Spring Diet: Fruit and vegetables juices – a great source of raw food

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of our daily diet. They are valuable both for the healthy people, ensuring their energy and vitality, as well as for the sick persons, whom it can help, in addition to the energy intake, to improve and even cure their diseases. Their use as such, doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of calories due to the large amount of energy spent in their digestion and assimilation, a process that takes 3 to 4 hours. Juices are recommended because the vital part of the fruits and vegetables are in their sap which we obtain it as a juice, and in the same time, the raw fruit and vegetable juice is assimilated in about 10 – 15 minutes and used almost entirely for the nourishment and regeneration of tissues, with a minimal effort on the part of the digestive system.
Thus the fruit juices are real purifiers for the human body. The fruits used must be ripe and should not be consumed together with starchy foods (bread, pasta, sweets). If are chosen sufficiently varied fruits, they can give the body all the sugars it needs. Vegetable juices are regenerating and improve metabolism. These juices contain all the amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes and vitamins necessary, provided that they are fresh, raw, without preservatives and are properly extracted from the vegetables.
Gall and kidney stones are the natural result of the consumption of meat, concentrate starch and sugars which make the body unable to eliminate the inorganic calcium deposits. Calcium is a vital element, but useful solely dissolved in water, the only form recognized and used by the body, found as such in fresh fruit and vegetable juices; in this form it passes through the liver and is completely absorbed in the body. Inorganic calcium, insoluble in water, it is eliminated through the kidneys and gall bladder and it can produce sand or stones in these organs or even deposits in the area of the anus, causing hemorrhoids.
Fruit and vegetable juices should not be considered concentrated foods or drugs; they are among the least concentrated, and yet, the most nutritious foods. A great influence on the quality of juices it has the manner through which they were obtained. Thus it’s good to be extracted as complete as possible in the moment you decide you’ll drink them. If there is an incomplete extraction, the juices will contain organic vital water, but they will have a low quality due to the lack of vitamins and enzymes. Also, turning the vegetables into a mush from which it was not removed the cellulose it’s not recommended, because juices are healthy as they allow the body to absorb all the vital elements without burdening the digestive system.
Regarding the amount of juice required, generally half a liter per day is the minimum to have discernible effects, but you can drink even more (1 to 4 liters daily), according to the specific of one’s organism, but without exaggeration.

In long-term cures it is useful to take into account the following aspects:
1. In the natural regeneration process of the body, the cleansing action of the vegetable juices can sometimes be accompanied by a period of discomfort or pain.
2. After a period of treatment sometimes it can appear a yellow or brown coloration of the skin, indicating an evacuation of bile waste in quantities greater than it can be removed by the organs having this function. After a time, the coloration will naturally disappear.
3. Of great importance is maintaining a clean and good state of hygiene of the equipment used to prepare the juices.
Cures with fruits and vegetables juices
To take advantage of the huge benefits of these extraordinary methods of purifying and strengthening the entire body, we must first procure a very good centrifuge, which will spare us from unnecessary efforts and, in addition, have a very good efficiency. One important thing to remember is that extracting the juice of fruits and vegetables should always be done at room temperature. It is also important to remember that if we decide to leave the fruits and vegetables to get to the room temperature in case they were kept in a refrigerator, under no circumstances we will not let them dip in water as this is how they will lose most of the mineral salts which will dissolve then in that water. It is understood that before extracting the juice using the centrifuge, we’ll carefully wash the fruits and vegetables (which should be as fresh as possible and of good quality).
The resulting juice we’ll drink it on the spot or in a very short time, because most of its specific properties are lost if we let the juice sit in the bottle for a few days (this is the reason why a treatment with mineral waters for example, is always the most efficient when is done on the spot where the resorts are built and not sitting at home and drinking water from the same source, but bottled in the factory). In fact, it’s good to remember that after the cure itself, being purified and somewhat more aware from a subtle point of view, we can directly find the enormous gap that exists between canned fruit and vegetables and those eaten fresh.
We can choose our juice cure by our own needs. It’s good if, even occasionally, we can turn our weekends in genuine periods for “re-shaping” ourselves in the 2-3 days of rest, taking full advantage of the wonderful virtues of fruits and vegetables of each season. Here’s an example of a fruits and vegetables cure that can be done for a period of 2-3 days (it is very important that in these 2-3 consecutive days of treatment to keep a single cure, or in other words, it is good to drink juices made from the same components or mixtures of vegetables):
– in the morning: one or two raw fruits;
– at noon: we drink a juice at the beginning of the meal, and then we eat a raw fruit;
– in the evening: same as at noon, we drink a juice at the beginning of the meal, and then we eat a raw fruit.
This procedure will allow us to eliminate in only 2-3 days a large amount of toxins from the body. Thanks to this, we will feel lighter and brighter!
We can do 10 days cures as follows:

The first three days:
– in the morning: we’ll drink the juice of a fruit and we’ll eat one or two raw fruits (it is preferable to consume a single variety of fruits, e.g. apples).
– at noon, half an hour before meals, we’ll use a mixture of herbs for purifying and stimulating the liver, which we’ll grind very finely until they turn into a very fine powder, then we’ll mix them well and after we’ll slightly damp the resulting mixture, we’ll keep it under the tongue, where it will remain for 15 minutes. Finally, the mixture of the plants kept under the tongue will be swallowed with water. We can choose plants according to the possibilities of the moment, for example, artichoke (leaves), common agrimony (agrimonia eupatoria – flowers), rose hips (leaves), licorice (root), rosemary (leaves), dandelion (root ), lady’s bedstraw (galium verum – flowering tips), marigold (flowers), and so on , or just some of them. We will then drink the juice of a fruit and eat one or two raw fruits. We then may continue with salads and raw vegetables, prepared separately or mixed with natural spices and seasoned depending on our taste.
– in the evening: the same indications as for lunch.
– before going to bed: we’ll drink a cold soak made from a combination of herbs with laxative and blood depurative effects, such as Borage (leaves), senna (small leaves), cryptogamic pond plant , thyme, licorice, yarrow, soapwort, madder (root), buckthorn (bark) etc., (or only a part of them, the ones we find), grinded very fine and mixed to proceed as described above.
After these 3 days of purification:
– we continue to feed ourselves in the same manner, but moderately introducing at lunch and dinner cereals, cheese, yogurt, and eggs (yolk only).
After 10 days, like a well-watered plant, our body will restore its full forces, and will completely regenerate its vital energy. Thus it will be eliminated equally the disgraceful acne from the face and body as well as skin violent reactions at first exposure to the sun. We’ll also found that digestion and assimilation will be very well stimulated.
Blending more of these fruits and vegetables juices, we can get what is called a “health-giving cocktail”. Such clever cocktail combines all effects with active elements and beneficial characteristic of each juice separately. Such cocktails contain also vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D, E, PP, U, and so on), calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, manganese, silicon, iodine, arsenic, bromine, chlorine, copper, zinc, aluminum, sulfur, saltpeter, pectin, papain, emulsine, chlorophyll, essential oils etc. Here it is worthy to note the presence of rubidium, an important radioactive element that effectively protects our body against most serious infections.
The cures with fruits and vegetables juices can be used in all seasons, according to the specific of each individual. In the spring, however, a fact known in Ayurvedic tradition and not only, the energies of life fully manifests, everything comes to life and the human being can easily benefit from all these energies, using them for both full regeneration and purification. Making cures of fruits and vegetables influences the physical body as well as the subtle sheaths of being, thus greatly enhancing the sensations and perceptions, improving the understanding, the discrimination, the intelligence, increasing tonus, dynamism, liveliness and the joy of living.


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May 12, 2014

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