The Effects of Blessing

The Art of Blessing leads to:

  • the manifestation of Divine Energy through us. This connects us to eternity, the Almighty, the sacred, divine ecstasy, spiritual freedom, the Father’s Kingdom, the mysteries of the divine play, pure and overwhelming love, spiritual intuition of the existence of God;
  • the opening towards the state of holiness;
  • the belief in miracles;
  • an understanding of the ultimate mysteries of existence, of the living essence, of the highest of all religions: God-ism. The Blessing is a manifestation of dialogue with God and of our need for God: our frantic necessity for God is very pleasant to Him and represents our first step towards a complete religion, without intermediaries;
  • the opening towards a plenary spiritual life;
  • divine wisdom;
  • miraculous healing;
  • the awakening of the soul;
  • the revealing of the Immortal Self, Atman – a spark of God The Father;
  • the amplification of the beneficial “psi” field;
  • the amplification of the state of ecstasy, and due to effervescent devotional experiences reaching as far as the state of samadhi;
  • reaching the state of silence;
  • being capable of levitation, premonition, coping with hyperthermia, in-combustibility;
  • the induction of some beneficial states upon people near us and of harmonizing energies upon the objects surrounding us;
  • the possibility of travel in time and space and also in the superior astral worlds;
  • the appearance of beneficial paranormal powers;
  • expansion of the horizon of knowledge, the capacity to use psychic abilities in order to understand  concepts;
  • transformation in invulnerable spheres, i.e. any action of aggression will not cause traumatizing responses;
  • the appearance of certain high spiritual states;
  • the experience of certain deification states in meditation;
  • relaxation, stillness of mind;
  • receptivity at the prithivi level through the appearance of pleasant smells (incense, floral, exotic scents) – the same thing happening at the level of other elements;
  • the appearance of certain spontaneous mystical states;
  • intuitions, premonitions, ecstasy;
  • apparition of some healing states at energetic level, triggering of some processes of recovery of the bio-energetic potential;
  • mysterious alchemic transformations even at the physical level;
  • the appearance of lucid dreams;
  • the acceleration of spiritual evolution.
  • beneficial states of trance;
  • the facilitation of accelerated biological transmutation processes of the sexual potential;
  • paranormal healing;
  • manifestation of countless synchronicity phenomena

All these effects appear for the one who perseveringly practices the Art of Blessing, because we must not forget, even for a single moment, that the one who realizes the Art of Blessing for other human beings is blessed in his or her turn, because all the divine energy is circulated through his or her being. The effects also gradually appear for the persons who are blessed. Another new effect is also the (sometimes miraculous) harmonization of interpersonal relationships (with the beings we are blessing).

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