Photo Report: The YOGA contest

Photos by Mălin Oloier

76 yogis. Nine hours of contest. The best were awarded prizes, everyone was a winner.











The members of the jury were: Swami Mahalayananda, Portugal, Mihai Stoian, NATHA Denmark, Grace Ambăruş, MISA, Romania, Stine Maria Porsfelt, TARA YOGA Centre, England and Andrei Gămulea, MISA, Romania. 






In the test of performing certain ASANAS for a long period, the records from the last competition were surpassed. So, for CHAKRASANA, Marc Allen from Ireland had the best time – 22 minutes, 04 seconds and 03 hundredths.










For VRISHIKASANA the best time was achieved by Daniel Onofrei, Romania – 6 minutes, 02 seconds and 85 hundredths.  




For MAYURASANA the best time was achieved by Pavel Ion, Romania – 3 minutes, 30 seconds and 27 hundredths. Pavel Ion was the winner of the contest two years ago.  



November 2010


Also available in: Română Français

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