The elephant posture

In this amorous posture, similar to the tiger walk posture, the woman lays on one side, offering her lover an exciting vision of her YONI, of her sensually arched back, and of her appealing buttocks. She and her lover can both approach this posture by both lying on one side, for example on the left side where her right knee is bent. Her lover rounds this posture by coming on top of his lover’s body, putting his right leg between her thighs (the woman’s right thigh is above the man’s right leg) and bending like an elephant; with the lower part of his back pushed further in, he enters the mysterious realm of his lover’s YONI. Her lover introduces his LINGAM, entering the “gate of ecstasy”, while his lover encourages him with seductive movements. This allows the man to perform an easier penetration and to have an exciting perspective of the woman’s YONI. The man comes down on his knees, controlling and tenderly but frenetically adjusting the pace and the depth of his movements (strokes), tempering his dynamic force when he slides into the “silky cave” of his lover’s YONI in order not to injure her. In this union, the woman’s YONI firmly squeezes the man’s LINGAM, leading him gradually towards the sublime amorous ecstasy. 

The woman may also initiate this posture initially leaning on her arms and on her knees, as in Tiger walk posture. Both lovers will descend then at the same time in the elephant posture, being intimately and erotically united.
In another variant of this posture, the woman will stretch her right leg (in our example) over the man’s right leg, to experiment with a richer range of profound erotic experiences.
In the amorous postures with side penetration, the elephant posture is one of the most pleasurable for the woman because it favors a deep penetration and the stimulation of the cervix, thus facilitating the experiencing of some deep and delicious erotic states of cervical-uterine orgasm. The man can be very attentive to his beloved so that by moving her upper buttock (right hip) to reach the most sensitive area of her YONI, concentrating thus on the pleasure she experiences in the cervix. In addition to the exciting deep strokes that he realizes, the man can caress his lover with very much tenderness throughout the body, back, breasts, thighs, intensifying even more the orgasmic experience. The posture can be done symmetrically (both sides), balancing in this way the circulation of the subtle erotic energy in the body, for as a complete and fulfilling amorous experience as possible.

8 november 2012

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