Resonance and the Yoga Practice

In  the Yoga practice all techniques are based upon the principle of Resonance.

Taking into account the multitude of  frequencies that exist in the universe, (Macrocosmos) the question arises: How many of these frequencies can we perceive? Obviously with our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) we can only perceive a very limited spectrum of frequencies. Outside of this spectrum, awareness of other frequencies is possible only by extending the limits of  the senses; by increasing the so-called paranormal abilities of preception (intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy etc.).

Another means is to use the feature of a frequency to generate superior harmonics. Any integral multiple of a frequency is a superior harmonic of that same frequency, according to the laws of physics.
Consequently, a person resonating on a certain frequency will in time generate superior harmonics (which theoretically can tend to infinity). Thus this person will come into resonance with the highest frequencies existing in the Universe.

For example, when a certain body posture  (an asana), is correctly performed, the person resonates with a specific beneficial energy. By tuning oneself to this specific vibration, one can take advantage of that type of energy. In the same way, during pranayama and meditation the yogi can “load” and consciously modulate that particular force.
From a physical point of view specific diminishings of the superior harmonics exist. This is correlated to the distance and original source, and realistically, the amplitude would tend to zero with these harmonics. However experiments prove that regarding subtle waves (like those of the mind) no diminishing takes place correlated to the distance or propagation medium.

Therefore resonance is the secret key in the explanation for all paranormal phenomena and extraordinary experiences in Yoga.

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