Reptilian Propaganda on the Streets of Bucharest

by Mihaela Gheorghiu


Recently Bucharest has been invaded by a lot of advertisements, in which two hideous monsters appear, wearing some sort of astronaut’s costume. They are photographed in front of the Romanian Athenaeum holding a banner that reads: “We want to help. We are here to listen to your problems”. It is no accident these posters are found in the areas most frequented by large numbers of people: in bus stops, in tube stations, in the University neighbourhoods, in the squares and boulevards of central Bucharest. Passengers stop by and read in surprise the striking slogan on the poster: “Mankind has need of THEM”. Then they keep going without understanding anything. An old woman crosses herself, scared at the hideous things. A group of noisy youngsters shout out: “Cool! It’s about aliens!” But how many of those who see it grasp its significance? 

Mankind does NOT need “THEM”!

The bottom corner of the poster reads “Proof that they helped the Earth – daily on Discovery Channel. Watch the TV programs about them”. Are we talking about an advert for a series of TV programs about the aliens? Or is it in fact an advert just about the “reptilian” aliens? Somebody is trying very hard to convince people that aliens like those in the poster help mankind to evolve. Where? It can be seen all around. Because of their “help” all that is good, beautiful, harmonious, spiritual on this planet is permanently threatened by wars, violence, murders, drugs, terror, manipulation and lies. Because of them, human beings’, who by their nature aspire to evolve spiritually are continuously disturbed and prevented by all horrors to advance in this way. Instead, they are offered all sorts of temptations and karma traps, alongside technological “prostheses” which even now threaten the Earth’s equilibrium.

Behind this campaign displayed under the guise of an innocent TV game hides a program sensitising people to easily accept the idea that REPTILIANS are some good and extremely useful extraterrestrials. The campaign is not only just in Romania, but also in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland.

“Humans need help” is the pretext under which, contend the program creators, to record some songs performed by four “extraterrestrial stars”. The audience is invited – literally – to turn their friends into extraterrestrials, with the reason that all humans could be extraterrestrials. Their names and appearance are as plain as can be: Salamander Clive and Pyrhus Turtle Heart (photo), they are nothing but REPTILIANS. Researchers in the field do know that these together with the Little Grey are one of the most evil species of aliens, which for many thousands of years have tried to control mankind and prevent their spiritual evolution.

Their main belief, that humans are inferior, is what this campaign is based on. Observe, for example in the adjoining image, in what posture the man is compared to the extraterrestrial. The man is deliberately shown as being passive, perplexed and stupid compared to the reptilian in the foreground who wears about the neck in place of jewellery a globe of Planet Earth. Furthermore, on the site associated with this campaign visitors are literally urged to turn their friends into extraterrestrials!

In their brash superiority, the REPTILIANS do not question at all the spiritual crisis in which humanity finds itself now, because this spiritual crisis is their own work: “The biological evolution and the technical progress of humankind threaten stagnation. […] The latest attempt to help the human race reunites the pop stars of the Galaxy, who recorded a single and video clip, stressing the difficult technological situation in which the human race finds itself. The pop stars of the Galaxy reunite to perform a concert in attract the public’s attention on the precarious state of the Earth and help us back on the road to technological perfection”.

“THEY” are man’s biggest enemies!

In the past few years, the amount of books, studies, documentaries and declarations of people that have encountered reptilians has greatly increased. There are thousands of such cases, strikingly although from different corners of the world. Until now, Reptilians have acted from the shadows. Now many more people are convinced about their existence and know their deeds and methods. In Romania, they even founded a National Anti-Reptilian Board in June 2006. In order to defend themselves against so many disclosures, the reptilians now call on other methods of manipulation. They try to mask the suffocating it in great lies attempting to create them a favourable image. An old popular saying tells that, to deceive, the devil wants to seem to be an angel. The multitude of alien movies in recent times plays a part in this step. You will better understand this if you ask a kindergarten child to draw an extraterrestrial. The child will immediately draw a face similar to ET, the character from the movie of the same name, made after the prototype Little Grey and then will tell you how nice and cute extraterrestrials are. Movies like this or Alien, Star Wars, Independence Day, Mario Brothers or the multitude of cartoons about The Flintstones and their nice dinosaur, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider Man or Batman shape from childhood people’s mind since childhood so that they become responsive to the reptilian influence.

The adjoining image below shows an advert for a computer game made in Japan, an advert in which people carry on their back a reptile. The image is not far from the most hidden dreams of the reptilians. Those, which in the past were known as demons devouring children, today became cartoons characters “loved” by children. This difference of perception should make us think. Reptilians didn’t wait in vain and they worked hard to convince people that “THEY” are helpful and have good intentions.

Many clairvoyants are able to perceive the real face of these reptilians and explain how it is possible they are able to create a human appearance when amongst us. This is the very reason why reptilians do all that is possible that mankind do not develop the inner spiritual abilities, for example clairvoyance. Imagine how it would be if all people from childhood were able to perceive the hideous subtle shape of the reptilians. It would be impossible for them to hide and nobody could be trapped anymore.

More and more people tell how, in front of their eyes, beings which they believed human took the appearance of a reptile in moments of fury. David Icke tells about a case in the USA: “On July 20th 1988, several people from Bishopville, South Carolina were terrorised by a lizard man without hair, eyebrows and lips. He had three fingers on each hand and big, red protruding eyes. They wrote five articles about this lizard man which appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Herald Examiner”. Another case is the one of some television presenters who whilst interviewing some important politician they both saw his face change into one of a reptilian and then back to the form of a human. There exist many more reports of this type.

If we add all the pages in the history of the Earth which talk about dragons, snakes, monsters that terrorized the lands and demanded human sacrifices, we understand that the existence of the reptilians is a very old problem. The ancient texts and the Sumerian, Egyptian, Indian and Mayas inscriptions write or even picture such evil beings. They have a striking similarity with the reports of modern witnesses. In a fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls it talks about “Belial, the Dark Prince or King of evil who has a terrifying appearance with a face like a viper”.

Researchers of the phenomenon such as Dr Arthur David Horn, the bio-astrophysician Fred Hoyle, the British writer David Icke, Credo Mutwa, all talk about beings with skins of reptiles and cold blood, with big protruding eyes often having a vertically positioned pupil, with flattened nose and mouth without lips, hands with four or six fingers covered with scales and a tail how we find described in demon folklore. Reptilians are described as being very advanced from the technological point of view and having a sharp mind, yet they are very cruel and violent, lacking love and compassion. They are fed with low energies and they very much like human blood, especially if imbued with hormones secreted during states of terror, fear, pain and suffering. Human customs like hunting or eating the flesh of animals raised in order to be eaten are borrowed from such reptilians. They taught people treat to animals in the way they treat people. To them human beings are something inferior, meant to feed them, to satisfy their lower lusts and serve them.

That is why to say that humankind needs them is like saying that a healthy body needs cancer cells. Reptilians are in reality some parasitic beings fighting with all possible means to maintain “the hosts” in a state of passivity and ignorance. That is why they try to support lower states such as fear, fury, hatred, envy, guilt, ignorance, pleasures and lower attachments. The more people seek to enter in resonance with harmonious, beneficial, elevated states, to manifest love, compassion, happiness, such lower entities will no longer find a focus of resonance on Earth and all disasters and sorrows which they brought will disappear with them.


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25 November 2006

Also available in: Română Français

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