Sample of legal notice that can be used by those who choose to exercise their right to refuse the experimental anti-Covid serum

Today there is more and more talk about conditioning certain categories of people to receive the experimental serum called the anti-Covid “vaccine” in order to be allowed to exercise their profession.

There has been talk of compulsory vaccination of teachers, medical staff or employees in the food service industry, for exemple. How can those who find themselves in a situation where their employer or another authority forces them or others to inject with the anti-Covid vaccine, legally refuse the vaccination?

The American Professor Francis Anthony Boyle, a human rights lawyer and professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, has created a legal notice that can be used by anyone who chooses to exercise their right to refuse to receive or administer the “Covid-19 experimental gene therapy injection” which is called the “Covid-19 vaccine”.

The notice was formulated for USA, but with specific adaptations it is valid for any other country, as its author itself states.

The professor mainly invokes the authority of the Nuremberg Code on medical experiments, arguing that any violation of this international code is classified as a crime against humanity. Forcing people to receive experimental treatment also violates other international conventions, such as the Oviedo Convention or the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The US citizens are encouraged to send such a notification to those who want to vaccinate them or who are pressuring them to get vaccinated (as well as a copy of this notification to the nearest police station or prosecutor’s office), in order to prevent the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from fully approving the so-called Covid-19 vaccines based on messenger RNA. The same applies to Europe, where the corresponding authority is the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Here is the sample of legal notice based on Professor Boyle’s recommendation for USA. This notice can be downloaded in pdf format here.


TO: ____________________________ DATE: ____________________________

Pursuant to the provisions of the Oviedo European Convention of April 4, 1997 for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine, the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experiments and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, I exercise my right to refuse to receive or administer the injection of experimental gene therapy which is known as the “Covid-19 vaccine”.

The serious violations of the above-mentioned provisions, in particular of the rules adopted by the Nuremberg Code on medical experiments, are classified as crimes against humanity, punishable under the Romanian Penal Code with life imprisonment or 15 to 25 years’ imprisonment. It should be recalled that in the recent history of humanity, both the perpetrators of the crimes described in the Nuremberg Code but also their accomplices have been tried, convicted and in some cases even executed.

I hereby expressly notify you that any action you take to coerce, intimidate, persuade, mislead, or compel me to receive against my will any experimental gene therapy injection (Covid-19 vaccine) or any other medical device, drug, or procedure implies that you are aiding or abetting crimes against humanity. If you commit such an action, I will file a criminal complaint against you at the nearest police station or prosecutor’s office. I have not entered into any agreement with you in any way regarding any medical procedure and I expressly reject any contractual relationship with you.

Addressed to: _____________________________ (name of person to whom we are sending the notification) BY PERSONAL HANDING

Badge number ______________________ (medical or police, if applicable) from _________________________________ (agency, medical facility or hospital)

On this _______ day of the year 20___ in: _____________________________ (place) at ____:______ AM/PM by: __________________________________ (Plaintiff/Yourself)

*** Please complete the empty sections and hand deliver this NOTICE to the individual seeking to cause the injection and take a picture of both this completed NOTICE and the person you delivered it to and file a copy of this completed notice with your nearest Law Enforcement office, County Registrar, County Court and your legal counsel.

Professor Francis Boyle, an expert in international law, has extensive experience as a lawyer, including working for the international organization Amnesty International, has been an advisor to Bosnia and Herzegovina and has advocated for the rights of Palestinians and indigenous peoples.


July 1, 2021


Also available in: Română

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