Alone, only with the mysterious help that comes to him from God, when the evil and the rascals unite, full of gratuitous hatred and venom against him

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru is among the most denigrated people in the world, from the perspective of more than 1,000 articles and shows filled with malicious news and miserable innuendos that have exploded in the media in recent days.

The mass media, not only in Romania, but also the international one, exploded to the secret orders that were given behind the scenes by the emissaries of the so-called ILUMINATI with a morbid, strange and obviously excessive virulence against a yoga teacher who was convicted because in 2003 he would have had an alleged inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old woman, even though that woman has vehemently denied the veracity of these allegations throughout the trial.

The reason for this strange and obviously excessive media outbursts on pretty much all the media channels, shadowing the serious and pressing problems of the Romanian society, is the release from prison of Gregorian Bivolaru at the time of the legal term (which is related to the law applicable to it) – that of 2 years (which is actually one-third of the six-year sentence), which applies to people over 60 years of age. None of the media noticed, however, or perhaps all have intentionally pretended not to notice that in reality Gregorian Bivolaru was given a postponement of conditional release, so he exceeded the term of 2 years which he had to execute by 43 days.

With enormous obstinacy and ill will that is paradoxical beyond appearances, the media hastened to incite hatred and hostility against both yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and Romanian magistrates, because in fact it was possible to correctly apply the rule of law. Under the same law, thousands of people have been released, people who had been convicted of extremely serious offences, such as crimes or frauds or huge devaluations of tens of millions of euros.
In view of these strange questions that raise serious thought processes, it is worthwhile asking: Why is it that just Gregorian Bivolaru’s conditional release (which was, in fact, perfectly legal) triggered such a large scale scandal?

Moreover, it is strange that the media failed to mention that the first assessment of Gregorian Bivolaru’s conditional release was rejected. Therefore, if we consider his situation to be perfectly legal, and remembering that he did not benefit from any significant decrease in the penalty for reasons like work performed or the books he could have published in order to have such days earned on conditional release, it is worthwhile asking what is the interest of this excessive agitation that has been seasoned with a lot of slanders, with various aberrations and phantasmagoric accusations of “rape” or “pedophilia”?

Considering all of this, it is precisely therefore necessary to go back in time for a few years to identify with a lot of common sense, with lucidity, some despicable, diabolical plans that then materialized in actions that were directed against yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

If we remember what happened in 2012, we find that Gregorian Bivolaru had just been acquitted by two Romanian courts for all the charges that had been brought against him. Then, precisely because the accusations brought against him were shattered, it was then passed on to the measures that we could call emergency measures:

a.  For this purpose, it was intended to identify a corrupt, blackmailable judge who could be ordered from backstage to cancel the previous acquittals and to sentence Gregorian Bivolaru to IMPRISONMENT. In the following, we set forth the unmistakable proof of achieving this goal. Because, eventually, the naked-truth comes out to light, as we can see in a totally astounding way, just a few days ago, the truth of our statements has suddenly surfaced. On September 18, 2017, on the show Today’s synthesis, TV channel Antena 3 invited Mrs. INGRID MOCANU, a former director in the Ministry of Justice, who was known, among other things, for how she denounced the abuses and corruption in DNA (Anti-Corruption Directorate) and justice. On that occasion, quite surprising for those who watched that show, Mrs. Ingrid Mocanu stated for the first time that Judge   IONUŢ MATEI“HAS BEEN BLACKMAILED WITH AN INVENTED CASE FILE, THAT WITH THE CAMATARU BROTHERS, BECAUSEHE WAS ABOUT TO JUDGE THE CASE OF THE MISA LEADER, WHO HAD TO BE CONDEMNED, AT THE REQUEST OF THE “SYSTEM”.

b. It was aimed to identify other ways outside Romania, through which it was necessary to concoct and then expand the persecution against Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, by staging alleged similar crimes, namely the “recruiting” of false victims who would take over the racket of false accusations, if it was possible for the strategy of destroying the MISA yoga school in Romania to fail, or if yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru were released.

Taking all this into consideration, it is welcome to look carefully at what happened and started in 2012:

– By the orders given from behind the scenes, Judges Ionuţ Matei was enlisted in this action, so to speak. When the case of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru was submitted to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, he decided to quash, thus showing his maximum obedience, all the acquittals that were ruled by the other three judges who were involved in analyzing the respective case files. Later, Judge Ionuţ Matei chose, so to speak, to judge that case from scratch, and after a whole masquerade in which he repeatedly and insolently mocked the act of justice, he finally ruled, in an abusive way, Gregorian Bivolaru’s six-year prison sentence for alleged sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old woman whom, in fact, he publically humiliated in the courtroom by addressing her with the appellation “criminal”.

– Several operations of so-called investigation and even persecution against other foreign yoga schools related to the MISA Yoga School were triggered. Such persecutions, including some investigations of justice, took place in Italy, and then persecutions against the yoga school took place in some countries such as Uruguay, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Everywhere, these actions were based on a pattern that is easy to identify: maybe even a single student who had had previous conflicts with either the instructors or the classmates, or even a parent somewhat dissatisfied with the fact that their child, WHO WAS OF AGE, followed the courses of the yoga school in that country. Subsequently, they were provided with a consistent material that targeted scandal and that came from the Romanian media, and such people were bombarded with some so-called evidence or some video materials sent by agents paid to denigrate MISA abroad. Among these agents we mention ROXANA MĂLINA CHIRILĂ and CECILIA GHIŢULESCU TIZ. The latter was even convicted by a German court for her slander and denigration of both the German school and Gregorian Bivolaru.

When we analyze all of this with great attention and lucidity, we find that it is not a coincidence that the “emissary” of invented abuses that had allegedly taken place in Finland was designated to be ROXANA MĂLINA CHIRILA, whose separation from her former yogi lover then nourished her hatred not only towards the MISA yoga school, but more than that it made her become a fierce militant not only against God, but also against any spiritual movement, eventually promoting atheism and “free thinking” that unfolds outside any faith.

Subsequently, Roxana Mălina Chirilă contacted a TV creator from Helsinki, where the existing yoga course had a considerable development, even a flourishing one, and on that occasion she presented a former student who had been evacuated from the building used by the Helsinki Yoga School for non-payment of rent. It is significant that, sometime later, this former student was even involved in some blackmail actions against instructor Daniela Dae. Although the police officers were notified, they treated Daniela Dae’s criminal complaint with a strange indulgence, and in spite of the evidence she had presented, they closed the blackmail case of that student suspiciously fast. Later, however, that person was contacted by the police and had the nerve to falsely declare that she was trafficked and abused sexually. In the end, this former student was apparently convinced to play an important role in the new frame-ups that were being prepared to be delivered “if needed”. She was eventually instigated, as part of the interview she gave to a television station, to pose, without bringing any convincing evidence, as a so-called victim of Gregorian Bivolaru.

It is necessary to point out that Finland’s sexual offense legislation is the strangest legislation in the world, being extremely protective in this direction with any person who even falsely claims to be an alleged victim. Finland is the only country in the world where the threshold for starting the investigation to protect victims of possible sexual abuse is extremely low, so in any kind of allegations of this kind the presumption of innocence is, we could say, annulled. That is why there is a huge number of cases in which the complaints of women who sometimes falsely complained of alleged sexual abuse were nevertheless taken into account and, in the end, despite evidence disproving sexual abuse, a lot of people have fallen into the strange net of Finnish justice, which is tough and ruthless in this respect. This is precisely why, despite the evidence that denied it, sentences have been issued that resulted in hard years of imprisonment, only on the basis of false complaints of women. Currently, Finnish case law highlights situations such as “the word of the accused party against the victim’s word”, without the need for clear evidence.

It is strange and although it seems unbelievable, Finland is the only country in the world where at the mere complaint of a woman who claims, even after many years, that she was sexually abused, even if there is no evidence, it is then paradoxically possible for the accusation to be taken into account, and then the accused person is dragged into court, being then even unfairly condemned based on such aberrant statements that can be preposterously launched even after 10 years.
So, Finnish legislation allows, based on the lying statements of a woman, for a man who is unfairly accused to still be sentenced to prison, even though he has never abused the person who has the nerve to accuse him.

Considering all this, it can be seen that from here and up to triggering an investigation into alleged sexual intercourse, which in fact never existed, there was only one step. That is why, a few weeks before the release of Gregorian Bivolaru from Bistrita Penitentiary, the Finnish authorities visited him, vaguely announcing him that they are investigating him for alleged offences that had occurred during the years 2007 – 2011. On that occasion, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru asked to be sent and then allowed to study all the accusations brought against him. Instead of meeting this procedural demand, a very long period of silence followed.
Now, after 130 days, amazingly, only a few days after Gregorian Bivolaru’s release, without his citation, without being provided with the testimonies that apparently exist and without respecting his right to a fair trial, Finland bizarrely issued a warrant of preventive arrest that flagrantly violates the laws in force.

In fact, everyone who has the minimum knowledge of such research can easily realize that the Finnish state’s justice has flagrantly violated the provisions of international law, and that, in contempt of the provisions that have existed for many years in the European Court of Human Rights, it ventured into aberrantly ordering the arrest of someone without having made a minimal personal research of the human being whose arrest was arbitrarily, illegally and abusively ordered.

Beyond appearances, what is happening in this case is an accurate reflection of the threats that Gregorian Bivolaru has received in anonymous letters, and the new situation he faces proves without a doubt that somebody wants him re-arrested and kept in prison without any evidence and without any legal basis.

It is significant that all of these issues that Gregorian Bivolaru now faces were explicitly synthesized in a threat letter received on July 11, 2016 on the address of lawyer Patrice Spinosi’s Office in Paris. In this letter there is the following statement, “you will see on your own skin that we will do everything to destroy you, keeping you many years in prison”, “you have no chance, you wanted to fight against us but you are too small to do something.”


September 24, 2017


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