Technique for the Art of Blessing

The steps for the technique of Blessing are listed below:

  • We focus internally, both mentally and spiritually;
  • We point our attention, our soul and our emotions only towards God the Father, as this inner attitude is essential;
  • We focus our attention at the level of Anahata Chakra (the area in the middle of the chest) and Sahasrara (the area on top of the head) simultaneously. We feel a state of elevation, of a unique euphoric emotion, with countless nuances;
  • We say mentally the formula of Blessing in such a way as to feel it with all our being;
  • We raise the hand in the indicated position;
  • Then after saying the formula and keeping the eyes closed, we orient our gaze to become slightly cross eyed as we focus on Sahasrara;
  • When the Divine Energy starts to flow in our body, the gaze relaxes and the eyes remain closed;
  • Simultaneously we try to perceive what is happening in us and through us;
  • We become aware of how the flow of Divine Energy penetrates the top of the head, travels downwards and floods our whole being and then a part of it flows through our right arm into the person we are blessing. If Self-Blessing the energy remains within.
  •  Paying as much attention as possible to the 5 stages of the manifestation of Divine Energy, we become aware of:

                a.   climbing to a crescendo;
                b.   reaching a climax;
                c.   gradually decreasing;
                d.   ending;
                e.   the global effects.

  • After these five stages are over, the hand relaxes to a normal position;
  • If the person we bless does not deserve it, according to the blessing formula, nothing appears, the flow of energy doesn’t appear;
  • Those who do not practice yoga should focus on the areas of the chest and the top of the head, both inside and outside the physical body;
  • At the end, we thank God (it is not necessary to say the prayer of thanksgiving after each blessing, only at the end).

The effects that appear intensify in time. They are complex, multiple and remain for days, weeks, months, and years both in the blessed one and in the one who blesses. The energy we receive is infinite. God always has energy for everyone. Therefore we can do the Blessing as often as we wish.

The Blessing is more than a prayer, because in prayer we can make mistakes by asking God certain things. However, through Blessing, God grants us exactly what we need (in Self-Blessing) or what the blessed ones need. The Art of Blessing implies our free will. Only if we ask can we receive, as they say “God can bestow on us anything, but he does not place it in our bag”.

There houses, objects, aliments, situations, actions, can also be blessed in which case we modify the blessing formula. The Energy of God’s Spirit can be directed towards anything, because deification can appear in everything. The blessing does not need to be preceded by a consecration because it is about the Spirit of God which is both in manifestation and outside of it, and it is an action done by God himself. Through the Art of Blessing we activate the invisible energetically centers and connect ourselves to the field of synchronicity.

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