The posture of the Relaxed Arch

by Jofiela

“Those who know the art of YIN (-) and YANG (+) in making love can mix the five pleasures (aroused by the five senses), making a very deep and long celestial bliss out of them. Those who ignore this art will die emaciated and entrenched in prejudice, without ever knowing the real amorous lust of boundless love.” (Significant passage from the Taoist wisdom)

For those couples who successfully merge the games of YIN (-) and YANG (+) energies in their act of making love, while also maintaining control of these energies fully enjoying their orgasmic energies that are triggered, the posture of the Relaxed Arch will become one of the most delicious postures always ready to gratify the intensity of the amorous feelings and also the love and intimacy between the two lovers.

At first the man sits on the bed with his legs straight. Then the woman gets closer to near him on her knees and offers the privacy of her YONI to the adored and erect one. When this position is comfortable for her, the woman arches her back slowly but without creating any tension in the lower back. She puts her head on the bed between her lover’s legs and holds his ankles or feet with her hands. The man’s hands will gently but firmly hold her lower back, this helping the “dance” of their movements full of lust. In the happiness of love, the woman will be deliciously surprised by her lover when he, bent over her womb, will enjoy the ripe fruits of her breasts.
For those exuberant and eager to taste the novel sensuality of this posture, the simple but persistent training in acquiring the necessary flexibility will be fully rewarded. Even a few minutes of making love in the posture of the Relaxed Arch will be memorable and will have extraordinary effects. The posture allows the stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina so that all the pleasure points located in this area will receive a special “treatment”. The woman’s G-spot is caressed passionately and gratified by the relaxed Arch of Love for its “healing” and full of bliss virtues.

“Live intensely, deeply and fully each present moment as if it was the  last, because in reality, every time, there and then, that moment is the first and the last, because it is absolutely unique and unrepeatable.” (Gregorian Bivolaru,”Essential amorous secrets for yogi couples who aspire to be happy “, 2006)



January 2013

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