Photo Report. Book Launch: «The Secret Tantric Path of Love to Happiness and Fulfillment in a Couple Relationship» – London 2010

  The famous “square mile” of the Londoner City – the place where the book was launched.

  Yoga and Tantra teachers, Adina and Mihai Stoian. 
Tantra seminar – Mihai Stoian presenting the connection between TANTRA YOGA and the spiritual symbolism of the wheel of the divine energies, exposure which can be found in the preface of the book. 

 Audition of the special message from Grieg addressed to the participants to this event.


Short break when the almost 300 participants went to the reception rooms to pick up their preordered books signed by the author or to buy it there. 

Extraordinary DEVAS concert – they played 14 musical pieces – the concert was received by the public with great delight. 

Thrilled, after the program, the people remained in the hallway to exchange impressions about the event and the special message of this exceptional book…

photo: Costică Cojocaru  


december 2010


Also available in: Română Français

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