cycles of nature, especially now as its opposition is like – analogical speaking – swimming against the current.

In some cases, this maladjustment phenomenon will often give rise to tiredness and nervousness that often are not motivated – this is broadly defined by medicine as “spring fatigue”. This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously puts us in connection with the subtle and huge energies of the beginning, which are full of the optimism that appears on every new start of life. However, this moment brings a fascinating effervescent flourishing vitality.

It awakens harmoniously into the human being the virility and femininity, boosting the ecstatic living of the mysterious tumult of the spring that makes us spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active. The moment of maximum influence of the vernal equinox is Friday, 20 March/Saturday, March 21, at 0.45.

Sunday, March 22, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Sunday, March 22, between 22.10-22.55 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury sextile Pluto. Effects: It awakens and promotes the emergence of a refined way of thinking and the power of mental acumen. It also represents a chance to discover new ways to overcome the mental sphere by cultivating a state of abandonment to the Will of God the Father. Facilitates the occurrence of a spontaneous state of transfiguration and also gives a very good control over mental fluctuations. Develops and supports the aspiration to transform, make possible the conscious access into the collective subconscious, allows overcoming of phobias.

It is a very favorable moment for overcoming obstacles of all kinds; also this moment raises the speed of thinking (the mental ability to find creative and beneficial solutions), while associating it with the force of mental acumen; it awakens the energy of the individual will, it awakens and stimulates the spontaneous process of sublimation of the energies in the mental sphere, encourages the manifestation of a great beneficial mental strength, it brings a state of unshakable firmness regarding spiritual beliefs, and it awakens the ability to project ourselves (to travel) at will in the astral worlds.

Tuesday, March 24, between 8.10-8.55 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Neptune. Effects: Allows broad and deep understanding through empathy of inner feelings and emotions of other people, makes possible the euphoric expansion of the being in the macrocosmic affective sphere, allows the awakening of ample states of compassion and humility and facilitates the emergence of states of detached love and unconditional dedication to God.

Awakens and amplifies in the same time the state of detachment and power of transfiguration towards the human beings that we love. Awakens inspiration, artistic creativity, sensitivity and aesthetic refinement, intuition; favors the appearance of romantic love, it also makes possible the subtle telepathic communion with the superior astral realms and allows a conscious entering in contact with the angelic entities. Creates the opportunity to remove attachments and to exemplary transfigure our beloved.

Wednesday, March 25, between 19.00-19.45 – Meditation of communion to the Christian holiday of the ANNOUNCIATION.

Wednesday, March 25, between 21.10-21.55 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun trine Saturn. Effects: It awakens and amplifies the responsibility, patience, self confidence, stimulates the practical sense, it brings an objective attitude and it favors depth of thinking.

Facilitates overcoming of pride, awakens self-esteem and the power to fight against evil; supports us in our endeavors to carry out our aspirations. This is a beneficial moment for assuming special responsibilities spiritually, favoring the materialization our soul sublime feelings. It awakens and amplifies tenacity and temperance; it brings the state of practical wisdom, and awakens and stimulates the organizational skills.

Saturday, March 28, from 21.00 – Saturday October 25, from 21.00 – YANG spiral for awakening the Romanian people soul, performed in unison all over the country (Romania).

Saturday, March 28/Sunday, March 29 – The switch to summer time. Thus, 01.00 becomes 02.00.

Sunday, March 29, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Monday, March 30, between 10.30-11.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Pluto. Effects: It awakens and amplifies the passionate and emotional experiences, facilitates the transmutation of the creative potential and the sublimation of the inferior energies through the mysterious power of transfiguration, it elevates the erotic experiences.

It allows us to spontaneously access the Divine Will through the state of abandonment and complete self-giving through love. It allows for the awakening of the artistic capacities and the appearance of spontaneous states of beneficial trance.

February 2015 

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