Paranormal Researcher Reveals Possible Forbidden Extraterrestrial Archaeology From Mexico


Long time UFO & paranormal researcher Victor Camacho gives a lecture about his discovery of supposed ancient extraterrestrial artifacts and a lost civilization who kept them.

Who do so many people assume that such startling and paradigm shifting discoveries would be known around the world and make headline news?

When it comes to the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials, people are craving more information that goes beyond the questioning of whether UFOs are real or not. In just a few short years, and thanks to the efforts of a number of journalists and alternative media outlets, it’s been made quite clear to anyone who has taken the time to look at the evidence that UFOs are indeed real, and that some of them might actually be piloted by extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings.

This evidence comes in the form of radar trackings and electro-optical data, testimonies from high ranking military and intelligence personnel, pictures and videos that have been released by dozens of governments worldwide, and much more. Extraterrestrial seems to be a common theme.

A tremendous amount of secrecy has been cast over this subject for decades, there was an “official campaign of secrecy and ridicule” for a number of years, as the very first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency once told the world. This is why so many people believed for so long that this subject had no backbone, that it was just a nutty “conspiracy theory.” Many people are starting to see that it’s far from that, and that there is something very serious going on here that deserves our attention.

“There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, from other civilizations. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers.” – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

This subject really opens up Pandora’s box, as there are a host of questions that come to mind when pondering the extraterrestrial hypothesis as an explanation for some of these UFOs. Where do they come from? Why are they visiting us? What kinds of propulsion systems do they use? What do they know about the nature of reality? How long have they been visiting? How many groups are there? Are they benevolent or malevolent? The subject touches all aspects of humanity, and it’s something that is and would change our world forever in multiple ways.

Right now in the UFO community, there are only a handful of people getting all of the attention, claiming to ‘know,’ while there are so many others who have been in this field for a very long time and are continuing to uncover the truth, piece by piece, but never really get any attention so their discoveries go virtually unknown.

One great example is a gentleman by the name of Victor Camacho, a researcher in the field and the host of a well-known Spanish language radio program called “Los Desvelados” (The Unveiled), which airs nationally in the U.S. and Mexico.

He has been featured on many programs about UFOs on the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, and the History Channel. He is Director of the Desvelado Network, based in Salt Lake City where his radio show is produced, which has been on the air for 23 years. Almost every night, Victor discusses topics related to UFOs, the paranormal, forbidden archaeology, conspiracies, and more.

He has taken a number of trips throughout Mexico to research possible ancient alien sites. He has found artifacts that indicate ET beings may have visited our planet in ancient times. These strange artifacts belong to an unknown culture so old that it could have given rise to the rest of the pre-Hispanic cultures we are more familiar with. The artifacts have engravings that may show an alien language, beings and ships.

Victor visited the area where these pieces were found and he’s seen the remains of an ancient settlement that seems to be, according to him, from an advanced civilization. He has spoken with the people who found them and met a collector who has more than 1,200 related artifacts. In Teocaltiche, Jalisco he investigated reports of sightings of UFOs with strange flying characteristics that defy all the laws of physics.

He has come across many clay pieces that show UFO-shaped crafts and strange types of beings that corroborate with a lot of information from a number of other sources from around the world that deal with UFO/ET lore.

His information and claims are no doubt interesting.


March 6, 2020

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