The Art of Tapping


Just like the art acupuncture and acupressure – ‘Tapping’ is techniques that utilizes the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips and retrieving your body’s own energy and healing power.

Why Tapping?

We are complex beings, with a magnitude of beliefs, thoughts and ways of coping and old energy habits die hard. Our energy system also has its own built-in way of resisting change. But the fact is we can relieve negative emotions by briefly tapping an acupoint in return it will make us aware that our emotions are energy, and that any negative emotion is simply a signal that our energy flow is disrupted. By Tapping you are taking out the kinks in your hose so your energy can flow freely.

How to start:
Find a peaceful place where you can take a few minutes to breath and let go. Begin by accepting that you have a problem, symptom or painful memory you would like to resolve. Then tap specific points on the body as indicated in the image below. You should tap sharply, but not hard enough to cause any discomfort – about 5-10 times on each meridian point, while focusing on the problem /memory /symptom you would like to clear.

Tap the side of one hand (the Karate chop point) with the fingers of your other hand, while saying “Even though I have …. (issue you want to resolve), I completely love and accept myselfˮ or words to that effect. Say this three times while tapping the KC-point – and mean it!

With two or three fingers together: tap the 8 points sharply; top of head, eyebrow , side of eye, under eye, under nose, indent of chin, just below inner end of collar-bone, under arm (level with nipples) while repeating the issue you need to resolve to keep your mind focused on it.

Repeat the sequence. If there is some improvement, but part of the problem persists, repeat the following:
Tap KC-point “Even though I still have some of ….(issue) left, I fully and completely love and accept myself.ˮ Repeat the whole tapping sequence while thinking of the (issue) or try just tapping from the eyebrow to under-arm; as this is often enough. Repeat as necessary.

If there is no improvement, repeat the whole sequence with more emphasis and conviction. It might even help to say, “Even though I don’t want to get better or resolve my issue, I completely love and except myself ….” Then do the tapping. Take a deep breath.

Finally, tap into what you choose to feel instead or what you would like your body to do, using the same tapping points: “I choose to feel at peace …(issue).ˮ You can choose different affirmations for each point just saying whatever feels right. Remember breath in movement/tapping.

“When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. And when your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world.” – Donna Eden


February 22, 2020

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