Some of the Romanian authorities records in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru

An article by Maria Nicola

Gregorian Bivolaru is the first Romanian citizen to be given a warrant for his arrest, and then worldwide searched by the Interpol for an alleged crime of sexual intercourse with minor. A minor who was about to turn 18 and who denies the alleged relationship, therefore there can be no evidence for it.

In the case of Gregorian Bivolaru, at the sham appearance on March 29, the verdict found by judges was reported on TV 2 hours before it was sentenced!!

Since the charges of sexual intercourse with minor proved rather weak, the authorities try to frame something else…Gregorian Bivolaru has allegedly performed sexual intercourse in front of minors!

Although Gregorian Bivolaru is not searched by police nor confined to the border by March 2004, (neither was he charged with any accusation and no proceedings had been taken against him), the authorities asked the press agencies to broadcast news on Gregorian Bivolaru as being searched by Police and confined to the border!

Although he had not been searched by the Police, he had a valid passport on him and he had not been confined to the border Gregorian Bivolaru was restrained for illegal crossing of border, whereas he was as free as a bird to do that.

Assuming the offense of “illegal crossing of the border”, they shouldn’t have restrained Gregorian Bivolaru not even for 24 hours, for no custody is provided for such a verdict. Nevertheless, Gregorian Bivolaru is fettered and brought to Bucharest the very next day, as the prosecution was diligently working on a file to frame him up.

There are two huge files, counting thousands of pages that barely stand on seven witnesses of prosecution and no plain evidence, though Gregorian Bivolaru and many other yogis had been under surveillance for 15 years! Although there are hundreds of statements to witness the prosecution abuses, nobody gives a brass on them. Although he had been continuously supervised by the Romanian intelligence and suspected of “national security” attempt, Gregorian Bivolaru is then charged with some completely different accusations!

It’s for the first time in Romania to see the trafficking in human beings is not applied in prostitution! A shocking thing: the prosecutors state that Gregorian Bivolaru has never taken any advantage from those he is stupidly assumed to have exploited by trafficking… he is assumed to have made money by means of the fines inflicted to people breaking the regulation in the spiritual establishments!

Now that he is in custody of the Malmo Police, Gregorian Bivolaru is given another warrant, no matter there already is a warrant for his arrest, which absolutely defies the Romanian legislation!

August 10, 2005

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