Tenacity and perseverance are two essential qualities in spiritual practice

The secret yoga treatise SHIVA SAMHITA mentions the state of spiritual tenacity as one of the qualities that the aspirant is necessary to develop in order to achieve success in the practice of yoga.

Tenacity is a quality consisting of resistance, due to the high energy we have, to big and long demands and the ability to make efforts, according to the difficulties that need to be overcame as long as those difficulties are maintained. Without tenacity it is not possible to overcome the obstacles that arise in life.

Some inspirational quotes about tenacity:
• “Without tenacity, boldness, determination and courage we become empty, trembling forms of humanity torn by the unfriendly storms that inevitably get in our way.” – June Curtis
• “Luck is another name for the tenacity of the will.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
• “The hallmark of true heroism is tenacity.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
• “In achieving a goal, patience and tenacity are worth more than double compared to cleverness.” – Thomas Huxley
• “Let me tell you the secret that led me to my goal. My strength lies only in the tenacity I have.” – Louis Pasteur

In the spiritual practice, for example, the difference between the two (tenacity and perseverance) is that perseverance is predominantly focused on the method (spiritual practice, efficient sadhana), and tenacity is predominantly focused on the goal which is pursued, thereby helping us very much to achieve success in everything we set out to do.

Another extremely important quality related to tenacity is consistency, understood in two ways:
a) as a firm belief – always acting in accordance with certain Godly principles or beneficent rules.
b) consistency in spiritual practice – meaning to continue to do what you set out to do exactly as you set out to do.

Tenacity “ennobled” by the observance of moral and spiritual principles can be called spiritual tenacity. Spiritual tenacity emphasizes the observance of Godly principles in all that we undertake and the integration of all our actions according to Godly harmony, also performing all actions according to the practical principles of the karma yoga system (meaning consecrating in advance all the fruits of our actions to God the Father, Shiva or a Great Cosmic Power, as well as pursuing to carry out the actions in a detached manner). By doing this, that is, by associating this quality (tenacity) with the spiritual principles we know, we will surely attain success in all that we do beneficially.

The firm and powerful anticipation of success as a predominant way of thinking, will determine an almost continuous state of resonance with subtle, beneficial, Godly, positive, corresponding energies from the Macrocosm, which will generate endless series of successes.

Perseverance is the ability of a human being to remain firm and constant in a given action. Victor Hugo said: “The perseverant people are sublime. He who is only brave, has only one praiseworthy impetus, he who is only bold, has only one trait, he who is only courageous has only one virtue, only he who persists on the path of truth has greatness. Almost the whole secret of great souls lies in these words: persevere!

Perseverance is a quality inasmuch as the actions of the human being are beneficial, positively oriented, and the intentions that animate him are also beneficial. In the folklore it is said: “to err is human, to persevere in error is devilish”.

“Perseverance” in repeating mistakes or doing bad deeds, as well as stubbornness, have no spiritual value.
Godly integrated perseverance implies both beneficial actions, positive intentions, as well as their harmonious integration through our complete agreement with the Godly Will. This Godly integration is given by the consecration in advance to God the Father of all the fruits of our actions and by the practice of special initiatic methods (for example, the “lightning rod technique” which puts us in accord with the almighty, determining Will of God).

The superior state of Godly integrated perseverance is unanimously appreciated by the great sages and great yogis as indispensable to attaining the state of deification, no matter what spiritual path we pursue.

Sri Ramakrishna said, “Follow the spiritual practice with patience and perseverance, and you can be sure that you will obtain the Godly Grace when you are ready to receive it.”

Ramakrishna also said: “There are three different types of sadhana (spiritual practice). They are like the nature of a bird, a monkey and an ant.

The bird hits a fruit, which sometimes falls under the force of the blow, and then it is lost. Likewise, the worshipers who throw themselves too violently in spiritual practices are often not rewarded for their efforts.

The monkey always jumps from one branch to another, always carrying the fruit with it and sometimes it happens that it falls. In the same way, distracted by the various events of life, the disciples may at times lose sight of the feeling of devotion if their practice is not firm.

The ant perseveringly carries its food grain, taking it to its home, where it will gladly taste it. Sadhana of the ant can be considered the best, because it offers the certainty of owning the fruit.”

Because the path to self-perfection is always seasoned with obstacles and tests of a spiritual nature, which have the role of crystallizing and underlying certain essential steps, the integrated godly perseverance is essential to truly reach the dawn of spiritual enlightenment.

We offer you an inspiring and wise piece of advice: “If you have succeeded, continue; If you have failed, continue!

John Fitzgerald Kennedy stated that “If you find a road without obstacles, that road probably leads nowhere,” and Roger Martin du Gard said about the obstacles, “There is no obstacle which, no matter how little will and perseverance you would have, would not change in a trampoline, giving you the occasion of rising again.”

In conclusion, here are some aphorisms about perseverance:
• “Even if you hit something lightly but continuously, you still defeat it and overcome it in the end. Don’t you see how the water drop falling on the stone pierces the stone?” – Lucretius
• “You need to know how to persevere in order to reach balance.” – Confucius
• “Victory belongs to the one who perseveres.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
• “Perseverance consists in imposing ourselves voluntarily in order for others to accept our vision willingly.” – Mahatma Gandhi
• “The conqueror is the one who endures longer.” – Persius
• “Never discourage anyone who is constantly progressing, no matter how slow.” – Plato
• “Effort pays off after a person refuses to stop.” – Napoleon Hill
• “Through perseverance the snail reached the ark.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon
• “Every obstacle has in it the joy of the man who will overcome it.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


March 11, 2022


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