MISA, seen with eyes wide open (V)

by Roxana Florea and Adrian Moraru

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Each human being has own vibrations, aspirations and quests. Yet, there is a place where, even if different reasons bring people together, they all take enthusiastic steps towards the same aim: discovering the ultimate essence. Seekers of the truth meet in the Spiritual Yoga Holiday Camp twice a year, in Herculane in the spring and in Costineşti in the summer. We were curious to discover some of them and to find out their points of view on MISA and the spiritual practice, beyond the nice words that people exchange, with kindness, whenever they meet in a spiral or in the unique initiations that this yoga school is offering.

, GREAT BRITAIN, 33 years old, art gallery assistant

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

I usually come to these camps, I have been here for several years in a row now. Always something new happens, something unexpected. Each time is a completely new experience. In this camp, which is governed by the Great Cosmic Power MATANGI, I asked her different things and I feel that she is answering, is very beautiful! I have the feeling that I have a divine friend in her.

I feel a very powerful camp field, because so many yogis are together in one place. I feel close to the spiritual guide, who is very dear to my heart and it feels like we’re inside of his heart.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

This school is very special. It has very deep spirituality embraced in it. There are other yoga schools, but most of them offer only superficial information, and even if there are some authentic ones, they don’t have such a wide area of knowledge that MISA offers: in this school so many things are integrated! There is not just Yoga, there is also Tantra, Astrology, Ayurveda, Saivism, offered in such an extremely spiritually rich environment where people can transform rapidly. The knowledge is so vast, is so precious that I cannot compare it with anything else.

, ARGENTINA, 32 years old, tango teacher and professional dancer

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

A lot of transformations and challenges that led to a deep understanding of myself. Every day I feel that I am reborn. I also noticed a very big opening of the heart.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

Because everything makes sense in this school. I get integral knowledge and it brings light to every aspect of my life.

What do you like the most out of everything that this school offers?

NAULI KRIYA, is my favorite technique. I work a lot on MANIPURA. Among the effects that appeared, I mention the one that now I have the courage to be myself.

CLAIRE MULLIEZ, THAILAND, 32 years old, masseuse

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

I learned more about yoga.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

I did yoga before in other schools, and I noticed that MISA approaches different levels of the being: the emotional level, the professional level, love life level, physical health, mental health. These courses are more fulfilling and more complete than what other yoga schools that I’ve been to have to offer.

I am with MISA for a year and a half. When I started, I was suffering from a depression for years. Now I feel much better, I enjoy my life and I enthusiastically get involved in the projects of the school in Thailand. I wish that as many people as possible would find out about these courses, so they would get to know that they can free themselves and achieve great things.

What do you like the most about MISA?
The heart fullness of the people in this school.

, GERMANY, 20 years old, musician

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

A lot! It’s a great gift that I can be here, this camp is an extraordinary gift. It’s great what Grieg is offering to us here: a lot of spiritual gifts.

I’m a volunteer, I do KARMA YOGA since the beginning of this camp, for about a month now. I feel that the transformations that appeared in my being from doing this volunteer activity, from being in this camp’s energy, from the initiations and meditations are amazing. I learned how to surrender to the Divine Will. I learned to see MATANGI in everything and in every action I’m doing. I feel that I’m always at the right place, at the right moment. I succeeded to give up the expectations that were hunting my head and to perceive what is necessary in the present moment, to integrate in the divine will.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

There are many yoga schools in Germany, but they are not authentic. They only do some flexibility movements. I was looking with all my heart for a yoga school which offers authentic teachings, I was also looking for a spiritual guide.

I was then convinced that MISA is an authentic school by seeing the transformations that appeared in myself.

Which is your favourite yoga technique and why?

I attend the MISA courses for a year now. The technique that brought the deepest transformations is the LAYA YOGA technique with the MANTRA that I received in this year. Since my initiation in it, I practice every day. I succeeded to get in resonance with the specific energy of this MANTRA. This changed a lot of my perceptions, a lot of my inner attitudes.

Also, just training to focus, like doing the SHAMBHAVI MUDRA technique, is helping a lot. I realized that if I can just be quiet in my mind and choose a certain resonance within me, and then focus in this direction, my life is just “arranging” by itself. I can choose any resonance I want, for example if I choose happiness and I resonate with happiness, I become happy. And so I am able more and more to really “construct” my own environment, and to control my own inner situation, my own emotions.

Another important thing is that the LAYA YOGA technique helped me to control my own energies and to practice the sexual continence. In short, it helped me become – more and more – the master of my own life.

, ROMANIA, 40 years old, artist

Why do you participate in this spiritual camp?
I came to this spiritual yoga holiday camp because of the spiritual ebullience that manifests here, of the spiritual framework that propels one further for the rest of the entire year, as well as because of the state of joy, cheerfulness and happiness.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

Because these courses are a perfect match for my quests and my understanding. They offered me understanding of myself, of my own desires to discover, to see the world, and the way in which I relate and I understand the links and connections between people and between people and nature. Very, very special was this understanding of my own being.

Which is your favourite yoga technique and why?

In this moment, BHUJANGASANA. It offers me a great fulfillment at the level of the soul.

, RUSSIA, 27 years old, engineer

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

There is a magical atmosphere here! I’ve met a lot of beautiful people. And I enjoyed the sea!

I had the opportunity to receive sacred teachings. I was growing up spiritually. Because of the camp’s atmosphere I had a lot of revelations during the meditations. I received many spiritual gifts, especially in the initiations and the spirals of induction of the state of liberation through divine miracle.

What do you like the most out of everything that this school offers?

The LAYA YOGA technique. I can do it everywhere and I feel the energy of the MANTRA every time I do this technique.

, CZECH REPUBLIC, 28 years old, graduated Applied Mathematics, Tantra teacher

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

The field of this camp brought me many revelations and a lot of support. It gave me a fresh start for the new year and I feel reborn and spiritually charged.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

I was wondering how things work, I had questions and I wanted to understand why certain things are as they are, so I chose MISA because here I got the answers that I was looking for. It brings sense to everything and what I received here helped me to discover myself and everything around me. I love these courses for they are very traditional, very profound, and the approach is unique: the ancient spiritual knowledge is combined with the latest discoveries of science. Authentic teachings are being offered in a modern manner, suited for the intelligent people, who want to put together both these approaches, the spiritual and the scientific one.

This school has transformed my life fundamentally. I feel like I’m discovering myself, my soul, the meaning of my life. My life becomes a fascinating journey, full of a profound happiness, of the understanding of what happens inside me and it gives me the possibility of achieving what I aim for.

, U.S.A., 36 years old, business and technology consultant

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

I’ve been here for about four days. I was looking for a deeper transformative experience, I was looking to connect with more people for yoga, that’s what made me come here from the United States.

I think the community is very gracious, I think people are beautiful, they have wonderful souls and I think everybody is searching for transformative experiences and we are all going through this together. I think that is a very strong integral part of this camp experience.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?
I like that they take teachings from different traditions and different areas and they integrate that. That’s something that’s quite unique and very interesting. I’m a Sikh, born in the Sikh religion, than I studied the meditation and Buddhist philosophy, and I am also very scientific, so my beliefs come from all three areas.

Which is your favourite yoga technique and why?

UDDIYANA BANDHA. After I practice this technique I feel light, I feel like I’m floating. I feel energized. I feel ecstatic.

, FRANCE, 27 years old, graduated Biology, world traveller

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

I heard about this camp from a friend. I decided to come and I integrated very quickly. I really enjoyed everything: the meditations, the conferences, the spirals, which were challenging for me, as I never tried such spiritual activities before. I liked the spirals very much though because I could feel the energy was very strong, it’s very powerful.

I enjoy what’s happening to me now and the transformations. I am a very shy person, but now I feel very comfortable and much better with myself and among people. I am more relaxed. I learned a lot from the conferences and the discussions with the others, it is so much information in a short period and is making me want to know even more. I participated in the initiation in the Occult Effect of the Lightning Rod – a very powerful and very beautiful technique that I recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to come to the camp. For me it was completely new and amazing to feel the energy that manifests then.

What do you think about the MISA yoga school?

I discovered amazing things in this camp, very different from everything I learned in the school where I practiced yoga before, in India, where they only taught people how to do properly certain ASANA-s. Nobody was explaining there why we do those ASANA-s, what CHAKRA-s they activate, how do the energies flow in our bodies and so on.

The information that this school is offering is at a completely different level, so that I decided to start the yoga course here and to move to Romania.

, ROMANIA, 46 years old, carpenter

What did this yoga camp bring to you?

This spiritual yoga holiday camp brought me greater discernment and mental clarity which helped me evaluate what I have done with my life until now and what I have to do from now on.

Why did you choose the yoga courses offered by MISA?

Because this school offers me everything that is necessary for me to grow spiritually. It offers me the closeness to God. It offers me so many techniques that help me in all the areas of my life. It offers an authentic spiritual guide who can guide me on the spiritual path. When I was meeting him, together with other colleagues, he saw me very clearly, he knew exactly what I am. If I was confronting a problem, he offered me advice which helped me a lot, even if sometimes it took me months or years to understand why he gave me that advice. Sometimes he wasn’t speaking directly to me, however due to the law of the synchronicities I was receiving exactly the answer that I needed.

Which is the most valuable knowledge that this school has offered to you?

The knowledge regarding love. Everything becomes clear through love, it is the most valuable knowledge.


September 2016

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