Behind a comfortable anonymity there actually hides hatred and resentment

by yoga teacher Nicolae Catrina

Some human beings produce evil just as bees produce honey.
William Golding

We said it once and we say it again: amongst the biggest nuisances of human life there is also arguing with strange, radical minds, which, in addition to their obvious lack of judgment, also “enjoy” the “gift” of bad faith.
Ion Luca Caragiale

The one who seeks only the stains of the Sun, searching within his perverse mind reasons to criticize, will always find something to criticize even in Paradise.
Gregorian Bivolaru

Many of them, because they are tormented by an unbearable marginality and irrelevance, finally get to unwillingly hypostasis themselves either as a caricature or as a grotesque image of all the miseries and childish lies that they themselves propagate. These individuals become, for the intelligent and the intuitive, some burlesque infantile characters, who fully express their inner confusion, collapse of values and aberrations (specific to Kali Yuga) of the world they live in and with which they fully identify. The new spiritual truths (many of them revolutionary) which have successively been revealed in the MISA school by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, proved to be for the vast majority of such tragic-comic characters, an unbearable pinch of salt on the wounds of their huge ego, wounds that will always remain unhealed and, moreover, are displayed by them with a huge impertinence (due to the spiritual blindness they live in, they cannot – unfortunately – realize any of these things). Therefore, such valueless people who prove to be resentful and endlessly obsessed with how to do more harm, discharge whenever possible a fetid stream of denigration, insinuations and slander against Grieg.

Where there is good, I can’t stay, where there is bad, here I come!

This group of actually pathetic and foolish characters was also joined by the former coordinator of our yoga classes in Italy, Catalin Virgil Calin who although should be familiar with the story of Pinocchio the liar, does not stop himself from lying with a lot of nerve. In his recent letter, which was supposedly meant to be “enlightening”, Calin Catalin tries to present to us with a hilarious clumsiness, an immaculate virginal aspect (which in reality is false in its nature) of his delicate hypostasis of a bitter enemy of this yoga school especially of its spiritual mentor, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. We need to mention that this is the abject way he expresses his “gratitude” towards the one who, from the beginning, has benevolently and altruistically provided everything he needed and helped him open an authentic yoga school in Italy.
One of Catalin Virgil Calin’s “amazing” lies is, firstly, his claim that “he had no interference” in the recent raids of the Italian police and gendarmerie both at the headquarters of some yoga courses in Italy as well as at the homes of some Italian yogis (who in reality were “guilty” only of practicing yoga!). Moreover, he asserts with the impertinence which characterizes him that “the MISA subject does not interest him.”
Before we start to reveal (point by point) that the reality is different, we ought to ask ourselves a basic question about the alleged non-involvement of Cătălin Calin in both these events and the “MISA subject”, choosing for the beginning a significant fact that doesn’t even need to be proved: if maestro Virgil is neutral and as he says “he is actually not at all interested in the MISA subject”, then how does he justify, among other things, his recent bitterness with which he tried to prevent Mr. Suryananda from participating in the Yoga International Congress organized by the MISA yoga school this year? Since Mr. Suryananda is a responsible adult and Catalin Calin is neither his father, nor the manager of his conscience or his bodyguard, why did he feel compelled to make such desperate efforts to scare Mr. Suryananda away from the event by saying that if he dared attend the yoga Congress in November 2012 he would suffer as a result?

After analyzing, with a basic attention and an elementary common sense, his action – which is actually foul – and at the same time significant for his moral profile, it is obvious for us that the completely “neutral” and “detached” Catalin Calin read extremely carefully on the MISA website ( everything concerning the yoga Congress. In this way he discovered who was going to participate, the conferences that were going to be held, etc., etc. On account of this evidence, we consider it necessary to formulate the following question again: if Virgil Catalin was so “detached” regarding MISA (as he falsely claims), then why did he so ardently seek to find out what was happening within MISA? Also we wonder why, as soon as he saw that Mr. Suryananda was going to participate on a certain date at the yoga Congress organized by the MISA school, he then picked up the phone and did everything he could to persuade and even scare Mr. Suryananda not to participate in that congress? All these show quite clearly that Catalin Calin was and actually still is very interested in MISA, but unfortunately for him, only in a negative sense: that of revenge, of Machiavellian intrigue and of resentment.

A sinner’s mouth speaks the truth

Even if in his pitiful “enlightening” letter, he himself wrote in black and white (due to the crass stupidity that characterizes him), that “he doesn’t revenge in this way”, however – as it is well said in folklore – “a sinner’s mouth speaks the truth” and his deeds full of Machiavellianism, hatred and malice abundantly prove that he is willing to revenge differently, in filthy and evil ways, like in this situation with Mr. Suryananda or in others, described below one by one in all their hideousness.
The “indifferent” Virgil Catalin lies in the same clumsy way when he says he wasn’t in any way involved in the evil action when “someone” placed an erotic DVD on each windshield of the cars belonging to Italian yogis whilst they were attending a conference in which Mihai Stoian presented the serious mistakes made by pseudo-master Catalin during his coordination of the yoga classes in Italy! It is obvious that il maestro Catalin believes, due to the naivety that characterizes him, that he communicates with some morons willing to swallow any stupidity, thinking that nobody will notice the elementary fact that no one else around Italy, other than him and his subordinates, would have had the slightest reason to do this (to place on the car windshield of each yogi who attended that meeting one erotic DVD as an infamous act of revenge for the public disclosure of “master” Virgil’s real mistakes). It is therefore quite clear to us all that he actually lies with such impertinence that he had nothing to do with this event, and even if (for understandable reasons: so that his students don’t see the dirty actions he lends himself to) he did not place those DVDs personally, it is obvious that they were placed there at his command or at least with his knowledge by naive students who remained loyal to him or by students he could control or manipulate with his cunningness and skill.
Another blatant lie that can be easily proved as untrue (exactly because of the inconsistency and confusion with which il maestro tries to hide the reality) is that he, Catalin, has never made any statements or accusations against our school of yoga in Italy, or that he had absolutely nothing to do with the (obviously abusive and unjust) investigation of the yoga courses there done by the Italian authorities. Here is how maestro Virgil stupidly contradicts himself even within the same paragraph: “Back then, as most of the newspapers in Italy wrote, I learned that there had already been several people, boys and girls, who had filed complaints due to the treatment they were subjected to in these branches of MISA”. In other words, il maestro Virgil wants to foolishly (but unsuccessfully) convince us that he found out about those complaints just like us, from the generous Italian press, which published stories about the raids on December 6th (as far as we all know very well, until December 6th, 2012 there were no reports in the Italian press about the existence of those complaints). Immediately after this, Virgil Catalin rushes to add: “I have absolutely nothing to do with what happened during those days, on the contrary, I can even tell you more, I was the first whose house, vehicles and headquarters of the yoga centre were searched this summer, in order to gather information for these investigations.”

Therefore, this is how il maestro Cătălin Călin finally admits stupidly that he actually had known about this investigation since summer because, as we all know, in any investigation the investigators are required to submit to the questioned person the reasons for the investigation.  In other words, at the time of his verification by the Italian authorities (although Catalin Calin’s claim that he was himself under investigation could be another lie that he tells us with his characteristic ability to victimize himself), they were thus obliged to reveal to him the possible complaints (if there were any!) that triggered the investigation in his case. So here is how il maestro Catalin Calin entangles himself in his own web of lies and thus gives himself away, showing that it was impossible for him to find out about those complaints only on December 6th , 2012 from the press, because he had clearly known about them since the summer of 2012. Moreover, he even implicitly admits that “he gave statements” to the police, because it is obvious for everyone that he couldn’t have been subjected to a search without having been asked to give a statement to the police! And we can easily imagine what lies, dazzling inventions and dirt (likely to save him) he provided, with an unrivaled solicitude, to the investigative authorities, since, at that time he was already fully “enraged” against the MISA yoga school in Romania and against yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru!

The pathetic story of Mahacutra Cecilia and the dwarves Pinocchio Catalin and Narcis Tarcau.

However you should know that this is not all: beyond all these basic issues that we have presented here and which are, as they say, a “no brainer”, we have recently found out from the lawyers of the yoga school in Italy that when they had the opportunity to study the case (as soon as they were allowed access to that folder), they also found there the aberrantly incriminating statements of Pinocchio – Catalin! In addition, a somewhat surprising and even crazy element for us is the involvement (which was also discovered during that file browsing) of “maha-cutra” Cecilia Tiz and of a former student from Romania named Roxana Chirila!
In this way it becomes possible to paint a more accurate picture, which is based on indisputable facts, regarding the whole situation. In fact, pseudo-master Virgil Catalin made (and we can be sure he will make more!) desperate efforts to fool us by telling us that in reality he had and has nothing to do with anyone and has never interfered with the recent incidents that took place at the yoga courses in Italy. Beyond the false appearances he blatantly contradicts himself and foolishly shows his “true colors”. In addition, by doing this, Virgil Catalin indirectly helps us easily discover that in fact he is full of a visceral hatred and exacerbated resentment both against the yoga school in Italy and against Grieg. All these obvious and undisputed facts allow us to discover that he actually acted and acts fiercely against MISA yoga school in order to do as much harm as possible. Although he accuses (and thereby covers himself in ridiculousness) that – as he says – someone performed “black magic” on him during the divinely integrated ritual of withdrawal – well deserved as we may say – of his spiritual investment, it is obvious for all of us that neither his health nor his financial condition have been affected (despite the so-called “black magic” he complains about and which in fact did not even exist, as everyone knows). Instead, he, poverino, is the one who in reality has already done and continues to do more harm to the yoga school. In this direction we mention briefly:
– His Machiavellian maneuver with the erotic DVDs placed exactly when he (Virgil Catalin) was being exposed to the students;
– His poisonous insistence aimed to scare Mr. Suryananda, trying to prevent him from participating in the International Yoga Congress in Bucharest;
– The despicable slander and demonization that he has tried and is trying to spread through the MISA yoga school;
– The fact that whenever the opportunity arises, he tirelessly writes to various yoga organizations to “inform” (meaning to slander and slush) on MISA yoga school;
– The fact that he formed a foul collusion with Narcis Tarcău against our yoga school etc.
All these fully prove an abjectly organized and almost continuous activity full of evil intentions and hatred from him.

Regarding Cătălin Călin’s association with Narcis Tarcău, we consider it necessary to mention that these so called “friends” did not form an allegiance because they had common ideals (in fact, between them there is currently no relationship or true and noble friendship) but they are in the same pack only because they hate together – not only the work of Gregorian Bivolaru but also him as a person. Therefore, they and others like them don’t do anything else but express every time (when they have the chance), in much the same manner and with the same constantly repeated pseudo-arguments, the haunting and stereotypical resentment and frustration against Grieg. Thus, what is and remains a defining element common to these resentful people is the promiscuous cohabitation in the same pestilent swamp of lying, stubbornness and alienation (which is bigger and bigger every year) from certain universal spiritual truths.
Given these issues, we are no longer surprised that almost every time they act like this, they do it in a pseudo-educated, arrogant, insinuating, manipulative and cunning way. Additionally, most often they use some sort of, I would say, cognitive mimicry because they lack a certain intelligence and often take dummy risks (though with much aplomb!) in explaining certain complex phenomena (including spiritual manifestations which obviously far exceed their power of understanding) with their poor intellectual available resources, or through the ridiculous fantasy they have built over time. Therefore, due to the deformed vision of these resentful people, appearances are taken for absolute truths, giddy projections and ridiculous simulacra often get to be considered more important than the original or, even more important, than reality.

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February 2013

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