Profound spiritual effects

The person who practices the Art of Blessing:

      1. Gradually reaches a level of child-like simplicity and purity. This entails the elimination of everything that is useless, meaningless in our life; gaining instead the richness of a deified life.

      2. Experiences the complete joy of life, an amplification of the ability to what is right, and appreciates simple pleasures such as being able to enjoy a state of relaxation, a flower, a smile, and other delights.

      3. Becomes full of compassion towards all beings, experiences a state of cohesion with the others, without dispair, rancor, competition, nor hatred. Becomes a messenger of God for others.

      4. Is full of understanding and goodwill towards others. Understands that we do not have the right to impose anything on anybody, as everyone is unique. This creates a mysterious connection with people that is perceived through empathy.

      5. Purifies all his intentions. Intuitively feels that every goal hides within itself the real goal, on which it is based. At one point he realizes that this fact can no longer be disguised, as he would only cheat himself. Thus he can succeed in changing his destiny by transcending his karma.

      6. Becomes a totally optimistic person who views life in a completly transfiguring way. Always has the resources to appreciate and to develop life in a beneficial manner, and be full of confidence.

      7. Becomes a generous force able to devote himself to a divine ideal. Is able to better recognize the Divine Energy in order to transmit it to others, develops his ability of relay.

      8. Becomes completely free of prejudiced, dogmatic and rigid conceptions. Is able to know himself more, and to have greater awareness of both situations and people. Is mindful that any harm caused to a being is in defiance of God’s laws and will not remain unnoticed.

      9. Observes, understands and respects spontaneously the laws of nature; contemplates everything with attention and obeys these Divine Laws.

    10. Obtains a perfect sense of justice. How can one explain the instinct for justice without God? The one who practices the Art of Blessing gains intuition of God’s justice.

    11. Understands all beings, especially the opposite sex, in a more intuitive manner. For instance, when someone disturbs us, we should go deep inside ourselves and recall this sensation from another time, since “I am human and nothing human is foreign to me”. Understands we have already experienced everything.

    12. Gradually learns to fairly distinguish the spiritual level of a human being:

            a. First group (primary): wants to satisfy sensual pleasures;
b. Second group: believes in the existence of a mysterious superior entity;
c. Third group: discovers that there is a strong connection between God and consciousness;
d. Fourth group: seeks to understand how God manifests;
e. Fifth group: has reached a refined spiritual sensitivity;
f. Sixth group: becomes a relay between God and Creation.

By performing the Art of Blessing everyday, we can much better understand people. Thus we’ll clarify how we can help them.

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