Steve Bannon on Infowars: ‘They can’t stop the great awakening’

Steve Bannon joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the future of humanity if they keep fighting back against the globalist Great Reset collapse.

Steve Bannon

Bannon praises Jones’ book, ‘The Great Reset and the War for the World’, and he says that it’s easy to blame the Democrats for the horror show that’s happening but,

The Democratic Party is a very small part of this. This is the Administrative State and this is kind of a merger of state capitalism; these state oligarchies and Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, combined with an authoritarian administrative state.

And you haven’t had regulatory capture, you’ve actually had the merger of those two.

We have taken on the Chinese Communist Party Model, which they perfected. Remember, we were supposed to change them by letting them into the WTO, Most Favored Nations and things that you’ve been documenting for decades and decades – well, guess what? It didn’t happen. We actually reverted and took their model, with the World Economic Forum, the Party of Davos, the City of London, Brussels, NATO and the US Government. This is what we have now.”

Bannon believes Jones’ book should form the intellectual framework of all the activists groups fighting this Globalist world order and that people need to read it and get active. He’s emphatic that it’s time for action.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are just part of their law enforcement apparatus and that’s why I call the FBI ‘The new American Gestapo.’”

Referring to Jones’ book, Bannon says, “Remember, you can’t be trained for this, you have to embody this and learn it, yourself and that’s why I think the book is so powerful and I think, for right now, people ought to get it and study it. I think there ought to be study groups put up, I think you ought to do more lectures about this, particularly about certain chapters of the book.”

As Jones says, “Once you realize it’s a war and there are powerful interests that want to cut you out of the decision-making process and make you a slave, then it gets easier to take your country back.”

Bannon talks about how, “2019 was the greatest year, for workers economically, since World War II because of Donald Trump’s policies and look what happened right after that – look at the CCP virus but more importantly, look at the administrative state and the United States’ response to that, with the lockdowns and the mandates and the mask mandates and the total hectoring.

There’s nothing – they don’t have boundaries and they don’t need science and they don’t need data and they don’t need evidence. If you go to your book about the Great Reset, you back everything up with a reference, you back everything up with data. They don’t do that. They always move the goal posts, there’s no bounds to what they will do. They have a propaganda arm, which is the legacy regime media that will spin it any way, whether it’s MSNBC or CNN or The New York Times

Donald Trump was a throw-down to the elites in this country that have sold us out, every day for the last 30 or 40 years – and this is what this fight’s about.

And here’s the thing. What they’re going to try to do is goad you into becoming violent or doing things – we have 2/3rds to 75% in this nation who support us: Hispanics, in overwhelming numbers, African-Americans – particularly, African-American men in overwhelming numbers, Asian-Americans – and of course, the Deplorables and the Trump Movement and all of MAGA.

United as one, we control this country and we will control it for 100 years and set things right. This is all about action, now. This is all about getting out, getting involved, getting engaged, becoming a force-multiplier, shipping out information you hear on WarRoom, InfoWars or wherever else your favorite site is, push that out.”


October 22, 2022


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