PhD chemist whistleblower who worked 17 years developing chemtrails: 90% of chemtrails designed to alter emotions / mood / state of conscience and provoke “flu-like symptoms” (3)

We continue to present the transcription in which a courageous chemtrail chemist whistleblower, known only as OP, that appeared on’s blog, spilled the beans on his 17 years of developing chemicals for dispersion on the human population, 90% of which were designed to “alter emotions / mood / state of conscience” as well as provoke “flu-like symptoms”!

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– OP, do you have any idea if the gel-like material that sparkled in sunlight then disappeared was a malformation of chemtrail batter, trial like error maybe?

It sounds like you are referring to a specific event? Do you have a link/pictures? Sounds interesting but I’ve never heard of anything like it.

– Question: If you could go back in time and do it all over again would you?

Hell of a question. Would I do it all again… No. For a scientist, nothing feels better than being on the cutting edge of research in a particular field. And the money was amazing. But when I think of what else I could have done with my degree, whether my talent was “wasted”, for lack of a better word… No – I wouldn’t do it agian.

– What can I do to protect myself from these chemicals?

I think I mentioned somewhere before that a mask that traps particles 0.1μm and smaller would help. That was a typo. I meant to say nanometers rather than μm. Some of these compounds were very small, and could really only be effectively blocked by a full face respirator (half-mask air-purifying respirators will not cut it, as they leave the eyes open). If I had to guess at other methods of avoiding these chemicals, I would say avoid living anywhere near moderate or large sized cities. This is just me hypothesizing, but I don’t know why someone would spend millions of dollars developing chemical compounds so they could spray them over nearly unpopulated areas.

– Are chemtrails going to cease eventually?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that. But during my career, work was very steady. We had basically zero downtime.

– Can you tell me in great detail how to extract ergotamine tartrate from caffeine pills?

Not really my line of research, but if I had to guess I would think it involves separating the two on a silica gel plate or thin layer plate, using reflectance and/or fluorescence methods looking for expected wavelengths. We didn’t do a lot of stuff like this though; nearly any ingredient we wished to experiment with was provided to us in pure (or very close to) form.

– Are you a chemtrail watcher now?

No. I pursue not to dwell on the past, or the present for that matter. Also, it’s nearly impossible to discern a chemtrailing plane from a natural contrail. Not impossible though. There are days when I look at the sky and watch it being sprayed to a muddy mess and I become… infuriated. We moved out of a big city to get away from it, but they are even spraying the rural communities halfway across America. I have also seen it in Europe.

– As far as the general public being completely oblivious, even when you point out and explain the chemtrails to them, do you think this is partially a result of the “calming” chemicals? Finally, do you have any suggestions as to what we can do to put an end to this monstrosity? Thank you.

I stopped aiming to point out chemtrails to the “general public” (really only ever tried to explain to my family) a long time ago. It’s a losing battle – people believe what they want to believe. This might be a result of a calmative agent. No way of knowing – the human brain is amazing at ignoring something that is right in front of its eyes, even without a calmative helping out.

Suggestions on ending the monstrosity? Unless you are brave enough and capable of bringing solid proof to a media outlet, I’d say nothing. And it seems to be a widespread belief on GLP that mainstream media doesn’t do jack shit. If that really is true, then the battle is all but over.

– Did you ever work with any material that would interact directly with vesicles containing seratonin?

Yes. Serotonin is one of the most powerful chemicals our body produces. Obviously, we had more than one contractor interested in harnessing and sometimes abusing that power.

– How were you hired? We’re you recruited in grad school, undergrad school? Or later in the private sector?

After graduating with a bachelors in Chemistry, I found a job working as a lab technician in a publicly funded laboratory doing normal research. Six years later and no promotion, I had saved enough to go to grad school (with the help of loans).

Ended up getting a PhD in Biochemistry. Less than a week after graduating, I was approached by a man who gave me a business card and asked me to call him if I was interested in using my degree. I was, so I called him. A year after starting, my student loans were paid off.

– Was the goal of the chemicals you used ever to facilitate or enhance the perception of ULF/microwaves/sound or possibly visual perception in the population?

– What were the goals you were asked to accomplish regarding chemical cocktails? Were they to facilitate something else in the environment?

– We would like more information regarding specifics please. Thank You.

Facilitate/enchance perception of ULF/microwaves/sound or visual perception – Facilitate, no. Impede/Impair, yes, for a couple of projects (5G?)

I’ve mentioned overall goals of our various research projects earlier in the thread – you can probably find them on the first page.

Sorry about the lack of real specifics, but I really shouldn’t be doing this type of revelation in the first place. Lack of specifics is for my own safety.

– Oh, thanks for clearing this up, so sometimes we don’t know what we are getting sprayed on us.

– Why chemtrails at night?

Lower temperatures and less people watching are a couple I can think of. Especially when a mixture would, under sunlight, appear as anything other than white/gray.

Dinner time. I’ll pursue to answer any questions that are posted when I get back. Great questions so far tonight, it’s really nice to see there is some genuine interest.

Back from dinner. I’ll look back for any questions I missed.

– What is the one feature that they wanted most, but you and your team were unable to accomplish? do any of the compounds you worked on have synergistic effects when combined with prescription pills, or other additives in water/food?

As far as something a contractor wanted most but we were unable to accomplish without fatal side effects was the short term memory loss project. Made some headway, but was never safe for use. Project scrapped. (maybe not)

It’s possible that some molecules we created interact with prescription/over the counter drugs. When testing compounds, we checked for side effects with most major over the counter and prescription drugs (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.). But there was no possible way for us to test interactions with every drug on the market.

– Are you sorry for the part you played in this?

Answered earlier in the thread. Yes, in retrospect, I regret what I did for a living. But I’ve learned to come to terms with it.

– To determine the effects would require human subjects since biochemical properites in rats don’t translate to humans. However, legally this cannot be done without approval from the FDA, although H1N1 vaccines, which violated the FDA standards as proved in Gary Null et al, v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, et al Case 1:09-cv-01924-RBW, eventually become legal without standardized testing. Therefore, my question is this: what statistical analysis does it provide to manipulate the G protein in rat brains in determining human outcomes in short-term memory deficits and learning potentials and retention? By the way, I’m glad you are back on board.

For this project we were discussing earlier, when it became clear that the chemicals being developed were eventually fatal to nearly all the test animals, despite numerous tweaks and alterations to the compounds, the project was scrapped. It never even progressed to swine testing.

– Used as a biochemical agent it would also make sense in areas of large populations. You indicated the goal was to manipulate certain behaviors. In your opinion, does this tie in with the NWO agenda?

Sorry, don’t really know anything about the NWO or what it’s agenda is.

– Are you not concerned for yourself or your own family’s health and what the spraying is doing to them?

Was married, not anymore. No kids. I tried a few times to explain it to the rest of my immediate family, but like I said before, I’m seen as the goofy bearded ‘mad scientist’ of the family. It’s possible the reason I made this thread is out of concern I feel for the rest of the planet.

– Since you and your research team expected to be asked to prevent the storage of LTM, why do you think this was so? This has many implications, none being positive for humanity as a whole.

Why did we expect to be asked to do it at some point? It was sort of a joke…ever since working on the failed short term memory loss project, we joked around wondering when we would be asked to attempt long term memory loss. But the request never came. We never got around to speculating what the intent would be, if we were ever asked to do it.

– I can give you the legal names and departments of everyone I know and you’ve mentioned nothing that they know as truth.

That’s wonderful. I’m glad you are willing to rat out the people you know that easily. Hell, I feel like a good ol’ fashioned revival has sprung up in my living room, and the preacher is just ignoring me. Fine, keep posting in this thread. I’ll just focus on reading and answering people who are looking for truth, not your psuedo-spiritually inspired jargon.

– Interesting thread, thanks for posting it, op! Thanks for being honest, any suggestions on how to put a stop to it?

I think I touched on this to a small extent earlier. As far as putting a stop to it, you’d have to be brave enough to provide solid proof of spraying activities (including specific chemical compounds and the research documenting their effects) to a major media outlet. And that’s under the bold assumption that not all major media outlets are under governmental control. Assuming they are, I don’t really know what can be done to stop it. At that point, it’s up to you to avoid it, and convince your family to do the same. My recommendation would be to get as far away from population centers as possible (not just major cities – any population center).

– It would only make sense scientifically to move to LTM (long term memory) if STM (short term memory) inhibition wasn’t successful. Often jokes are situated in some underlying knowledge.

Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one on our team who wondered why we were never asked to work on long term memory. In retrospect, I wouldn’t be surprised if both were contracted out to a different lab, after our failure to achieve desirable short term memory results.

– And did these contractors have the intention of blocking the serotonin from entering the synapse or eliminating the vesicles completely and what did you use to get through that blood brain barrier?

Like I said, we worked on a number of projects involving Serotonin in different manners. Some involved overloading receptors, some involved inhibiting them slightly, some involved inhibiting them completely.

There is actually a whole family of Serotonin receptors, and usually we were targeting only one that is only expressed in certain areas of the brain. I can’t think of any projects where we attempted to eliminate the creation of synaptic vesicles completely.

As far as crossing the blood brain barrier, osmosis was generally our friend. We also did some research into developing liposomes filled with our developed chemicals. Very interesting avenue of research. But generally osmosis when possible, or endogenous transport systems when osmosis wasn’t an option.


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February 7, 2022


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