Pinocchio, the one who cries wolf out loud…

by yoga teacher Nicolae Catrina

Some human beings produce evil just as bees produce honey.
William Golding

We said it once and we say it again: amongst the biggest nuisances of human life there is of course arguing with strange, radical minds, which, in addition to their obvious lack of judgment, also “enjoy” the “gift” of bad faith.
Ion Luca Caragiale

The one who seeks only the stains of the Sun, searching within his perverse mind reasons to criticize,
will always find something to criticize even in Paradise.
Gregorian Bivolaru

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Just as despicable is the invented story of that girl who supposedly visited Grieg and was allegedly shocked by the way Grieg treated her. These so called “reports”, clearly biased, remind us of what happened with another student in Italy, Anna Invidia, who after being manipulated by Virgil Catalin into making some so called “shocking confessions” (which in reality were false), eventually realized she had been manipulated and at one point she even made a public confession, which she video recorded with her boyfriend who also attended Catalin Virgil’s classes. Subsequently, this recording was aired and on that occasion everyone found out the miserable (even Machiavellian, we might say) way in which Virgil Catalin acted, causing her to give some declarations that were not true. After a certain period of time (several months) from those “declarations” Anna Invidia became aware of the cunning way in which Virgil Catalin manipulated her it and her subsequent declaration is also significant and revealing. That recording (where Anna Invidia exposes that she was subject to manipulation by Virgil Catalin) will be aired soon in Romania and in this way the truth will be revealed and, moreover, the Machiavellianism that Virgil Catalin demonstrated will be clear for everyone. In fact, what we find in his letters, full of lies and abject insinuations, shows that Machiavellianism has become a habit and even a second nature for maestro Virgil-Pinocchio.

…ends up torn apart exactly by the wolves from his perverse imagination

We can say, in advance, that when you watch the recording that Anna Invidia made with her lover (where she sincerely confesses how she was manipulated and influenced to lie and thus defame yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru) you will realize that Virgil Catalin acted with great cunning and in a manipulative way also with the girl he refers to in his letters, just as he did with Mr. Suryananda. Just as he sought to frighten Mr. Suryananda that “something is wrong with MISA,” he also manipulated that girl and made her then publicly state that “there is something wrong with Grieg”.
As an additional explanation, we can say that Pinocchio-Virgil desperately clings to the idea that in the article posted on our website, it is written that he “threatened” Mr. Suryananda and he stumbles (not at all accidentally) on the direct interpretation of this word, saying how stunned he was when he read that, and immediately called Suryananda to ask him if he somehow felt threatened etc; whereas, for those who read that article it was obvious that our colleagues from “yogaesoteric” who wrote that article had in mind an indirect threat: Pinocchio-Virgil, sounded as if he cared for Suryananda’s welfare, but in fact he tried to scare him with all kinds of phantasmagoria about MISA. Firstly the infected lie that “MISA has problems with justice”, when in reality, as we all know very well, the MISA yoga school (and her spiritual mentor, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru) hasn’t had problems with justice but with the injustice and abuses and illegalities that many yogis were (and still are) subjected to by the Romanian authorities… only because they practice yoga!
In other words, to say that MISA has “endless problems with justice” (and that this is, allegedly, the main reason why Catalin Virgil left the MISA course), is not only an unspeakable despicable fact but also a pestilential insult to all the yogis in Romania who were traumatized due to the abuse, persecution, discrimination and lawlessness that they have been subjected to since March 18, 2004! It is also a mockery of all those specialists, sociologists and other researchers (among them being Mr. Gabriel Andreescu, President APADOR CH, the specialist Karl Erik Nylund, PhD in theology and expert on cults and many others) who, after carefully and objectively studying those events and the MISA yoga school itself, later denounced publicly the abuses, flagrant violations of human rights and ceaseless injustices that yoga practitioners in Romania were and still are subjected to. The brazen Virgil-Pinocchio also mocks the Swedish judicial system, which granted yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru political asylum status in Sweden because he couldn’t get a fair trial in Romania and because many life-threatening injustices and abuses have been committed against him. Seeing all the overwhelming evidence of the obviously political character, of “ordered justice”, of such persecution and, more recently, trial judgments (we refer here to the teacher Gregorian Bivolaru’s trial), only a stonehearted person lacking the most elementary sense of justice or who is marked by an immense cowardice can say that MISA has “endless problems with justice”, as if all these problems are actually real issues judged all by a correct Justice! Someone must be really stupid and full of malice to believe that!

Maestro Catalin: the wizard of “empty words”

We also wonder why Pinocchio-Virgil seems to have forgotten that right there in Italy, in 2004 another spiritual school, known as Ananda, was also subjected to raids by 80 armed carabineers, who under the allegations (forever unproven!) of group members being transformed into slaves, brainwashing, trafficking of people and drug consumption, conducted searches and seized computers and money and the leader of that group, Swami Kriyananda, was sued for corruption of minors. Although none of the allegations could ever be substantiated, the case was widely publicized, the Italian press launching and making a lot of propaganda – just as the deceitful and manipulative media in Romania – with all kinds of accusations more or less aberrant, which had in fact the hidden purpose to discredit that group and destroy it.

One of the “keys” in understanding Virgil Calin’s stale statement is given to us by another remark of his, which appears to be particularly significant in this context. More specifically, wanting to explain why he is, poor thing, so persecuted and “attacked” by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA, he says that now he is chosen as the “target” because” the fairy tale story regarding the evil Masons no longer works”. In other words, the “great” Virgil-Pinocchio tried in one sentence to dissolve everything that is known today and that is so shocking about the world of Freemasonry (including in Italy, where there even was a famous Freemason called Leo Zagami, who had the 33 degree in the famous lodge Propaganda Due, of which as we all know Ceausescu was also a part of, and who, at the right time, he – Leo Zagami – publicly revealed some of the unbelievable evilness that took place within the Freemasonic lodges); also the hundreds of disclosures that appeared including in Romanian media about the evil actions of the Freemasons, Therefore, all these terrible shocking truths about the world of Freemasonry are, in the opinion of this pizza expert, nothing but some… “empty words”!
Currently we do not know if this huge “pearl” accidentally dropped out of Virgil Pinocchio’s mouth because of his stupidity, or if there are other reasons of a hidden in nature as to why he said it. The fact is that with this statement Catalin Virgil proves again his… multilaterally developed nullity.
There are other outright lies that Virgil-Pinocchio compresses foolishly into his letters, but they are not as serious as the ones I have mentioned in this analysis. Therefore, we will not present them here in detail because any student of our school of yoga knows very well what the truth is in those respects. For example, the alleged “obligation in having to listen to the colleagues” accounts about their spiritual experiences that could last for hours”, or the alleged “distortion, in many cases total, of authentic yogic teachings” and other similar gimmicks and false claims are simply ridiculous statements without any supporting argument. In other words, it is as if we would say about Pinocchio Virgil Catalin that he is an alien. All this garbage that Virgil Catalin launches are statements without any substance, unfounded speculations intended only to be sensational.

A wise man can play the fool, but a fool can’t play a wise man

If I had to summarize all the elements that gradually led Virgil Calin to the pathetic situation he now finds himself in, we can say that the core of his problems, observed by carefully reading his letters, is his huge ego which made him be extremely bothered that consistently and systematically Grieg, acting in this respect as a true spiritual guide, aimed to highlight the emergence of this exacerbated ego, highlighting it lucidly in order to help Catalin at that time to evolve into what Catalin claimed he was: a yogi. In this sense, this – as Catalin himself confesses – triggered his departure from this yoga school: it was not (as one might expect) one or another of the various aspects that he invoked (as arguments against MISA) in his letters, but a simple ironic remark that a girl addressed to him. Immediately after that Virgil Catalin’s reaction showed an explosion of pride that instantly cancelled for him all that he had lived and felt in all the exemplifications he participated in at the MISA yoga school. Here is how Virgil Catalin himself justifies this apparent explosion of exacerbated pride: “That was the moment when I said that was it! That was the final straw”. Beyond appearances, one can say that indeed that was for Virgil Catalin “the moment of truth” and, on that occasion, this pseudo-master proved ultimately quite unable to understand that to really transform and to achieve spiritual maturity means much more than making a pizza.

You will all be able to see in ten years time, or even earlier, what the pseudo-master Virgil Catalin Pinocchio will eventually become. As you can see from the facts we presented here, the signs of his sliding into a state of terrible decline, of an obvious spiritual blindness, of lies, of exacerbated hatred and a fierce desire for revenge are now extremely obvious in him, and although he had the chance to discover this spiritual path, he now behaves in a way that highlights the madness and demonic state that he gradually slipped into. If Virgil Catalin had been asked a few months after discovering this spiritual school: “What will you do if you eventually become the hateful enemy of this yoga school and more than that, you will then fiercely try (because of your immense pointless hatred) to destroy the one who is helping you here and now, the one who at all times behaves towards you with a divine loving kindness? ” we are confident that then Virgil Catalin would have replied that he would never do such things!
Therefore, at the end of this analysis, after all the facts that we have presented and which prove abundantly that Virgil Catalin Calin is a big liar and a Machiavellian resentful person, we give one more overwhelming testimony that we believe firmly shatters all the sly outrageous lies of this pathetic Pinocchio. The divine irony is that this significant testimony comes from none other than… Virgil Catalin Calin!
Indeed, it is an account that Virgil Catalin voluntarily gave out of his own initiative and in 2002 and which was published in number 32 (in February) of Yoga Magazine. Here is what he wanted to tell us then, and which contradicts everything he blatantly says now, in his letters full of lies:

My first contact with yoga was around the age of 14-15. I was on a vacation to visit my brother. He used to practice various yoga techniques by the instructions provided in a book and so I joined him in a session of asana-s. Although what was written that book didn’t have much in common with what a true session of asana-s means, still I felt some effects.
But the real closeness towards yoga appeared a few years after this experience, after a brief meeting with Grieg (yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru). Once, in the classroom and while waiting for the end of the course, I perceived a state I had never experienced before. It was a feeling of expansion, merging with the infinite. What amazed me was that it was a phenomenon I had never felt before and so my interest in this course increased enormously.
When I saw Grieg, he spoke to me first, words which are now as vivid in my consciousness as in those moments, very firmly telling me that in two years time I would open a yoga class in Italy which subsequently also happened. I cannot stop admitting that I was surprised by this statement thinking that I hadn’t practiced yoga up until then. I remember very clearly though that in that moment I felt reborn, I felt truly alive.
Now, as an instructor, I understand Grieg’s words when he said that by teaching others we teach ourselves. That to teach other people, to share the knowledge accumulated in years of practice of this course (organized by MISA) helps you fully experience the state of channel of the divine manifestation… An endless joy for me was the initiations in the Great Cosmic Powers, each meditation projecting me into a new world of excitement.
Most of the time, whilst practicing yoga, and even during daily life, I feel after invoking him, a profound state of communion and identification with my master (Grieg). From this point of view, the meditations of communion with him are overwhelming and they are the ones I prefer. This aspect has been perceived by some of the students, who used to say that during these meditations they strongly felt his presence, and as far as I was concerned my identification with him would go up to the point where they could even see some physical resemblance with him.
When I think of everything the yoga system offers I realize that it is a great merit and a great grace for all who attend this course. Although it is equally accessible to everyone, they don’t all practice yoga. It is as though the people from the spiritual movement [MISA] are chosen by an unseen hand and brought onto this path, and feeling like this, I am happy to be part of the elect.

We believe that poor Calin Catalin completely forgot about this story (which he himself insisted to make public), in which he not only presents an image full of purity and innocence regarding his contact with our yoga school and yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, but also tells us a totally different story than what he says now, only 10 years after he offered us this testimony. 
Thus, although he now tries very hard (but unsuccessfully) to convince us that he supposedly held yoga classes before he met Grieg, here is how in 2002 he tells us exactly the opposite: that, at Grieg’s suggestion and to his great astonishment, he began teaching yoga only after two years from first meeting with Grieg and the MISA yoga school! So there is no way for it to be true that he held his so-called yoga classes before becoming a MISA instructor! And hence it is more obvious that all these alleged statements related to these supposed courses, from the letters he recently sent in relation to them (that he held these courses independently, that he took out from his own pocket $ 500 each month to hold them, and also other inventions) are all obviously shattered by his own words!
Similarly, his disdainful remark about the classes of our yoga school (that he also studied at other schools, “real” schools of yoga – meaning therefore the MISA courses are allegedly false) is effectively shattered by the full of admiration and even gratitude assessments he made 10 years ago about the MISA yoga courses.

The dog hungry for blood bites the hand that fed him

But the most significant of all Catalin Calin’s sincere testimonies is the one related to his spiritual relationship with yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, whom he calls with great admiration and gratitude “his master”. Even more than that, at that time, the most important and most fulfilling moments of Catalin’s spiritual practice were those of the subtle telepathic communion he had with Grieg, which helped him fully feel in his heart the profoundly transforming, full of divine joy, influence of his master!
We wonder now, after reading both his recent letters and his testimony from 10 years ago, if he himself chooses to read back this testimony, would a transformation occur in Catalin’s stone heart, or if somehow this testimony will shatter his current beliefs to some extent and get him out of the state of hatred and of the desire to harm the one he previously called, with love and transfiguration, “his master”, as well as the yoga school he represented and appreciated (being very grateful for this) until recently (even comparing it to all the other schools he had contact with, he used to consider himself a “chosen one” for the extraordinary grace he had to be able to know about and practice yoga in the MISA school)! Or will he recall his joy (which transpires during these testimonies) at having been in telepathic resonance with Grieg and even as he himself noticed, thanks to this beneficial occult resonance, with a certain kind of subtle aura similar with Grieg’s!
Above all, poor Virgil Catalin proves that lately he has become an… ever changing man that people usually call a “pansy”. Therefore,  we ask the following question (of course, rhetorical, but also full of humor): when do you think Virgil Catalin was wrong – 10 years ago when, at his own initiative (and full of gratitude for what he received spiritually at this yoga class) he insisted on writing this testimony, or now when, driven by hatred and an exaggerated pride, he squirts dirt, insinuations and filthy accusations (which, as we have shown throughout this presentation, are not only devoid of any foundation but also contradict each other) against both our school and yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru?

A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds, and a spiritually blind yogi by his enormous ego

If right now Pinocchio Virgil Catalin still believes the stupid idea that by continuing to indulge himself in this miserable condition, he will at the same time grow spiritually in this life and attain the ultimate liberation, then we can say he is completely wrong. The Bible states: “A tree is known by its fruit and a man is known by his deeds.” In poor Virgil Catalin’s case the signs of failure and of spiritual regression are quasi-obvious. All that has emerged, grown and taken over is a massive ego, a Luciferic pride, a self importance and a huge hunger for power. Instead of becoming a great yogi, poor Virgil Catalin slowly became a huge ego. And if he continues to indulge himself in the terrible condition that he is in now, it is obvious to us all that unfortunately he will never be able to return to a state of purity and innocence which he once had at the beginning, like in his very suggestive and frank testimony in 2002.
Placing now again, as we did earlier in this exposure, Calin Catalin’s case in the not at all accidental game of all those who, after leaving the MISA yoga school, began to denigrate it in every way possible and even to attack with fierce virulence the person of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, we can identify in many of them a common predominant feature. Beyond their chameleonic exposures of pretense demagoguery, beyond the superficial dust storms that they display to the naive and stupid, or the lack of the most elementary decency in their staunch effort of mystifying the truth, they can easily find in themselves a true pathology of inner failures and huge inferiority complexes that are desperately hidden within, an almost desperate need (need that is born out of weakness, of fear, of grudges and hatred) to be valued and accepted by others.

Dogs will bark, the caravan will live on, and so will the divine Truth, despite the little ridiculous conspirators

Confronted with all these miserable attacks, Grieg has never despaired or will never despair. He has always invoked the divine truth, even in the desert of the gregarious indifference of the public opinion in Romania, the obscene attacks of a terribly humiliating nature by the mercenary press subservient to the ones in Power, or in the darkness of the moral kneeling that this people was put through during the communist and totalitarian period. He has relentlessly pursued to always be equal to himself and to help all of us who, in this age of Kali Yuga, aspire, each according to our own potential, to discovering true spirituality. Due to this reason, Grieg was considered to be an important “subversive element” in the main years of communist totalitarianism and also in today’s so-called free society Grieg is regarded in the same way by the governing people who sold themselves out to occult interests whose aim is to morally and spiritually destroy Romania. However, it can be said that yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru has already printed a decisive “footprint” (his profoundly spiritualized and catalytic influence) on an entire generation – both through his tireless involvement in this liberating process, which he conducted both during the communist terror and after 1989, and by his immense efforts, in some way exemplary and still misunderstood by many, to spiritually awaken the people of this country blessed by God (Romania), as well as the whole world.
The confrontation between yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and totalitarianism obviously meant much more than facing with a lot of courage an illegitimate social authority. It was, in those difficult times, nothing but the external circumstances (inherent in those days) in which he manifested a sublime and ecstatic self discovery, a discovery that then allowed us all – those who truly are and remained as his disciples – to walk in our turn (according to our powers) on the path towards the divine freedom that the revelation of the Immortal Supreme Self (Atman) reveals to us.

Therefore, for all of us (the aspirants who are guided with so much inspiration, spiritual force and divine love by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru on the path that leads us to God), what we always receive as a spiritual guidance and initiation from Grieg is more important than all the stupidity, calumnies and rubbish of all kind that is uttered from the sidelines or – similarly pathetic and loud – by a stupid resentful (but bitter) person against him. This is because the real meeting, in our soul and spirit, with a great initiated sage (as, in my humble opinion, I think Grieg is to his depths) is always based on some similarities of real immutable values, that have nothing to do with the seething whirlpool of his detractors’ unleashed hatred or with the ethical, moral and spiritual chaos that still prevails in the uneducated Romania of these times.
It goes without saying that this does not mean that Gregorian Bivolaru doesn’t notice each time, with an amazing finesse and depth, everything that happens in society at present. However he does it with the full detachment of a true priest of eternal divine values, which were and are universal. His disarming modesty, his exemplarity devoid of any ostentation, the natural way in which he integrates the sacredness of an always pure and vivid spirituality into everyday life contrasts dramatically with the fierce egoism, bitter hatred, theatricality and hypocrisy of those who deny him and who assume a pretended but completely inexistent superiority.
I am, in advance, perfectly aware that all these sincere words (that I have said here because I feel them) will be regarded with immense contempt and will be mocked in every way possible especially by those who are already extremely bitter in their visceral hatred – including those who, in their state of stupidity and gregariousness, have manifested until recently towards Grieg in a fanatically-appreciative manner, but who now don’t notice that they went towards the other extreme and denigrate or ridicule him, in the pathetic “glory” of full anonymity, on various forums. However, we must fight back against such filthy and fierce attacks made against a genuine spiritual genius (and I say this with conviction, knowing very well the meaning of these words) because otherwise (if we lack the will and courage to utter the truth that involves exposing the lies) the smell of this garbage could generate, for those who are unable to go beyond appearances, the impression of triumph of the evil.
We end this analysis here by repeating the fact that, if in the smelly undergrounds of hatred, grudge and non value in which Grieg’s fierce detractors unfortunately live, the darkness of deviation and isolation from God rules, we can state in full conviction that Grieg always lives beyond all these, under the sign of the sublime, ecstatic and heavenly light of the immortal Divine Spirit.



February 2013

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