Sexuality-An Art of Alchemy

Sexuality can never be described as “ethical”; it is in itself “non-ethical”. To codify the sexual appetite, to place it under specific norms, is useless and reveals a complete lack of knowledge regarding the tremendous possibilities it has for generating subtle energy. In reality it is a veritable alchemic phenomena. There is nothing and nobody to judge nor analyze this. It only consists in purely understanding it for oneself. Thus it is necessary to realize the nature of our desires and passions through experiment. The approach to our sexuality represents a veritable art. This art implies a total awareness of the physiological impulses in making love. It also implies a conscious perception of the subtle processes that give birth to desire and lead us to the summits of ecstatic pleasure.

The Tantric and Taoist traditions hide veritable treasuries concerning the alchemic nature of human sexuality. Starting from this point, we have to first learn to perceive and feel what we want to understand regarding transpersonal sexuality. Learning to perceive and to feel “ what it is”, is a path to total achievement in love fusion, and in our entire life, in fact. It excludes unsubstantial pleasure. Hence to deeply understanding the alchemy of “ vibratory energies” we have to live through a variety of psychosomatic and spiritual phenomena to discover their intimate processes.

When desire is perceived in its subtle, energetic, matrix manifestation, there is a metamorphosis of sexual attraction that until now was strictly placed only at the organic level. Pleasure seeking is manifested then by the sensual pleasures of love that originates beyond personality (emotions, feelings), sometimes even independently. Physical love can be considered a veritable art only when there is an authentic feeling of love between the two lovers. If the two lovers can experience this love, and the joy of the other, they can then “fall” into a dualistic relationship regarding body identification. These lovers may completely experience this pleasure which can become a springboard to a superior state of consciousness. Basic sexual desire often come before coition. If this is the only emotion, and it does not progress from a lower organic level to a more subtle emotional level, than there is no genuine alchemy. The alchemy of love fusion implies a profound knowledge of the sexuality of oneself, a total control over the sexual energy and the existence of a pure and free love.

“The fire of passion” is beyond all sensual pleasures of Eternity.

The physical forms of desire determine sexual taste and attraction. Profound aspiration of this desire is purely the drive to achieve the state of complete union. From a superior point of view, sexual congress is not the simple satisfaction of a physical carnal desire. It is in fact, the inner aspiration to fulfill the alchemic opera that unifies the Male, Solar principle with the Female, Lunar principle in order to arrive at the perfection of the being.
This is a new vision of sexuality that may shock people. “Can making love help the person to reach that perfect state of salvation that many mystics have spoken of?” The answer is simple and very real: YES.

The desire of love, the will for being attractive and the effort in bringing joy to the other come from the inner aspiration of the human being to fuse with itself in universal beatitude. “The fire of passion” that is said to occur in two lovers is in fact the voluptuousness of eternity. The orgasm is so sought and desired not only because it is an extremely pleasant and intense sensation, but because it draws us out of time and offers the opportunity to perceive the taste of eternity. Knowing all this, an aware and spiritual person can reach the summit of spiritual life, the summits that others reach only through prayer and meditation. This achievement implies experiencing love fusion with full transfiguration and spiritual emotion.

Therefore orgasm does not exclusively belong to pleasure. It is trans-substantial and essentially it belongs to the immaterial spiritual nature within us all.


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