The erogenous map of the man


Women who love, try to extend the overwhelming pleasure of your beloved (empathically triggering yours) as you expand the area of the caresses you offer.

1. Hands

Not by accident, a simple walk when the two go hand in hand can be enough to generate delightful emotions. The main residence of touch and the instrument of caresses by excellence, related to Anahata Chakra, hands generate a lot of pleasure. They are very rich in nervous receivers; especially the palm is highly sensitive to the softest erotic touch.

2. The eyes

In the case of men – seemingly more than for women – the role of sight is very important (especially in the beginning of a relationship). Many men can be extremely aroused by a naked, harmonious feminine body, even before touching the woman they love. In this respect, it is said that men have eyes in order to see the beauty of their beloved, while women have eyes in order to be seen by their lover.

3. The mouth

The erotic power of the mouth is almost equal, both for men and for women. However, we must pay attention to every kiss because what we offer and receive at the same time with the tongue (especially with the tip) features a different intensity than an “exchange” which is limited to the lips. As it involves touch and taste, as well as smell, profound kisses activate five of the twelve pairs of brain nerves.

4. The ears
Here we would like to draw attention upon the area behind the ears, which is extremely rich in nerves, or the lobes, which can be slightly bitten or caressed with the hair during a kiss.

5. The neck

Especially its sides, which are crossed by important sensitive nerves, are extremely receptive. A simple kiss on the neck can prove to be an excellent direct erotic stimulus.

6. The chest

It seems that men who are aroused by the stimulation of their own nipples are quite few. Actually, the erogenous power of the nipples is in general quite reduced for men. However, the rest of the chest is very sensitive to erotic stimulation generated by the erect nipples of the woman during frontal embraces.

7. The nape

Although the nape is not very erogenous per se, still, the highest part of the spine (at the occipital level) is very receptive sexually. So massage this area with your fingers and your palms and the muscles present here will be very relaxed, especially when we continue the erotic massage down the spine to the lumbar area.

8. The back

The back is a very erogenous area, both for the man and for the woman, especially the small of the back, in other words, the lumbar area, which is the “crossroads” of all nerves of the pelvis.

9. The inside and back of the thighs

Often way too little “explored”, this area is as in the woman’s case, highly receptive. This receptiveness is often amplified the more we approach the genitalia.

10. The calves

Some men, not all, love to be touched here with the balls of the woman’s foot.

11. The genitalia

The scrotum, the lingam and its basis, all these regions are very erogenous, especially the area located between the testicles and the anus. But pay attention, in the case of a beginner who does not control his erotic potential very well, if you massage this area, you risk sudden ejaculation which is the least desired thing for him. In the 69 position, it is recommended to the woman to insert her lover’s lingam in her mouth and then remain completely still, while perceiving the yang (+) subtle energies coming from the man as he frantically caresses her yoni and her clitoris with his lips and tongue.

12. The shaft

This is the only erogenous area per se which leads to orgasm without ejaculation in the case of the man. Therefore, we have a big question: since the shaft is the only primary erogenous zone of the man, what are we to think of circumcision, which diminishes its sensitivity? We could answer that in this case, there is an upper side: this decrease of shaft sensitivity allows for a better control of sexual energy by the man and it consequently generates a powerful increase of the endless pleasure which is intensely and empathically experienced by both lovers during lovemaking which can therefore last much more.

13. The anal region

The stimulation of this area is variably appreciated from one man to another, so we recommend that in this case you proceed carefully.

14. The buttocks

During lovemaking, the woman must grab strongly yet sensually her lover by the buttocks with both her hands, thus “expertly” directing the exploration of her aroused yoni by his erect lingam. She will move her pelvis sensually, especially when her lover is on top, and she grabs his behind with her hands.

April 2015

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