The case of Diana Vaughan, former «Great Priestess» of Lucifer (I)

Excerpt from “New Masonic signals and orders which are transmitted through media”, Volume IV

Diana Vaughan was born in Kentucky, on the 29th of February 1864. Her mother, Léonie de Grammont, was French. Her father came from a family whose members sold their soul, for generations, to Lucifer.

Education in the luciferian spirit

In the XVII century, Thomas Vaughan, one of Diana’s ancestors (surnamed Philalet and known today as a “Rosicrucian alchemist”), gave his body and soul to the inferno and sealed a pact with Satan, with the price of  an infamous sacrilege and a heinous crime, a pact that remained in his family and Diana, his last offspring, inherited that pact. Philalet agreed to decapitate the archbishop of Canterbury on the 25th of March 1645, consecrating the blood of this martyr to Lucifer and thus sealing his infernal pact. He did this because Lucifer had promised him that this way he will be able to acquire gold.

“The pact of March 25th 1645, signed by Satan and Thomas Vaughan, my ancestor, was cancelled on the day of my returning to faith in God”, stated Diana in her memoires.
“When I was a child, both my child and my uncle forced me to learn the story of my ancestor, Thomas Vaughan, in order to understand what my parents used to call «the humanitarian role of the freemasonry». In their eyes, Thomas Vaughan was, together with Amos Komenski (known as Comenius) and Valentin Andreae, the executer of Fauste Socin’s plan. Fauste Socin is the true founder of the masonic sect during the Reformation. The works of Philalet were, if not the foundation of my education, at least the starting point for each lesson. My father and my uncle would give me entire speeches starting from a phrase or a word and they would gradually inoculate me with all the luciferian dogmas. Thus, I was raised in the spirit of worshipping my ancestor, Thomas Vaughan. My father was never a Christian, starting from the date of his birth, because my grandfather had been an atheist.”

Having been educated by her father and uncle in the spirit of the cult of Lucifer, which they depicted to be the “good God”, as opposed to Adonai, the God of Christians, of which they told her is the “evil God”, Diana was of utterly good faith. She believed that the “good God”, Lucifer, had his angels (among them, Asmodel was one of the more important ones, and he often showed himself in visions), and similarly, “the evil God” of Christians had His own angels, whose terrible leader was Archangel Michael.

In her “memoires”, Diana wrote that one day, as her father and her uncle were “educating” her, by reading her some passages from the manuscripts of Philalet, in which the name of Cain was also mentioned with great respect next to the name of the “Good God”, she disagreed with this attitude. She asked them why is the name of a murderer next to the “Good God” in the excerpts she studied. After having a few words with her father about the “mistake” of letting her read the bible, her uncle entered his office, from where he returned holding a vial. Diana apologized for her comment on the passage from Philalet, but he had a grim look on his face and didn’t listen to her apology.

They conducted a strange and occult satanic ritual. They ordered the girl to sit on a chair in the middle of the room. Then, her uncle spilled a few drops of the oily substance in the vial into his palm. He began massaging his ears, nose, lips and his eyelids with the fluid, while uttering some unintelligible words. Her father would answer to him in a similar voice. It was somewhat of a dialogue between them, in an unknown language. Then her uncle began making some gestures, he would walk around Diana and he would stop from time to time, every seven steps to be precise. Simultaneously, her father would spin around his own axis for three times. This entire scene lasted for a few minutes.

“Later on, I was going to realize that this was a satanic ritual,” said Diana. “The inside out exorcist” made seven steps, eleven times, in a circle, and his assistant made three spins around himself, in eleven steps. In the end, Diana’s uncle lied down on the floor, approaching his oily lips to the tip of her right foot. Then he blew strongly, restarting his satanic inarticulate incantations, from which one could understand, from time to time, the words “Raphael” and “Asmodel”. In the mean time, her father exited the room. Upon returning, he was holding a live black chicken in his arms. The two Satanists told her to open her mouth. The chicken was struggling and her father and uncle held her tight, forcing her to open her beak and getting her close to Diana’s mouth, so that the chicken’s beak was just a bit into the child’s mouth. Her uncle put her oily hand through Diana’s hair, and then started to touch her nostrils, her eyelids, her ears, while whispering some unintelligible words. Then both of them shouted horrendously and choked the chicken. “Glory to God!”, yelled Diana’s uncle. “The child is released!”

They had just completed an “exorcising ritual” of Diana, whom they considered to be possessed by the “demon” Raphael. Later, Diana will understand that she was subjected to a satanic ritual and she had been educated in a religious anti-faith, which reversed spiritual values and turned the divine truth upside down. The “God” they referred to was none other than Satan. During her childhood, as any child would do, she believed everything her Satanist father told her to.

With her full naïve youthful enthusiasm, Diana was worshipping Lucifer without even knowing the deception she was subjected to. Being remarkably intelligent and “well educated”, Diana consecrated herself completely to Lucifer and to the “mission” of spreading the cult of the one she considered, in good faith, to be God. Due to a special receptiveness towards subtle worlds, a receptiveness which was unfortunately aimed towards the infernal, she was capable of seeing Lucifer with the eyes of spirit. He showed himself to her in a deceiving form as an “angel of light”, so that she couldn’t tell the truth.

Diana Vaughan is chosen to be the “Great Priestess” of Lucifer, through a satanic ritual

When she was 19 years old, Diana had officially entered the adoption freemasonry. She quickly went through all the stages, becoming an apprentice on the 15th of March 1883, a companion on the 20th of December and on the 1st of May 1884 she became a master. On the 28th of October 1884, when she was 20 years old, having the support of the Great Master Albert Pike, Diana Vaughan was initiated in the higher ranks, thus declaring war to Adonai, the God of Christians, that she hated very much, considering him responsible for the death of her father. She was told that God and Archangel Michael committed an act of vengeance by causing the death of her father and she believed them, so she directed her entire hatred towards ”the evil God”.

In 1885, Diana was brought to Paris, with the purpose of becoming ”Templar Master” in the lodge of the Saint Jacques Triangle. Even though she took an ”oath of faith” to Lucifer, the ”initiation” was not concluded, due to the fact that Diana refused to perform a certain part of the satanic ritual, which is the desecration of the ostia or desecration of the body of Christ, of which she was told that it resides in the bread used during the Holy communion (she also noted the address where she was at that time, the house where such satanic rituals were often taking place: Croix-Nivert street, no. 154, in Vaugirard, 15th district). The reason behind her refusing the desecration of the communion was that she did not believe the body of Christ resided in the ostia (latin) that the catholic priests give during Mass.

According to the education she received, Diana made a clear distinction between Lucifer and Satan, as follows: she was an avid worshipper of Lucifer, but she fiercely fought against Satan. Consequently, her refusal to perform the satanic ritual that the freemasons of Paris required, not only did it stop her from being confirmed as a ”templar master”, but it also caused a conflict between the lodge of Saint Jacques and the lodge founded by her father in Louisville. The latter one acknowledged the rank that the Parisian freemasonry had refused. According to Diana’s memoires, this conflict will have lasted until 1889, when on the 8th of April, through the decree given by Albert Pike, “the Pontiff” of the high luciferian freemasonry, it was confirmed that, after receiving the “tribute” in a ritual circumstance, Lucifer himself was in her favor, giving her the title of great priestess.

“The members of the Great Serenissim College have invited me to Charleston first, where I arrived on Thursday, April 4th 1885”, says Diana. “I was told that Lucifer used to show himself at the Sanctum Regnum (the satanic “Temple”), each Friday, at 3 o’clock, and he used to give instructions to the eleven leaders of the lodge, the Pontiff of the Supreme Dogmatic Directorate and the 10 Emeriti, members for life of the Great Serenissim College. Even though he wasn’t present to all of these meetings, Albert Pike was present on the 5th of April.” Diana was not summoned, because none other than the eleven was allowed in the room. Subsequently, she was told by one of the “emeriti” that Lucifer ordered for her to be brought before him in a ritual that was going to take place in three days. Meanwhile, she was asked by the treasurer of the lodge to make a so-called “donation” for the cause of the freemasonry, a donation consisting of objects made of precious metals. Obedient and nervous as she was, Diana “donated” all of her jewelry.

The ritual took place on the 8th of April 1885. Diana was taken into the Sanctum Regnum, the satanic “temple” where the satanic rituals of the high freemasonry unfolded. She writes that this “temple” had a statue of Baphomet in the center of it, a very hideous and disgusting looking statue. It gave her a very unpleasant impression, despite the fact that the members of the lodge did their best to explain to her why “the Good God” had such a gruesome appearance. After the satanic invocations were uttered, Diana was left alone in the room, Albert Pike told her to stare at Baphomet’s statue. She then lived a state of communion with the sphere of infernal force of Lucifer, which she thought of as a manifestation of the “Good God”. “I couldn’t see anything around me except flames, flames that engulfed me without burning my clothes. I was happy that I was engulfed by the divine flames.

And all my heart was beating for Lucifer,” she confessed in her “Memoires”, depicting her convictions from back then, in her innocence. She described the way in which a lightning had manifested six times, with strong thunder. Then she felt five breaths on her face and five spirits revealed themselves to her, in their radiant appearance. They were five spirits floating in the place where the statue of Baphomet was normally placed. Then she heard another thunder, which was even more frightening than the others. She suddenly saw Lucifer in front of her, sitting on a diamond throne. He showed himself to her in a shining appearance.

Diana was happy and she wanted to throw herself at his feet. But he stopped her, wickedly telling her that he does not humiliate the beings he loves. Then he told her that she is his chosen one and that she always inspires him, because he has great plans for her. She asked him whether God is really present in the ostia given during the Holy Communion and Lucifer denied it.
Behold the atrocious devilish deception: on one hand Lucifer inspires his adepts to defile the communion bread in satanic rituals, in order to trigger some malefic influences (because he is fully aware that the bread is the body of our Lord Jesus Christ), and one the other hand he denies the presence of God in the Holy Communion (when he wants to lie to those he wants to lead into deception)!

He talked to her about the fact that there are two principles in creation, of Good and Evil, Lucifer devilishly presented himself as the advocate of Good, cleverly telling her that the Holy Communion is merely a symbol of a completely erroneous religion and that a time will come when the “true” religion will triumph. “Have patience, Diana, you are my favorite. I choose you as my great priestess and no one will be allowed to even say a word against the interpretations that You, inspired by me, will give to the dogma.”

Hearing these words, with her childish purity, Diana was very happy, and very proud of the honor she was given. She looked around and she was surprised to notice that the eleven “emeriti” together with Albert Pike had entered the room. Lucifer addressed him using the words “My vicar, come closer!”, and then, he ordered the others: “Listen carefully!” Albert Pike made two steps forward and the others bowed down respectfully. “I, the almighty God, speak to you, this child is my chosen one, I consecrate her to be my great priestess. I will inspire her and she will manifest my will. I have assigned Asmodel to watch over her. You all need to show your deepest respect to her.”

“And then, the flames began to grow around me, I felt the ground underneath my feet once again, but I couldn’t perceive the walls of the room yet”, Diana confesses. “Lucifer, Albert Pike, the 10 members of the Serenissim College and I, we were all in the middle of the fire which was nothing like a fire, it was a fire that did not burn, with large green vivid flames.” Suddenly, Diana felt she couldn’t stand on her legs any more. She felt like she was sinking, descending, while the others were remaining the same.

“The Good God” was no longer on his diamond throne and he was descending together with her. Diana felt like she was floating, she closed her eyes, abandoning herself to that state. But where were they descending to, while being engulfed in flames? At one point, she felt like she was walking on a meadow which was filled with flowers, in a beautiful place, with lush vegetation, and Lucifer, who was next to her, and who appeared even more beautiful than before, told her: “My beloved daughter, I want to give you a proof that I cherish you and to prove my almightiness to you. I want you to see, by means of these two visions, how abominable is Adonai (the God of the Christians) and you will see for yourself how inferior He is.”

Diana was completely deceived. She answered to him: “Adorned master, nothing could ever increase my faith even more. I know that you are the Supreme God, the Almighty, and that your heinous antagonist will be defeated.“ In that instant, a whole cloud of fire demons appeared, led by Asmodel, her so-called fiancé. He kneeled before Lucifer, ready to listen to his orders. “I brought you in the vicinity of Eden, said Lucifer to Diana. The terrestrial paradise, where Adam and Eve lived, is there, can you see it?”, he said, pointing into the horizon. “No man can enter that place, for it is guarded by the angels of Adonai. Asmodel will defeat them before you and thus you shall enter Paradise.”

After these words, Lucifer vanished. Diana describes how Asmodel stood up and respectfully approached her, telling her she will witness the fight of the 14 legions of 6666 brilliant angels of light against the angels of darkness. She expressed her regret for not being able to take part in the fight, with her heavy body. Then Asmodel drew three circles in the air with his fiery sword and a triangle encompassing them. This fiery sign lingered in the air, floating. In that very instant, the 14 legion commanders shouted with great strength, all together as one: “Beelzebub! Beelzebub! Beelzebub!”.

A huge fiery sign appeared in the air, a sign which was familiar to Diana, a sign she’d seen before with her father, during some palladist, luciferian rituals. Beelzebub, the under-king of the infernal skies, made his voice heard: “What do you want, Asmodel?” He answered: “Spiritualize my fiancé, for she wants to fight!” Diana describes how she witnessed the two fiery signs melting in the air, forming a fiery sphere that entered her being through her head and as this occurred, she immediately felt different, she was full of life, and her body was spectral, airy, fluid. She had no weight, no volume. She could expand or contract at will and she felt like a living fire, filled with electricity.

“I was transformed into a demon”, she says. Actually, she was the victim of an astral illusion, created through demonic means, having the vision of a so-called Eden surrounded by the “evil angels” of Adonai, angels that Diana saw as some frightening and disgusting creatures, with yellow or green faces, with a twisted body, with reptile tails and big pointy ears, which is exactly the opposite of their description from the Christian tradition. “The angels of light” of Lucifer began an already finalized battle with a false victory of the demons. Diana was transported into the “Eden”, which appeared as a beautiful garden, with enchanting beings in it. The lions were playing with the graceful deer and everything was in complete harmony.

Asmodel showed her the bush in which, according to the palladist, luciferian legend, the good God had shown himself to Eve, whose first born son, Cain, was not the son of Adam. Asmodel reminded her of all the hallucinating dogmas of the luciferian rite and he said that the maliciousness of Adonai is what causes Eden to be guarded by his evil angels and that the earthen paradise was saved from Adonai’s flood through a miracle of Lucifer…

After the short visit into the infernal worlds, that she had seen as heavenly, through this devilish deception, Diana was brought back into the satanic “temple” on the back of an enchanted eagle, where she could suddenly see the walls of the room in the Sanctum Regnum, with the statue of Baphomet, returning to her normal state of consciousness in the waking state. “It is clear to me now that in Charleston I was possessed in the highest degree possible by Lucifer, who created for me some illusions meant to deepen the lies that were served to me during my education”, said Diana later on, in her “Memoires”. But gradually, I started to see the truth and understand that Lucifer is the same as Satan”, she also noted in her “Memoires”. She realized that it wasn’t in the devils’ power to rebuild Eden, to defeat the angels of God or to transform them into hideous beings.

She also wrote that all those people coming to Charleston were accepted to see the “mysteries” in the Sanctum Regnum as Chosen Mages or Templar Mistresses as “the Good god” requested (who was actually Lucifer), were actually deceived just as she was deceived. Actually, through those rituals she gained access to the infernal supernatural, to Lucifer’s state of force. Just as there are also some privileged Christian sanctuaries, were the miracles of God are frequently manifested, Sanctum Regnum also had the “high” privilege of the inferno, and the performances and devilish shows were growing in number year by year.

In there, the fanatic palladist (luciferian, satanist) enters a direct communion with Satan in person. To those who end up believing that the demons are angels of light and pray to them with ardor, these demons show themselves and even take them into actual malefic adventures, which can seem wonderful on a first glance, due to their supernatural quality.

Regarding Diana, she was taught that there is a double divinity, two eternal contrary principles who endlessly fight with each other, so that only a miracle of the divine grace might save her. After having seen Lucifer in his greatest splendor, after being “protected” by benevolently looking demons, who seemed to defy the laws of nature, after having assisted battles in which “the angels of fire” allegedly defeated the “evil angels”, how could she possibly still become aware of the fact that, in order to keep her under their influence, the demons split into two teams, some of them deceivingly taking the appearance of angels of light, while the others showed themselves exactly as they were in reality, and setting up a battle where the alleged “good angels” of Lucifer would defeat the “evil angels” of Adonai? Due to her faith in these infernal forces, her spiritual prescience was deceived and, in addition, she had experienced that state of flying, which left a strong impression on her.

Diana’s experience can shake even the most skeptic of people, who are still interested in finding the truth. It can help them understand that Heaven and Hell, the angels of God and the devils of Satan are more than real and the world is not only consisting of the physical body and the physical realm, as the servants of Satan would want us to believe in this time of faithlessness, through evolutionist and Darwinian theories which are abundant in schools and universities.

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