Interview with Leo Zagami, an ex-illuminati Free Mason

Leo Lyon Zagami is an ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the “prince”, prepared to take over after the older Illuminati “king”, Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

However, Leo decided he’d had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he’s been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. History shows that this is one of the best ways to survive, although nothing is for certain.
Leo started a website, Illuminati Confessions –

– where he reveals the secrets to the world, one by one.

We offer you the transcript of an interview with Leo Zagami accessible from here

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My name is Leonard Zagami, I am 37, and this is my story. My story goes back to the fact that because of my family tradition I joined various secret societies during the course of my life and I found myself involved in what is known as The New World Order.

New World Order?

New World Order is for some people a way to implement fascism on a global scale. To do this they want to use surveilling technology, like microchiping, to control all aspects of our life. Everything is in the hands of the Big Brother and this Big Brother is in the hands of the police, of the military police, of the military and civil intelligence. They are all working these days not for the governments but for the corporates that together with certain families and certain banks are handling this big business and have been doing this for a long time.

How can you prove this New World Order?

Well, I can talk about this from my personal experience. I was initiated on the 13 of april 1993 in Rome. It was a peculiar time in Italy because the P2 Lodge scandal had erupted and freemasonry was in turmoil. Grand Master Giulliano di Bernardo who is now the grand master of the Academy of the Illuminati in Rome, splited from The Grand Orient of Italy and he was forming his own Grande Logia Regolare D’Italia which was the only one recognized by The United Grand Lodge of England. I found myself initiated by prince Alliata di Monreale who is an italian aristocrat. Our families go back long time, with a relationship of hundreds of years and even some relatives in common. He used to be the head of the Order of the Sword and the Eagle which was a Masonic order I came to belong.
He directed me to The Committee of Monte Carlo which was already a lodge and was to become a Masonic Executive Committee in 1999. Its goal was to reunite people from all the various Masonic obediences and secret societies, to work as a super structure within the structure of the illuminati with the base in Monte Carlo.
 Ezio Giunchiglia who was the treasurer of the P2 Lodge had this plan in mind and his position in the lodge was very important. The P2 lodge was also connected with the Vatican Bank. A very important character, Signor Marcincus died recently and was involved with the scandal of the Vatican Bank that had erupted more than 20 years ago and involved also Roberto Calvi who eneded up killed under Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982.

P2 is an old lodge propaganda a Lodge that already exsisted  at the time of Garibaldi. In the 60 it came under the control of Licio Gelli. It was given to him by the CIA so he could control trough this lodge all the VIP people in Italy who didn’t want their names on the official Masonic list. P2 had a secret list and its members were never made public. For that reason the P2 lodge included also people from the Eclesiolodge, which was the lodge inside the Vatican. P2 functioned as a trade union between the Jesuits and New World Order plans that CIA had for the Gladio (from latin gladius meaning sword it’s a code name denoting the clandestine stay-behind operation in Italy after the World War Two, intented to counter an eventual sovietic invasion of western Europe. The existence of Gladio has been acknowledged by the Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti at 24 october 1990. Gladio has been acused of attempting to influence the internal politics using the “strategy of tension”). Because it functioned as a lodge of propaganda P2 included journalists, writers, musicians, people from the world that could promote it.

“Heil Imperium”

Inside the lodges of the O.T.O. in Moscow, Rusia, you have the poster of George Bush next to the one of Satan, and the members give praise to both of them. It’s like those people are happy that Bush it’s such an evil person. Satan wants to create an empire that’s why when we used to go around at lodges people used to salute us with “Heil Imperium”. P2 became an imperium even tough the lodge was destroyed by the scandal, the remaining elements and the Committee of Monte Carlo are still very powerful and a lot of people are involved.

The Masonic swords presented: Boats (B) and Iakin (Y), these two frases I used in order to enter the first and the second degree of freemasonry. Then at the center we have the compass and the square which represent the male and the female sexual parts united in one. Down “here” we have the squares that represent the pavement of the lodge. MB Mach Benak (in translation it means “the flash is leaving the bone”) this is the last frase that is given to a master mason to recognize another master mason.
This is a Masonic sword that can be used for various things in a lodge, also during an initiation. Then we have a collar of a grand officer as I was a grand officer in the Grand Lodge in London, this is the London medal. As a grand officer I used to wear this (the collar and the sword) and work in order to initiate the next freemason who wanted to receive “the light” and if he was a “good boy” he could receive like in this case a medal : this was a medal given for the worship of masters in the congress of the Grand Orient of Italy  held in 12-13 of November 1994.

Freemason Degrees?

Freemasons start at a lower level as a positive charity driven society. As you go trough the first three degrees than you join a rite, it can be the scotish rite or other, it depends where you are in the world.
When you join these superior degrees and also when you make active work in a Grande Lodge, if you are an officer and you reach the high levels as a grand officer and you are in charge of a whole district of freemasons then you start becoming more and more conscient (aware) that you have contact with certain forces behind the scene.
These forces influence politics, influence religion, influence the topics that you shouldn’t be discussing in freemasonry but they are actually discussed in secret.
In the scotish rite, from a certain degree, you are allowed to discuss politics.

Free masons and Opus Dei

What we were trying to create at our Committee of Monte Carlo was to have a good balance between the Opus Dei members and the other members of other secret societies. Opus Dei seem to have a particular influence these days so a lot of people want to be associated with them.
My personal experience with Opus Dei has been quite interesting because I used to have my meetings with the illuminati in the headquarters of the Opus Dei in Bologna, Villa Leona. Carlo Maria Baserga , the owner of this place, he was quite a scener, with a young lover going out to lunch just in front of us he wasn’t afraid to show us his true side because we were the “naughty boys”. These meetings between satanists and luciferians were taking place inside the headquarters of the Opus Dei this is a very interesting fact on his own because it is known that Opus Dei is a secret organization inside the Catholic Church.
Opus Dei it’s nowadays more powerful then the freemasonry especially in Italy. Many freemasons have double membership both in the Opus Dei and the freemasonry.
To join the Opus Dei is a good business because there are a lot of business people and you can make good money.

Global Conspiracy

By exposing myself like I am doing now, I probably will never have a job in any major corporation, I don’t seek one but if I wanted I could never have. And is also very difficult for me to live because I finance myself  since I don’t have anybody behind me. In the same time I am warning people of an enemy that they don’t want to see usually because they are too occupied in doing other things.
If you are occupied paying your bills, running after your kids, your job, it’s very difficult for you to focus and say:”I have here a global conspiracy that is taking over my life.”
It’s very difficult to stop even for a moment to think about it. They don’t want you to think, if you start thinking you can become dangerous.
They made experiments during the course of years especially with the problems of mind control and the strategy of tension.
P2 was a very important Lodge for the strategy of tension that belong to the Gladio with the whole activity of anticommunists which was a cover up for a big game, the conflict between the communists and the fascist and this was another cover up for other intentions of the “illuminati”. Now the conflict is between the Christians and the muslims, tomorrow maybe between people from this planet and imaginary people from another planet.
Maybe they could create an alien race as this propaganda is pushing more and more people to believe in aliens.

Tell me some names of freemasons who are active in the world politics today:

Leo Zagami: First of all for example, you have the father of George Bush, George H. Bush, we have the son of George Bush who is initiated in the Skull and Bones, John Kerry also initiated in the Skull and Bones, we have people like Kissinger who used to be in the P2 Monte Carlo Lodge and he is still a very powerful character in the world politics. There are also people like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. I remember Gordon Brown was decided to be a prime minister when I was at Kirby Lodge in october of 2003. They were using Tony Blair for what they needed and then just “flash him down the toilet” to replace him with somebody they thought was more suitable.

Kirby Lodge 2818 it’s a lodge founded by the Bank of England and most of  its members are bankers. I was part of it for a period of time.
My previous mentor, prince Alliata said: “you have to understand that Italian freemasonry is divided in many branches with many grand masters so the best thing you can do is to go to England and become a member of the United Grand Lodge of England in order to stabilize your position”.

Kirby Lodge London?

Leo Zagami: Kirby Lodge 1828 has a long story and it was a big experience for me to join this lodge for a period of time. Even if I belong to other lodges in Italy for longer periods of time like the Minerva Lodge, the Garibaldi Lodge, I always thought that my experience in London has been a very special one because it taught me how New World Order has in London one of the most important centers.
This is my chart: Rite Ancient and Primitive of Memphis and Mizraim, Grand inspector general 33 degree, Sovereign Grand Master Absolute of the Egyptian Order of Misraim 90 degree, Grand Conservateur of Memphis 95 degree signed by the doctor Nicholaj Frisvhol at the oratory of Oslo.

Illuminati Power Structure? Knighthoods? Secret Services?

Leo Zagami: The people who are really manipulating the whole thing people are the usual families of “illuminati” and the Vatican who is supporting them. These people who want to implement the New World Order are from a series of “knights” recognized by the Vatican like the “Knights of the Holly Sepulcre”, the “Knights of Malta”, “Knights of Saint John”.
These “knights” are all part of the secret services: CIA, MI6, MI5  in England. These people who belong to the intelligence services have double loyalty, not only to the country but also to the “Holly Order” they belong to which is under the control of the pope and of the various leaders of these “knighthoods orders”.

There are many knighthood orders outside Vatican that control all sorts of parts of the aristocracy, we have the Royal Order of the Garter in England which includes all the members from the various European aristocratic bloodlines, more or less all interconnected with each other.
For the Austrians there are the Teutonic Knights.
All these “knighthoods” function in a way as an invisible military structure and they use special garments that can be seen only by those few people  who know how to recognize their symbols. The square and the compass is the most basic symbol but then there are many other degrees and many other knighthood orders that use different symbols.
Freemasonry was born out of the knighthood orders as a necessity to also involve the lower sides of the western society in this pyramid. That is why in England you have almost half of a million freemasons. We don’t have an elitarian society but a big society that it’s controlled from the center by a Single Elite ruling all the people.

April 2008

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