Photo Report. The Lectures and workshops from the International YOGA Congress

photos by Mălin Oloier
75 lectures and workshops, 69 lecturers. An impressive amount of new and interesting information. A great public. This is pretty much how the International YOGA Congress “God is giving us signs…” organized by MISA YOGA School in Bucharest, 13-17 October 2010 looked like.

The speech given by Grace Ambăruş, president of MISA opened the Congress.

Introducing the guests.

Monica Dascălu presents the scheduled events. 



A genuine hymn of the Congress was the music from the meditation of the state of irresistible spiritual ardour towards God, which was made at the beginning of each session.


Swami Mahalayananda, signing the diplomas received by the lecturers during the Congress.

Johanes Suoranta from Finland spoke about the occurrences of divine signs in various spiritual traditions.

And was listened to attentively…

Morgan Arundel from England spoke about the Power of attention and the quality of discernment as essential tools for following an authentic spiritual path and overcoming spiritual tests.  


Italian Giulia D’Altri attending a lecture. 

Doru Bodea from Germany prepared three lectures for this event.

Yogeshwar Kartik from India spoke about YOGA practice from a Vedantic perspective.



Nothing compares to the traditional scent of India… Yogeshwar began and ended his lecture with a traditional prayer.


Angelika Hünefeld from Germany at one of her lectures.



The organizers welcomed the public with smiles on their faces.

Uriel Yariv’s comparison between Sacred Esoteric Judaism, Kabala and Sacred Esoteric YOGA was for many a true revelation.


Adina and Mihai Stoian had a couple ASANAS workshop.




Doru Bodea speaking about the law of resonance.




The workshop about the MUDRAS (symbolic gestures) had more practice than theory.









Mihai Stoian and Monica Dascălu meditating together with the state of irresistible spiritual ardour towards God.



Foca Yariv and Pistis Zadof presenting the YOGA School in India.


Stine Maria Porsfelt from England in the audience.



Mirela Chiroiu presenting the school in France. 



Swami Mahalayananda from Portugal at one of his lectures. 

Adina and Mihai Stoian


Celestine Andersen and Martin Svensson from Denmark shared some experiences of a tantric couple.



Ciprian Fodor and Alexandru Micu presented interesting information about sexual continence, from a scientific viewpoint.




November 2010

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