The method of the Great Bee

There is a less applied in the Western world, but extremely powerful form of sexual intercourse performed with continence known in the Indian tradition as the Method of the Great Bee.
Reversing the conventional order, this posture is approached only by the couples who go beyond certain limitative patterns and who want to live intense and very deep states of orgasm, being approached mostly by the couples in which the woman feels free and powerful, due to her “dominating” position in this posture. 

In this erotic position, the woman, after she helped her lover completely lay down on the bed or a mat, sits on top of him in the squat position, on his thighs and firmly tightens her calves after she introduced his lingam sufficiently deep in her yoni. Supporting herself with her arms against her beloved’s chest, she will perform up-down, left-right movements, in order to let herself penetrated as deeply as possible. Rotating her basin as largely as possible, she enchants her lover to the maximum and intensely enjoys it herself too.

If she feels that the pleasure tends to reach a climax which could be controlled with more difficulty, then she stops and focuses along with her lover on the lifting (sublimation) of the energies. Also, for a better control, both lovers should breathe deeply and to hold the breath in retention on the full, action that will greatly facilitate the process of sublimation. The pace of the woman’s movements should be kept under control and to be in agreement with the man’s power to control his sexual energy.

The approach of this position may be demanding for the woman, especially if the muscles of her thighs and calves are not well trained. Therefore, in this case, it is indicated for the woman to practice daily for a while certain exercises for the strengthening of the leg muscles such as, for example, knee bending exercises. This will allow her to easily maintain this erotic posture for a longer period of time.

None of the two lovers must forget that, if they do not make an effort of will, the pleasure of the one we love will not be satisfied. To this end, the woman must almost always pursue to contract the vaginal muscles, holding and excitingly massaging the man’s potent organ. The Tantric secret texts sustain that this can only be learned through a perseverant practice and it is accomplished excellently by sending the mysterious power of will towards her intimate muscles: “By doing, she must repeat mentally the name of the God of love, Kamadeva, to get into deep communion with the energies of the erotic happiness that lies within his huge sphere of force.”

Also, the man will have to be extremely careful to control the sexual energy, since this erotic posture triggers a very strong energy that, for someone inexperienced, could lead to ejaculation and, therefore, an appropriate training is required. The man can stop the woman’s movement for a short period of time when he feels he approaches the non-return point or he may induce her the appropriate pace in order to control the energy by holding her basin gently, but firmly.

This erotic posture favors the awakening of the Kundalini energy, due to the energetic dynamism that it engages, thus leading to completely special inner experiences. We know from the yoga practice that the awakening and ascending along the spine of the fundamental energy of Kundalini Shakti, is an important step in the spiritual evolution of the practitioner. Thus, making love with transfiguration and continence can be considered a real help in the evolution of the human being on the spiritual path and, even more than that, in the case of those who have native predisposition for this, a spiritual path in itself.


January 2013

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