The Mana

Mana is a concept used in the Huna tradition in Hawaii. It is considered that mana has three primary forms; each of them functions in one of the three basic levels of man”s personality. Mana, the basic force of life, operates in the infrastructure of the Inferior Self (unihipili), which is the subconscious mind. Mana has the power to build and to maintain forms, including the physical body, and it is similar to ethereal energy. Mana-mana operates in the structure of the Median Self (uhane), the conscious mind. It is the creative power of the will and manifests thought and the emotions corresponding to astral energy. Mana-loa operates in the supra-structure of the Superior Self (aumakua), the supra-conscious mind. This is a subtle energy of a very high frequency that can be cultivated and used for instantaneous healings and to realise miracles. It also contains the power of compassion and an equivalent term could be causal energy.

The Huna tradition states that all forms of mana (energy) flow through the human body as waves that emanate from the solar plexus and flow symmetrically downwards to one of the legs and then upwards to the opposite shoulder; the flow resembling the number 8 shape. The principle of the sublimation of energy is also known in the Huna tradition. It is considered that mana on the inferior levels can be converted and raised to the superior levels. This tradition also mentions that energy (mana) can be manipulated through specific exercises involving respiration and visualization.

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