The case of Diana Vaughan, ex «Great Priestess» of Lucifer (II)

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After the satanic ritual where Lucifer himself confirmed Diana as a “Great Priestess”, Albert Pike (photo) signed the decree from April 8th 1889 where he officially proclaimed Diana’s status as “Templar Master” and thus ending the conflict between the Saint-Jacques lodge from Paris and the lodge of the Eleven founded by her father in Charleston.

The beginning of the conversion

10 years from when she was confirmed a great priestess of Lucifer through a ritual, Diana will begin a war against Adonai, the God of the Christians, with such passion that Albert Pike himself was amazed. She became his right hand.

Albert Pike’s successor was since 1887, Lemmi. Diana considered that he dishonored freemasonry. Finding out that he placed an inverted cross with the words “glory to Satan” written on it in his home, Diana declared him war because she was fighting against Satan with the same ardor as she was fighting for Lucifer. But despite that in her unknowing purity (she was a virgin), she refused to profane Christ’s body and the Eucharist, she attracted the divine benevolence that intervened to save her through Joan of Arc.

Diana will return to France. Here she will learn the story of Joan of Arc and she will feel a special type of veneration for this heroic woman. On April 7th 1894, Lemmi orders the freemasons to stop Joan of Arc’s sanctification, matter that was to be treated at Vatican. This will only amplify Diana’s aversion against Lemmi and her veneration for Joan of Arc. It is the time when Diana will read everything about her and she will visit the places where she had passed through. She will even go to Orleans where she will step inside the room where Joan of Arc slept before the battle.

Diana wrote: “I kneeled and prayed to the noble French maiden from all my heart”. This happened in October 1894. Her prayer received an answer the same day. In the evening when Diana was taking a walk she saw a bright light between two trees and immediately Joan of Arc showed herself as a sublime vision. Diana describes her: “She had an armor but held no weapons and her head was uncovered. Her face had alive features but she also had great kindness inside. She watched me without saying anything while tears were rolling on her cheeks”.

This fact amazed Diana so much and she tried to ask Joan of Arc why is she crying. She did not answer but continued to watch her with intensity and endless compassion with tears rolling down from her eyes. Diana felt pierced by this look that penetrated through the deepest corners of her soul. She implored her to talk and tell her the reason she is crying asking her if she cries because Lemmi profaned her memory. After saying no word Joan of Arc watched her again with deep sorrow and then disappeared. Confused, Diana will understand only later the meaning of this vision.

The same night, Diana will invoke Asmodel, the luciferic entity that she thought was an angel of light and she will tell him that Joan of Arc was devoted to Lucifer. Hearing this, Asmodel did a real jealousy and anger act telling her briefly that she could love anyone she wanted and then angry he disappeared.

On the moment, Diana did not understand Joan of Arc’s (photo) message and continued to be a faithful adorer of Lucifer. On January 21st 1895, in London, she will decide to establish a magazine called “The regenerated and free Palladium”. The magazine’s publishing had a double role: fighting against Lemmi and Satan’s cult on one hand and on the other spreading the cult of Lucifer, “the Good God”, everywhere, especially France. In Diana’s soul there still was an obvious confusion between these spiritual realities.

In the first number of the magazine, the Catholics where happy to notice the break inside the masons’ sect but also shocked to see Diana’s blasphemies against the Eucharist and the Holly Virgin Mary. The second number included also blasphemies but also the ultra-secret instructions given by Lemmi regarding the problem of sanctifying Joan of Arc on April 7th 1894.

Numerous Catholics will pray for the conversion of this young girl who had the courage of provoking the “Great Master” Lemmi and the whole freemasonry. A priest even wrote to her trying to convince her to stop blaspheming Virgin Mary.

Diana was so confused that in the third number of the magazine she promises that she will not publish any other things that will prejudice Catholicism. She again praises Joan of Arc. She explains about a crime committed in 1895 in a London lodge when an unfortunate person refused to profane the Holy Eucharist and also announces that she will go see a monk friend of her mother.

This third number of the magazine was published in June 1895. Starting with June 6th, with all her “big priestess” status, the British freemasons gave up on Diana: “With this third number of the magazine you signed your own condemnation. You no longer have the right of considering yourself one of ours”. The same day on June 6th, she will place a number of the magazine at the feet of one small statue of Joan of Arc that she had in her room. Moved by one priest’s letter that implored her in the name of Joan of Arc to stop blaspheming Virgin Mary, Diana kneeled for the first time with both knees bent in front of Joan’s statue feeling swept off by great ardor. She swore out loud that she will never write anything bad, not even one single word of disrespect about the Holly Virgin Mary that Joan of Arc loved so much.
“Immediately after saying these words, I was tossed off violently. I hit the ground with my head. While I was trying to stand up, I saw Beelzebub, Astaroth, Moloch and Asmodel. They had their usual appearance as angels of light that appeared for the Palladists, but their faces expressed exacerbated anger.”

Diana was used with their bright and kind appearance and she was wondering why they were so angry because it was the first time she saw them this way. They were threatening her full of rage as if she was one of Adonai’s angels so she realized this was no joke. They came down on her. Feeling the danger Diana instinctively shouted: “Joan, Joan, help me!” Then the four started a horrifying howling; wounded lions would have not been able to roar in such a horrific way. In the same time, instantaneously, the face and shape of the four “angels of light” shifted: finally Diana saw them as they really were: hideous, monstrous, with horns and tails. In one word, true devils. Their faces expressed rage, anger and a terrible fear that was now their dominant state. All this took not more than a few seconds. Immediately after she saw their real appearance as demons, the four infernal goats disappeared sinking somewhere in the underworlds of hell, yelling frightening curses.

Diana was deeply marked by this vision and the inner voice of her consciousness was now telling her that she was misled since childhood. The truth was slowly emerging and she began to understand that actually Lucifer was the same with Satan and because it’s not possible to have “two Gods of evil”, she irresistibly felt attracted to the one true God, the Christian God, the unique God full of infinite kindness.

The British freemasons summoned her to resign from the propaganda position she held. “All my life passed before the eyes of my consciousness. I don’t know where I am, where do I come from and where I am going. I hear a voice: I am the Truth, stay with me, then there is whisper in my ear: he always betrayed you, give him up. The one that truly loves you is waiting only a prayer to open his arms for you.” Confused and suffering because she did not know the truth, Diana calls for help. Already in a few French monasteries some people were praying for her soul.

On June 8th, Diana answered the British freemasons by resigning. On June 12th, she will retire in secret at a monastery where she will remain hidden and protected, because it was obvious that by disclosing so much information about the high freemasonry, paid killers will want to eliminate her. Immediately Diana’s soul was emerged into the divine peace feeling the presence of God after the daily intense prayers.

She had 31 years then. On the evening of June 15th she was about to leave the convent. The mother superior insists in baptizing her and Diana accepts. So she kneeled and dismissed Satan forever confirming her comeback to the faith in the true and only God. In the same time with the baptism, father Delaporte from Sacre-Coeur gave his last breath. The “Catholic Times” magazine Paris correspondent wrote on June 28th that even it might seem strange, the death of the well-known missionary from Sacre-Coeur, father Delaporte and Diana’s baptism are correlated. The prelate, author of some anti-masonic content articles was following with great interest Diana Vaughan’s situation hoping to convert this innocent victim of the Satanists to Christianity. Not only that he made efforts to support her but he offered in prayer his own life to God in the exchange of her conversion, fact well known for the father’s friends. Anyway after Diana was baptized, Delaporte died mysteriously and suddenly.

In that night she will go through hard trials being tortured by different demonic apparitions and she will wake up with pains in all her body. The same summer on August 14th she will return to spend a few days in the convent. Again her arrival will be kept secret for protection. She will take a pilgrimage at Lourdes between 16th and 21st of August, disguising herself in an ill person. The nights became easier for her while praying to the Holly Virgin Mary to cast off all the torment that she experienced since she converted.

From that moment she will begin a fight against freemasonry unmasking all the atrocities and crimes practiced inside this satanic organization. Her conversion was celebrated by the Catholic press and even in Vatican being considered “one of the greatest victories through divine grace known until then” and “a totally special blessing” (Pope Leo the 13th).

The same time, trustworthy sources confirmed Diana that the high freemasonry sent its spies to find out where she is hiding. She was aware of the fact that when discovered, her fate was sealed because she would have been killed with cold-blood by the ex “brothers” and “sisters”. This is why she mailed her manuscript and article excerpts with big caution with the help of a trust-worthy messenger that went to a neighboring village and deposited the envelopes at the post office taking care that the postage stamps did not revealed clues about the location where Diana was hiding.


Between 1895 and 1897 Diana Vaughan will write “Memoires d’une ex-palladiste” where she will disclose a series of details about her education in the spirit of adoring the Devil, her confirmation as “great priestess” of Lucifer, the satanic rituals organized by the high freemasonry, data about the functional lodges members of that time, the locations where satanic rituals where held also describing the terrifying manifestations and apparitions of entities of this kind with Lucifer himself and the instructions given directly by him to the high ranked freemasons for the war of the “Adversary” against God.

She also publishes the correspondence with important members of the Catholic clergy that supported her in various ways on her actions against freemasonry and also with Saint Therese of Lisieux (of Baby Jesus and the Holy Face) (photo) that prayed for Diana’s confession. Also she enacted a play that presented the shocking story of Lucifer’s “priestess” and her conversion.

The play was called “The triumph of humbleness” and was written to celebrate the High Mother Marie from Gonzague. Diana Vaughan character had an important role in the play, her conversion from Satanism to Christianity being an important event in France during the end of the 19th century. Saint Therese heard the whole story from her relatives, the Gurin family. Impressed by what she heard, the saint will send Diana a portrait of Joan of Arc on which she wrote the dedication: “for the new Joan of Arc”. At her turn, Diana will write a thank you letter.

“The triumph of humbleness” portrays the battle between Good and Bad and the help of Archangel Michael to the victory of Good highlighted by Diana’s conversion to Christianity. The play presents the image of the triumphing Church, celebrates humbleness as a virtue and symbol for Christ’s bride.
We will now present some disclosures made by Diana Vaughan in her “Memories” regarding the high ranked freemasonry’s Satanism.

An abominable crime

The victim was a novice girl, a French origin orphan and Catholic that was given for adoption to an English family. She was accepted at first in an “adoption lodge” being then prepared to receive the initiation into the superior levels. The London triangle, the group where this girl was initiated in, practiced a few luciferic rituals as told by Diana that had a few acquaintances in this lodge. At least this was the situation in the beginning because the reality changed. Lemmi designated as ruler of this lodge a Polish origin “priest” that was very much opposing Christ. He introduced satanic rituals in the practices of the lodge. He also composed a sort of anti-psalm to Satan that brought him a certain prestige amongst Lemmi’s acquaintances. His influence grew fast and in one year he became the true ruler of the London Triangle.

Covering a few initiation degrees but without aware of the danger of her actions, in 1881, the girl, avid for knowledge, will ask for the initiation in the master Templar degree. At that time, the initiation already implied the practice of a satanic ritual as an admission test; the ritual was about profaning the Body of Christ represented by the anaphora offered by the Catholic priests in the Eucharist. The girl refused. She was then tied up, her clothes were torn apart. The infamous wanted to kill her right there.

They left her hanging over the floor in the old house where they held their practices and locked all the doors and gates so that even if she had succeeded to free herself, her screams would not have been heard from the outside and she could not have escaped. The next day all of them met to establish the way the unfortunate would die. By nightfall they came back. They were two “sisters” and seven “brothers” and among them was the Polish pries. He came with the idea of bringing some lead pipes. They tied the victim from those pipes and lowered her in an unused basement of the house that was full of rats. In this case, the punishment for refusing to officiate a satanic ritual was an atrocious death, the girl being eaten alive by rats.

Reptilians and black magic

Diana resumes in her memories the confession registered by her ancestor Thomas Vaughan in a document that existed in the family’s library regarding Francesco Bori, a member of the high freemasonry that had the mission of discrediting Catholicism. Philalet stated that he had as a consort a… salamander called Elkbamstar. “He took a little bottle that he always had upon him. He cast its content on the floor. It was blood. But the bottle seemed drainless. The blood flowed and the room was flooded. Our feet were drenched in the red liquid. Then our brother lied down in that blood simultaneously agitating the bottle. The blood began to coagulate taking a living shape. The creature had the head and body of a woman and the lower part ended with a huge lizard tail. It had four legs with claws. Its color was red resembling to fire.

It threw over «brother Borrus» starting to hurt him with its claws. But instead of dodging he began to moan in pleasure saying that he wants more, while his blood was spilling. Gradually the monster calmed down; the witnesses saw it shrinking until it disappeared. «Brother Borrus» explained that his so called wife always showed up in the same manner. His blood that he kept in the bottle served the salamander in order to take form.”
This adventurer that once claimed to be an alchemist and scouted Europe holding numerous lectures praising the Devil was eventually caught by the pope’s representatives. He will die in prison in 1685.

“Satanic alchemy”

In her memories, Diana Vaughan reproduces parts from his ancestor’s Thomas Vaughan work located in the family’s library. Here is one of these parts that demonstrates that “in the name of alchemy” and “searching” the Philosopher Stone, actually the rush for finding a way of producing gold and living longer, Thomas Vaughan and his contemporaries, also freemasons, were guided by satanic entities wandering in the cobweb of some minor paranormal powers that they offered temporary without understanding the true meaning of the millenary science of alchemy, a true authentic spiritual path to reach God.

Thomas Vaughan was in his “laboratory” in Amsterdam, distilling nitrogen. “I was suddenly thrown to the ground and I yelled not knowing what is happening. Everything was gone around me. When I stood up the room was empty and the walls as well. Then I heard a big far away noise that was gradually getting closer. So I woke up alone in a huge hall that extended on all directions except height. Then an eagle showed up bringing our mason brother Minutatim that I knew he was in Sweden; then a winged lion ridden by brother Serenus that I knew he was in Silesia; then a winged bull that was bringing brother Procubans that I knew he was then in England.”

Diana explains other names saying that Minutatim was actually Baron Louis van Geer, professor at the Stockholm College, the Rosicrucian and her father; by Serenus, Thomas Vaughan referred to Amos Komenski (known to us by the name of John Amos Comenius) and Procubans was Henry Blount. “Later, these three will tell me that they felt risen from the ground the same time I felt thrown to the ground”, states Thomas Vaughan.

After bringing them to Vaughan’s laboratory, the three fantastic animals volatilized, the “brothers” seeing now in its place three demons called Leviathan, Cerber and Belphegor. “The three demons came to me and kissed my left arm”, tells Diana’s ancestor.

Thunders and lightings were hearing and suddenly the hall was filled with demons that “brought their respects” to Philalet (Thomas Vaughan) calling him the successor of the Rosicrucian lodge Great Master, Valentin Andreae that died. Both Serenus and the other two masons kissed the left hand of Philalet as a sign of acknowledging the status that the Devil gave him. Then the other inferior rank demons in the hall proceeded in a similar way at Cerber’s demand. Vaughan also tells that above them fire globes lightening the hall, sylphs (feminine sprits of the air in the Germanic mythology) and gnomes were floating. Simultaneously from the walls one could hear music. The demons and the sylphs began a frantic dance without touching the ground.

In one of his letters that “is to be read only by magicians”, Vaughan mentions other details about “brother” Geer that was a “protégé” of the demon Leviathan. In order to demonstrate his magician “skills” the young professor from Stockholm shred himself into pieces at will saying certain black magic incantations. His body shattered in thousands of pieces without any drop of blood.

All his remains were gathered in a sack that was then brought on an ancient shield in the middle of the hall and placed in a previously marked circle. Leviathan showed up in that circle and surrounded the sack of remains seven times. On the seventh tour, the sack began to move and the “magician” came out with a full rebuild body as it was before the “demonstration”. Philalet mentions that this is the reason why in the Fraternity van Geer was called Minutatim. Now we can see that the high freemasonry practiced black magic obtaining small “successes” with the help of the entities invoked for this goal.

Early Satanism

About Henri Blount, Vaughan mentions that the same year that Valentin Andreae, the great Rosicrucian master died, Henri Blount had a son that he called Charles. When he turned 11, his father took him to Amsterdam to present him the new great master Philalet. In the presence of Henri Blount and Amos Koenski, he will “consecrate” little Charles to Lucifer that showed himself during the satanic ritual and communicated the present ones that the spirit of Valentin Andreae incarnated as Charles Blount. “He will be the successor of Philalet”, the Devil said.

In the manuscript inherited by Diana, Thomas Vaughan states how he tracked the “progresses” made by Charles Blount. The following story highlights the early Satanism of young Charles that had only 15 at that time. Visiting Charles, Philalet was presented his room where Charles showed him a wooden inverted cross hanging from the wall above his bed. The cross was from coarsely carved sturdy wood. A knife was stuck in it in the heart of the Savior. Philalet told him that he has to sting the navel not the heart and changed the place of the knife. Every night before bed, young Charles Blount said numerous bad words about Christ and profaned an icon that was also on a wall in his room hanging upside down.

“My ancestor left in this manuscript a short description of indications that his successor gave. It results that he wanted to destroy the Church of Christ. Also it stated that this world is not yet ready for an official cult of Lucifer. This is why religion has to be destroyed by all means without showing the true final goal of his steps”, Diana mentions.


Diana resumes in a few words the essential part of the master initiation:
“After he enters the circle and listens to the telling of a crime that he is accused of, the aspirant subjects to the lodge members game. At the end of the telling he is hit the same way the victim is hit and lied down in the circle covered with a death veil. An acacia branch is placed on his head.

The brothers wonder here and there in the room; they symbolize the “good” masons, constructors of Solomon’s Temple searching for their martyr architect. Eventually the acacia branch “leads” the searchers next to the “aspirant” that plays dead. The death veil is removed. The brothers come down helping him to stand up and when he is already standing the room is lit and one can hear screams of joy. The hoax is thus ended.”

Satanic rituals

In her “Memories”, Diana Vaughan describes in one of the satanic rituals practiced by the high freemasonry, generally during Christian Holidays like Christmas, Easter, Good Friday etc. She tells how the official “magician” and the participants were saying different satanic formulas and invoked luciferic entities. At a certain moment during the satanic ritual, each participant could say the name of a Christian that he wanted to bestow the demons upon, generating different calamities. The ritual included animal sacrifices. So in the end, an emasculated ram was brought and then crucified mimicking and blaspheming the position of the Savior.

“The sacrifice was made by cutting the head and the legs of the ram”, Diana tells, “that was then thrown in a fiery hot embers prepared in advance while the official “magician” and the participants as well belched hideous swearing to Jesus Christ and God.” Diana affirms that they are impossible to reproduce because they were obscene. “In the end, all participants hailed:«Glory to Satan!»”. The rest of the sacrificed ram’s remains was brought the next day to a butcher, mason as well, but of an inferior rank, as Diana says.

Describing one room from Borghese Palace (Rome) destined to satanic rituals

On September 20th 1893, Lemmi (Albert Pike’s successor in leading the sect) inaugurated the first floor of the Borghese Palace in Rome as headquarters of the masonic sect in a fraudulent way and taking advantage of a member of the Borghese family. The Palace belonged to an ancient Italian noble family. Lemmi took in consideration the apartment’s distribution as a triangle. On the point marked with the letter D localized in the angle between two galleries that open to the great garden of the palace, Lemmi made a small plaza that brake the access in this area.

The inferior rank masons could not thus enter in certain halls such as those reserved for administration and party hall. Even to the Rosicrucians and those belonging the Kadosh rank that did not belong to the Palladium, the access to the plaza and beyond point D was forbidden. It was enough to close a door and the lower ranks could not enter Lucifer’s temple even if that person had the Kadosh rank. This section of the palace was reserved only to the members of the high freemasonry. For two years, it served for their infernal occult practices.

The hall designed by Lemmy as Lucifer’s temple had the walls covered in red and black drapes. At its end there was a very large tapestry that one could distinguish on a very large scale the face of Lucifer. In front of it there was a kind of altar for the bloody sacrifices done by the officials of the satanic rituals. The room was decorated with different freemason symbols: triangles, set squares and other symbols of this satanic sect such as books describing the steps of the rituals etc. Around there was a set of golden chairs and there was a throne in the middle of this infamous temple.

The heirs of the Borghese family eventually succeeded to reclaim the illegally acquired building by Lemmi. Although initially the access in this part destined for satanic rituals was forbidden, all of them entered here discovering the clues of the horrors practiced there. The description of Lucifer’s temple, presented by Diana Vaughan in her “Memories”, is confirmed by them.

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