PRO TV has to pass a professionalism exam for getting an interview with Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru

Mihai Stoian is the yoga instructors coordinator of NATHA YOGA CENTER in Denmark.  NATHA is a Yoga School counting more than 500 students. Mihai is also secretary of the International Yoga Federation and the organizer of the International Federation for Northern European countries. He traveled in all sorts of exotic places. He had the opportunity to personally discuss with Juri Lina, the author of incendiary books “Under the Sign of Scorpio” and “The Architects of Deception – The Secret History of Freemasonry”. Still, there is another aspect catching our attention: Mihai Stoian is currently the only person that can talk to Gregorian Bivolaru.


 These days you are the only person who can get in contact with Gregorian Bivolaru…

Mihai Stoian:

…, excepting prosecutors, policemen and, of course, his advocates.


Speaking about these advocates, Romanian media spread all kinds of gossips. Can you clarify these?

Mihai Stoian: Things are quite simple. When Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru has been retained by Interpol, he had to change his advocate with a criminal law advocate, according to Swedish law. We cannot bring in a verdict on the abilities of this advocate, since there has been made no decision in the Court so far, here in Sweden. But law provides the right to change the lawyer or hire more lawyers at the same time, if the actual one does not have a satisfactory contribution. We have already a second advocate, just in case we need another one.

Yogaesoteric: What do you mean by “there has been made no decision in Sweden”? We know there were periodical appearances to the Court in this case.
Mihai Stoian: There were just some formal terms. The case could not be judged for the Romanian authorities sent the extradition file in the last moment, just before the 40 days deadline run out, then it took 3 more weeks to translate the documents into Swedish. Thursday, the 2nd of June there basically was the first genuine appearance, asking for release of Gregorian Bivolaru.

Yogaesoteric: One more thing. Soon after Gregorian Bivolaru was retained on April 4, we were informed he could not be kept in custody by Police for more than 20 days. It’s been two months since…
Mihai Stoian: Yes, indeed, people have been talking about, but things are a little bit uncommon as concerns Gregorian Bivolaru. He is not virtually under arrest, if so the 20 days limit would have worked. Since he has been arrested under the request of Romanian authorities, he is under a completely different treatment. I would say his case is a juridical paradox. On one hand the Swedish authorities tend to credit Romanian authorities and therefore they take their file for granted; on the other hand there is the asylum file, which is a serious one. This double-faced case is not an ordinary one, because given these conditions the Swedish authorities are also obliged to protect Gregorian Bivolaru against Romanian authorities and keep him safe.

Yogaesoteric: What can you tell us about conditions Gregorian Bivolaru is held in?
Mihai Stoian: There’s no way to compare it to the detention regime in Romania: the conditions are quite good. Still he is somehow restricted to reach information and to communicate; he is being restrained at the Police Headquarters, so that is not quite an enviable situation.

Yogaesoteric: What chances does Gregorian Bivolaru have to get political asylum in Sweden?
Mihai Stoian: The Swedish lawyers who represent Mr. Bivolaru for his asylum request share the same opinion in this respect. They all said his file obviously is one of the best they have ever seen. They were rather surprised at our concern for this case and they said there’s no need to worry, for such persecutions absolutely cannot extend inside EU countries. Even in Romania these persecutions should immediately stop if Romania wants to join Europe and not be an isolated country.

Yogaesoteric: What is your own opinion about the scandal around Mr. Bivolaru and MISA?
Mihai Stoian: This scandal is a consequence of the reaction some people have regarding the innovative ideas Mr. Bivolaru is pleading. But he has always been highly optimistic. Anyone who meets him is more or less stricken by his optimism, and I am myself quite optimistic.  To all of us this scandal is a test of faith, of intelligence, patience and common sense. It is therefore a “sui-generis” exam for each of us to realize how much he succeeded in acquiring Mr. Bivolaru’s teachings. Mr. Bivolaru has often said that people should be steadily loyal to their moral standards and think with their own mind, feel with their own heart instead of getting trapped by appearances.

Yogaesoteric: Do you think these events could have been predicted?
Mihai Stoian: I know it for sure they had been predicted. I could say this scandal we are witnessing for more than a year is confirming the statements Gregorian Bivolaru had made during time. Even some of those statements seemed unacceptable and incredible, now these events can testify they were real.

Yogaesoteric: What statements do you refer to?
Mihai Stoian: Gregorian Bivolaru had repeatedly predicted these events quite precisely; that was long ago and also just before they occurred. He even mentioned that he would have to leave the country. Ha had often said that Romanian Justice is corrupted and there are high pressures in different trials and scandals and now you can even see these in the International media.

Yogaesoteric: Is this going to affect the credibility of “Bivolaru file” in front of Swedish Court?
Mihai Stoian: Sure it is, since Romania is sharply criticized for the problems in justice when it comes to it joining the EU. Remember that decision of giving political asylum or not is going to be a political decision and not a juridical one. And there is a strong criticism in Europe against corruption in the Romanian justice. Now again the statements Gregorian Bivolaru had made years ago proven to be prophetic, I may say and these are genuine revelations for those who could hardly see beyond the diluted appearances of Romanian justice.

Yogaesoteric: Do you think this is a framed-up scandal or it has a real ground?
Mihai Stoian:  I’m sure this scandal is completely framed-up and there is no real ground in this entire hazy conjuncture that authorities are trying to set up. In fact there are serious evidences in this respect, such as the well-known minutes of Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and some weird public declarations of some political leaders outspoken last year spring, which clearly shows this case had been politically controlled. That’s how all those involved in framing-up this case made a series of movements that points to an illogical track of events.

Yogaesoteric: What do you stand on in saying this?
Mihai Stoian: It’s basic logic. After they had been watching Mr. Bivolaru for ten years and intercepting his phone calls on grounds of attempt to national security, the prosecutors eventually confined to accuse him of relationship with a minor. This obviously shows fabrication in this case, this is they want to discredit him and they proceeded to false evidence. There is a confusing, irrational way in passing on from an accusation to another, having no evidence; there is a desperate pursuing of witnesses to accuse and they even investigated all the minor girls attending the yoga classes for that. This scandal is mainly promoted by media and has absolutely no real grounds.

Yogaesoteric: Please tell us about the relationship between NATHA and the Romanian Yoga School.
Mihai Stoian: We are permanently in contact with Romanian Yogis and we have a close relationship with the Romanian Yoga School. This is absolutely normal since we are involved in a particular yoga training, which the Romanian Yoga School and Danish Yoga School shares, just like Yoga Schools in other countries. In fact the basic source for these courses is Mr. Bivolaru’s method based on the traditional fundamental works of yoga. These days, due to these events in Sweden we are even in closer contact with our colleagues in Romania.

Yogaesoteric:  You have recently met Gregorian Bivolaru. What is his message to the Romanian yogis?
Mihai Stoian: Maybe we should wait for his own answers to the questions Yogaesoteric staff sent to him. We are soon going to get these written answers and you will be able to publish an exclusive interview with Gregorian Bivolaru.  For now, I still remind you his urge to bravely keep on denouncing the abuses that the Romanian Yoga School has been inflicted and also to stay together in a genuine spirit of brotherhood. Those who want to get in communion with Gregorian Bivolaru should try the meditation of telepathic communion with him, daily between 7pm – 8 pm. We hope Police will soon approve the interview that the Romanian Television Pro TV has insistently been asking for and which Grieg has already accepted. But he has put conditions on it: Pro TV must prove they know what journalism is and broadcast some fair and objective reports about MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. If he considers these informations are righteous, with no tendentious and hoaxing shade, he is going to give the interview. Tomorrow, on June 9 he is going to see the transcript and the minute description of the news broadcast today. It’s a professionalism test for Pro TV at stake. They have to pass this in order to get this interview. Never is it too late, I would say.

Yogaesoteric: How are these appointments going on?
Mihai Stoian: There are some very strict rules to obey like we must speak in English and the prosecutor and policemen must be present too. I can forward him English written documents, as for example these news we were speaking about. We cannot speak about certain subjects as for example the investigation going on in Romania regarding the yoga instructors accused of human trafficking.

Yogaesoteric: Which is the Western perception regarding these new persecutions Romanian yoga school is undergoing?
Mihai Stoian: I can say that persecutions Romanian Yoga School is undergoing are outrageous for the West and I must admit some people here can hardly believe this is still possible in Europe. Certainly, when we got in contact to some politicians and showed them the evidences they started to grasp the situation; otherwise, seen from distance, these persecutions simply verge the absurd. On the other hand, for people of law here in West this is a sort of funny: it is impossible to them these persecutions could bear any fruits given Romania is desperately striving to join the European Community. There are several members of the European Parliament that I could get in contact to and they absolutely assured me that these persecutions couldn’t go along with Romania’s challenge to join the EU. Romania must clearly demonstrate that corruption in justice had come to an end.

Yogaesoteric:  You told me about meeting Juri Lina, the author of the famous incendiary books against the masons. He is a refugee in Sweden, where he went just like Gregorian Bivolaru, in order to escape persecutions.
Mihai Stoian: Yes I had the opportunity to meet Juri Lina and talk to him particularly about the case of Gregorian Bivolaru and the forces involved in. This man succeeded in creating a trend in which people are now looking for truth where most of the others don’t even dare to have a look. I was delighted to find out Mr. Juri Lina shares the same opinions as Mr. Bivolaru regarding this lethargic state of the crowds, where people take with no reserve the most absurd and dreadful situations and don’t even take a minute to ruminate them. He openly speaks about the so-called trance of consensus phenomenon, which Mr. Bivolaru has also thoroughly referred to during his extended lecture on the beneficial state of trance. Yes, it’s true that Mr. Juri Lina is lately more and more threatened by different groups of pressure, unfortunately acting even in a country like Sweden. Nevertheless he is determined to keep on going; moreover he has gathered some considerable data during the last few years to undoubtfully prove (for the intelligent and common-sensed ones) that this genuine hydra of freemasonry currently taints even the power structures in the West. Therefore, there is another book about to issue: “The Soviet Republic of Absurdistan”, a book to disclose shocking real facts about the current situation in the Western countries.

To mention an interesting fact about this man that I personally was quite impressed with, I want you to know that despite his books are known and read by thousands of people (in a discreet manner, that’s true) he is managing by himself the retailing, for no distribution network dares deal with such books. He actually uses the Internet, but he is also going from door to door, and offers his books like a street seller. He takes a bag full of books and DVDs (he also made a documentary about the secret societies) and he talks to people who are interested in and then he offers them those books to buy. When I asked him why he is doing this he said he couldn’t desert his friends who are doing the same. And he is doing this for hours, everyday!

Yogaesoteric: I know you have a lot of acquaintances and connections to various yoga schools and to the International Yoga Federation. How are they looking at these events?
Mihai Stoian: Among international yoga schools the sympathy toward Romanian Yoga School is increasing day by day and they show unconditioned support to MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. Since years they could see the results of Romanian Yoga School are invaluable; that’s why both MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru are well appreciated by the international yogi community.

Yogaesoteric: What is your final message to your yoga fellows in Romania?
Mihai Stoian: I want to tell them to stay optimistic and keep their sense of humor in dealing with all these situations. God cannot allow innocent people to be endless attacked and misjudged for believing in good ideas, in spiritual principles, disparaged as real murderers. As far as we know here it seems obviously to us that those dark forces had planned to destroy the Romanian Yoga School, mainly aiming to wipe out people’s unity and faith.  People are pushed to lessen their confidence one in another, in their ethics and in the spiritual principles. It is quite important yet for each of them to realize that if we stay together in fighting this disparagement, if we are steady and obstinate against this manipulation, we are going to bring these unpleasant situations to an end as soon as possible. Those who have attempted to destroy the Romanian Yoga School will be soon disclosed in the open.

I want to tell my fellows they are not alone and lots of people here in West show agreement and admiration to the way the Romanian yogis have been resisting for 15 years to the violence of some people who lack any morals. I can tell them there are persons here who voice that MISA is the only organization strong enough to resist these attacks for such a long time. That’s why I want people remember that there are plenty of eyes watching them with love and admiration and that the outside support is increasing, even at higher levels of power. I think this is one reason to increase their self-confidence and let people realize that what the Romanian yogis are doing these days can stand for a great beginning in the new spiritual regeneration in the whole world.

Interview realized for Yogaesoteric by Catalin Dobrescu

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