Transpersonal Sexuality

This is an area which explores a rather different approach to the common notions regarding sexuality. It permits us to speak of a new dimension in the study of sexuality. Tantra and other exceptional mystic paths experiment with the area of Transpersonal Sexuality.

Without an introduction, adequate training, esoteric knowledge of sexual fusion, nor the benefit of specific initiations, man usually identifies himself with the basic “need” to ejaculate when making love. We speak here about basic instincts, that is the animal instincts latent within man, without any psychological deviation. Both men and women can interrupt and overcome these physiological processes of animal instinct. This is achieved through spiritual awareness, using imagination and thought which allow resonance with the sublime energies of the universe, which can then direct man”s actions.

The greatest difficulty at the beginning is how to approach and comprehend the apparent contradiction: the impulse and the intention. It is perhaps the question of:  “How can my body want and not want something at the same time?”

In the example of man: the intense desire to ejaculate (the impulse) appears, but something stops it so as to maintain and extend the proper course for sexual continence (the intention). On one hand, the wish to block ejaculation can actually weaken the goal of increasing the depth and degree of sensual pleasure. On the other hand the instinctive animal desire to ejaculate would cause great loss of physical and seminal energy. Thus we are facing a dilemma. How can this be resolved?

Tantra and Taoism propose an exceptional method for achieving this sexual continence (brahmacharya). Through sexual continence (seminal retention), the tension between the impulse to ejaculate and the intention to retain semen disappear. This is through an alchemic process where the initiated lovers become aware; the contradicting desires are replaced with the aspiration to maintain sexual congress and the sense of unification granted by this love fusion practiced with transfiguration. The alchemic transformation of the material  into energy, of the gross into subtle, of inferior desire into sublime aspiration occurs in this situation. Hence ejaculation is directly correlated only with procreation, with God’s creative energy. It is only permitted when the tantric lovers wish to procreate.

By halting ejaculation, a contrary subtle phenomenon of interiorized energy is produced. When ejaculation occurs, we are confronted with exteriorized energy. The retained seminal emission becomes an effervescent accumulation of energy, an accumulation that is the result of what can be extraordinary long sessions of love making. Hence this allows sublime ecstatic states to appear as the Tantric texts have described. This is the exact domain of the scholarly field of Transpersonal Sexuality.

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