The ruling of the Court of Appeal in Paris – March 23, 2016


Today, March 23, 2016, at the Court of Appeal in Paris – Instruction Chamber – the trial of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru was resumed. Romania’s request for the implementation of the European arrest warrant was discussed.

Verifying the documents in the file, the court assessed that for the evaluation of the existent data, a longer period of time is necessary for a decision to be made regarding this aspect, and for this reason it decided to set a new trial date, when the ruling will be pronounced.

Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru’s status of refugee of the Kingdom of Sweden was discussed, and it was acknowledged that it is proven through the documents presented by the Embassy of Sweden in Paris.
Regarding the request for release, all parties have formulated pleadings. The Prosecutor’s Office considered that also in the matter of this request, all necessary aspects are not clarified yet and asked for the rejection of the request, and in the end the court decided that, for now, there are not enough guarantees for the release, and for this reason it ruled that the detention will be prolonged until the next trial date, which will be on May 11, 2016.


MISA Press Office
March 23, 2016

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