This Is A Shameful Investigation: Omerta (The Rule Of Silence) Imposed By The Authorities Is Broken

This Is A Shameful Investigation: Omerta (The Rule Of Silence) Imposed By The Authorities Is Broken

by Mihai Stoian
The investigation that is being run by Inspector Pavun and his staff is a shameful one, the situations that come to light now show more clearly than ever an attempt to frame my colleagues from Satya Yoga and me with accusations that are very grave. Moreover, they are trying to fabricate “evidence” for this with a surprising arrogance as if they are on their own, without any control. Yet, brave individuals are taking a stance and providing evidence of the fraud involved in this investigation! (see below the first information coming from the inside!)

The involvement of the police team in a disinformation campaign was clear from the first days of it. The information that was given by the police officers contradicted the obvious reality, being purely lies! Why would the police get involved in such a miserable campaign unless their superiors were ordering them to join the party for destroying a genuine spiritual school?
As an example, I remind you here that police officers declared that five of my colleagues were requested to come to the police station where they were interviewed…but these people were never even in touch with the Indian police because they left the country before this happened! Such a disinformation campaign, with the help of the police from the beginning, gives us a clue about their real intentions and the lack of objectivity in this so-called investigation that they pretend to make about Satya Yoga and its teachers. Here is the quotation from TOI that shows the police’s blatant lies:

“Chennai – The police on Tuesday summoned for questioning five members of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (Misa), a European cult that has been training nearly 100 youngsters in yoga and tantric love’ in the city for two years. The members, who were reportedly operating from a rented house in Chokalingam Nagar in Teynampet, were questioned by assistant commissioner of police M Rangarajan.”


But the investigation took tragicomic turns almost from the beginning. Following the lies from the media, the police came to search the yoga center for obscene materials, pornographic pictures or movies. And they found the Indian edition of  The Tantric Path Of Love by Gregorian Bivolaru, a decent book that contains pictures with statues from … Indian temples! How obscene is that? Yet, Inspector Pavun told the media that they found evidences of obscene materials and that they are creating a file (to be better read “fabricating a file”). Not even today (after more than one month) do we have any sign about the existence of this file and our lawyer was not granted access to any materials or so-called evidence…because they simply do not exist.
Then, according to Mr Pavun’s deep inquiry into the profoundness of symbolism and art, most of the Indian temples should be closed for displaying obscene scenes! Probably, if it was up to people like him, this would be the situation! But luckily it is not. At least NOT YET

(As you can see, the Indian edition of this book contains Indian obscenities even on the cover!)

The unprofessional and shameful manner in which this investigation was conducted prompted some of the workers in the police station to send us emails with information that contains evidence of what is prepared now behind the scenes. Here is one of the letters I have received, together with the attachment. It speaks for itself:

I take liberty to write this letter for it is my duty to defend the truth and justice and not to serve the interest of some people that are corrupt and trespassers. I was shocked eversince the first day when our team received the orders to find some clear evidence that will incriminate you and your respected yoga school using any method.
You see Sir, I am an honest person and I hoped that in the work I do I will help the truth and the justice to have a better chance of being again visible for people in our country. In the name of this belief I was asking some friends that know your yoga school and all they told me were wonderful and highly respectful things. Your knowledge is praised by your students and they are all Indians.
Seeing these actions in the newspapers against yourself and the yoga school and the often visits of the TOI journalist to our chief inspector, reading the lies that were said in the name of police about the investigation, I decided to warn you about what is going on now because you as a foreigner might not be aware about how things are taking shape in India sometimes.
Using my mobile phone I provide here some audio recordings of the interrogation one of your people was subjected to in our station. I took this recording (I hope you can hear most of it) to show the others that follow you how dangerous the situation is for you and your team. I want to advice you and all your friends to stay away from India for the moment.
Some days ago a civillian came to our superiors and gave some precise instructions about to run this investigation and what measures are to be taken against your organisation. From what I’ve witnessed he was asking us to make all possible to eliminate your school from India and to create a criminal file against you personally. I couldn’t find out how he is related to this case and why our superiors are so much in debt to him to follow such orders. I tried to record the only meeting I was partially attending with this person but my phone was running out of battery and died before I could record anything.
But from what I have heard until now the orders given by this civillian that came from another state (someone told me he came from Rajasthan from a governmental commission) were related to the direct fabrication of a file that will portray you and others as drug dealers before the judge. Here in India such a file can be easily done with the degree of corruption that still exists in this country and even in the police. It is not the first time when such files are made under high political orders. Every election campaign (and in India we almost continuously have an election campaign for something) there is this game with the fabrication of the files, the money involved is very big and people are very high up.
In your case Sir, I have my doubts with respect to the reasons why such methods are used since you are just a yoga master and your respected school Sir is only teaching yoga and tantra. Who is paying for all this fabrication and why?

One of my colleagues told me that they are waiting for the decision about what quantity of drugs to say they found in your place and what type, all being instrumented together with the drug brigade. Of course they are talking about heavy drugs and be sure that your lawyer will not be notified about anything, being told to bring all of you for signing some declarations for quashing the case. But be advised Sir that once any of you will set foot into the police station you will be placed in custody and the file on drugs possession and sales will immediately come up. The quantity that was allegedly given to the forensic institute (over 2kg of powder) is enough to make a great fuss about your activity.
Unfortunately this is not a simple situation and I am ashamed to see that we in India have come to treat a spiritual person like you with such disrespect and lies, hindering the work of so many people just for political reasons. I wish I could do more but given the circumstances this is all I can afford.
I wish you to continue your spiritual work in the places that are more welcoming and maybe one day to come back to India for a better meeting with our country.
With respect,

(SENSATIONAL:due to the wonderful work of this worker for the truth, you can listen here to excerpts from the conversation that took place in the police station) The quality is not so good but you can still hear some of the statements of the police inspector and the way the whole thing is handled.

And here is a transcription (as much as possible) of the recording you can hear:


“First you are a foreigner, you have to follow so much rules and regulations, and strict instructions, (inaudible). You’re not a – not a – your birthplace is not here. When you come to India for each thing you do you have to ask permission from the government”
“You say you are an architect? How can we believe you?[…]whether you are an architect you should prove yourself. How can I believe that you are an architect?”
“Who asked to do this [practice yoga together with others]?”
– Answer:”some friends”
P:”Do you think anybody can do anything?”
“I say, you need not teach knowledge here. We have all the knowledge persons here. You have come from that country and need not teach knowledge. We are already experts in everything. What you tell us…  you better keep it for yourself! (inaudible)”
“[shouting in Tamil or inaudible English to our lawyer about Satya Yoga] Huh? These fellow are creating all sort of nonsense. Huh? For the past 2 years there is all sort of nonsense going on. Huh? They are – We are thinking bad things about You. For the past 2 years this nonsense is going on there.
“See, You are going to face the consequences. And we will not tell you.”
“You need not ask us. We are threatening the land lady. That is between us and the land lady.”

Thank you for this letter and for the amazing act of courage to provide us with this recording. In this way I hope more people will take this step and help in disclosing the truth behind this shameful investigation. In this way, it is possible to even stop the abuses for the sake of the truth.
Should I mention that all the information this gentlemen gives in his letter was confirmed in one way or another by other sources?? Our lawyer was told more than two weeks ago that the seal on Satya’s door cannot be removed (even if the “obscene” evidence could not be given). And only when he insisted upon the reasons for this abusive behavior from the authorities was he told about the “powder” that was found in a certain quantity in our center.
If our lawyer did not insist about the seal on the door we would not know anything about this part of the investigation that is pointing to drugs! But one of the inspectors (I guess Mr Pavun himself) gave away this strategy with his own mouth when talking with one of our colleagues: “See, You are going to face the consequences. And we will not tell you.” And thanks to the anonymous friend from the police we can see (hear) the strings that are being pulled behind this case.
And ever since, the duration needed for the analysis from the forensic institute has been delayed far too much compared with the normal way things would go in similar cases. Any border point or international airport has a kit for testing drugs and it takes a few minutes to test any “powder”. Unless it is some lunar soil or some radioactive kryptonite that would require some special equipment for testing, any banal powder would have taken a much shorter time than one month!
One important argument that becomes very clear now (indirectly confirming what the above letter signals) is what a good Indian friend of mine told me since the first article appeared in TOI. At that time I was thinking that this is a classic campaign like the ones in Denmark or Romania, ordered by the Masonic local lodges just before our yoga meetings were about to resume after holiday. But to my surprise he told me at that time to leave the country as soon as possible (in that evening if possible) because his contacts who are high up in the police and TN government warned him that the plan is to create a big maneuver against Satya Yoga and against Mihai Stoian and his team. The fact that this thing (and I already wrote about this some weeks ago in the first news) is now taking shape exactly as it was said to me by him proves for anyone with common sense that this is indeed what happens behind closed doors. Should my Indian friend have exaggerated or been wrong then, after some bad publicity from the TOI article, everything would have calmed down and the school would have continued its activities that were supposed to restart in that week. It is now even more clear that the fabrication of such a file is the reason for the abnormal delay of all information about any supposed accusations or the so- called evidence.
This delay in offering any explanations from the police is also illegal in itself and represents a violation of any rule of professional conduct in this matter. The seal on the door where people used to meet and practice yoga together is still there, despite repeated requests from our side to remove the seal in absence of any evidence that proves their accusations. Why keep the door sealed if not for image reasons, because it looks good when TV reporters and journalists go there and send reports standing in front of the police-sealed door.

As a simple observation to support the above letter, our first lawyer was trying to convince Rainer and other colleagues to come to the police station to sign some papers that will terminate the case. Later on we found out that the case was not finished and the police was trying to detain some of us in order to move to the next stage of their plan. This classic trick was applied to other people by the police in India and the same Indian friend told me about a similar case that happened in 2009 when the leader of a spiritual movement in India was accused of some obscene behavior and then he was told that the whole case is ending due to lack of serious evidence and he should come personally to sign the documents. Once he set foot in the police station he was arrested and dragged through Indian prisons for months before he was released but not before three more files were fabricated against him! This similarity cannot be a coincidence and shows that even the lawyers are sometimes forced by the police to play their game.

I will continue to disclose the information and show the lies that are given to the people until this shameful campaign and investigation will stop and the truth will prevail! I still have a lot to tell about the reasons behind this fierce campaign because there are some things that most of people don’t know about my visit in India and explains very well why it happens and why now?

I know for a fact that the only thing the conspiracy and lies cannot stand is the disclosure!
At the same time I call all people who are tired of being lied to, who want to follow their belief without being afraid of some mediocre guys with power, to all those who are thirsty for the truth, to wake up and act! Write, communicate with each other, take a stance and do not keep yourself away from your spiritual practice even for one day. The unification of all those who are on the spiritual path will give a force that cannot be matched by any Masonic (or other occult) phantasmagorical power-dream. Yet this unification has to be in two directions: with firm actions for disclosing the lies and abuses and with spiritual practice that is done individually and which will give everyone access to the levels of consciousness where all can meet and truly unite.
God Bless Us All

July 15, 2011


Story of Events

For three weeks I travelled through India from north to south and met many amazing people. The whole trip will be described later and pictures will be added to the text. For now I will only focus on some of the events related to this trip that are connected to the stories running in the Indian media (and not only there).

The Media Circus And The Strings Revealed

After we left the north, we flew to Bangalore where we kept a seminar about the spiritual dimension of the couple relationship. From the moment we started the seminar in Bangalore, a lot of people were calling us and were interested to learn more about the tantric teachings and the yoga system. We were surprised to learn from the questions people posed that so many people in India are making the same mistake as many westerners, in considering tantra to be some kind of sexual voodoo practice! It became clear for us that we need to explain more clearly, and from the roots, the tantric philosophy and to bring the simple principles of this ancient tradition to the attention of people, otherwise they would continue to project their frustrations and sexual inhibitions onto this subject. Many of the participants complained about the hypocritical attitude that Indian society cultivates today. People refused to talk about certain subjects even though they would all like to learn more about them. The group in Bangalore taught me a lot about the deep problems Indian society faces today in some basic areas of life, such as the couple relationship and its spiritual dimension. Even though they were a very educated crowd, they listened attentively over the whole weekend, like children in the first grade, completely amazed by the simplicity and the spiritual power of these teachings. Yet while sharing this basic knowledge with them, I came to realize, with increasing clarity, the size of the fracture which exists inside their being, between the spiritual life and the daily existence. At a glance, we have the impression that Indian people connect the daily life with the spiritual life in a more harmonious way. In the West, spiritual practice was separated from the daily life in order for the church to define and consolidate its power and to give the impression that they control people’s access to God or their spiritual evolution. They have created such an abnormal identification between religion and spirituality (confiscating the individual relationship with God) that has nowadays generated atheism as an almost legitimate reaction from many people against these abuses. Many important chapters of the daily life were simply removed from spirituality; they were banned, considered sinful or, in the best case, ignored. In this way people were condemned (by the man-made arbitrariness of the church) to live a sinful life since they were not given any alternative or taught otherwise. Over night, what was daily existence before now became a sinful way of living and the solution for this was sold by the church. The solution provided by the church was meant to be unnatural and almost impossible to follow so that people would come back again and again to buy their redemption from the priest. For example, one was instructed to live a balanced life, free from strong desires, but is continuously surrounded by powerful temptations that are triggering strong desires. In this way, such a person would feel weak and sinful and the only solution would be to buy the redemption from the church. Should the church have been teaching people methods instead of preaching dogmas they would not have needed to come back and the church would have lost its power. The same scheme is used today by the pharmaceutical industry which invests billions to create illness in order for people to buy their medicine, and it is not by coincidence that some of today’s biggest sponsors of the pharmaceutical industry are the occult groups. After all, it was they who invented this scheme.
Now I can see that in India the situation is not far from this. In many cases, the priests in India were taking the practice away from the daily life by gradually reducing the spiritual methods to simple elements that lose their immediate effectiveness. Yoga became an asceticism that can be performed only by the few strong ones, and the masses are left to beg the priests for their salvation. Same story, different people.
In the seminar in Bangalore, people were amazed to see that spirituality can be understood and practiced by every individual in a simple and natural way, perfectly suited to their daily life; and they were constantly asking why they didn’t know anything like this until now, why this knowledge is hidden instead of being given to everyone. I hear the same question everywhere we go and share this knowledge. At the same time, the group in Bangalore gave me a glimpse of the dramatic situation in Indian society, created by the “subculture of hypocrisy” as they call it. Later in this article you can see the video of one of the journalists demonstrating this “subculture of hypocrisy” through his own behavior. All the participants confessed to not knowing how to be with their beloved one, how to be intimate, and how to spiritually approach their marriage and relationship, while at the same time they found it difficult to openly look into it. And it was not only the chapter of relationships that was suffering from this “fracture” in their life. Almost everything that is important or significant for them suffers from this artificial separation: job, career, life security, family, and their relationship with God. And it is exactly this fracture between the individual daily life and the spiritual life that the genuine tantric teaching solves, healing the wound which exists in our heart when we leave the direct communion with our Creator.
Over these days, I realized the immense need for the correct understanding of the spiritual teachings that Grieg is reviving throughout the world, in the country that once practiced it.

The History of Events From 1st June Until 12th of July

With these thoughts I left for Chennai, traveling overnight in an Indian sleeping wagon. This was a very interesting experience in itself, but I’ll save this for another time.
 For all the readers of this blog, here is the timeline of events so far, in the way that I know them from direct experience. This will help those who are searching for the truth behind the lies of the media.
While in Chennai, a Times of India journalist by the name of Arun Ram called us a few times asking to come and see what we are doing in the yoga centre and in the camp that was about to begin. We agreed that he could come and even ask Adina and I questions if he would be willing to talk openly about the story.

The photographer came to take pictures of some events before the camp started and the journalist came in the middle of the camp. We had a talk together and recorded the whole meeting on video. We explained things to him very well and he claimed that he understood, even completing what I was saying with his own considerations which were in the same line of thought (see below a comparison between what he said to us and what he wrote).

The article and interview were due to be published a few days after the camp finished and the journalist even asking permission to interview the students who were present in the camp. So far so good…

Suddenly, just after my friends sent out a newsletter to the mailing list, announcing the big event of the SPIRAL MEDITATION with the national soul, an event which was to take place in the last day of our stay in India (5th June), the article appeared (on Friday 3rd June) on the front page of TOI, almost one week before time. The strange rush to publish this article later started to reveal the hidden interest behind this campaign, proven by the sequence of events.

he quality of the writing (in this first article) is very poor and the information provided is strangely formulated. It seems that it was a quick order and they had to do it overnight.
After this article, the journalist tried to put more questions to the Satya Yoga team and when he was politely refused, (because he had already misused the information he was openly given, we considered it inappropriate to give him any more attention), he started to threaten the Satya Yoga team with a large scale scandal and problems with the teachers’ Indian visas (even though he knew that the teachers of Satya Yoga were legally staying in India on business visas). This also shows the quality of journalism and starts to reveal the forces that are behind this so-called journalistic investigation.
After the one-week event ended, and after the SPIRAL MEDITATION, Adina and I left India. We did so not because we were being investigated, (as was incorrectly stated in the Indian media), but because we had flight tickets that were bought months in advance and…this was the plan. Saying that we left the country in order to run away from the responsibility of our actions is just another BIG LIE OF THE INDIAN MEDIA in order to make our image look bad in the eyes of the public; to make us the evil foreigners who come to India and steal what they can and in the end run away with the money. Poor Indians, lied to by their fellow men! In reality we came to India to share and to give, and we were not paid anything for coming there. And while they are making us the scapegoat, the rich fat Indians, “hand in hand” with their overseas brothers (from the Masonic lodges which they are now proudly spreading through the elite of the country), are selling the country for almost nothing and treating their own people like just a mass of consumers; and they always escape from justice because they put in front of them false cases like that of Satya Yoga and they pay the police and the state authorities with bribery. This is the real corruption that has to be eradicated, and it is also the ill force behind this campaign. However, the eradication can only occur when individuals will rise from the level of just being consumers and will reconnect with the Divine Consciousness in a direct way.
The police were already moving on Sunday 5th June, when two officers came to the place where the spiral meditation was supposed to take place and asked about me and Adina. A fortunate delay kept us away from them and they left a few minutes before we arrived at the spiral venue.
On Monday morning, after I had left India, the Chennai police came to the Teynampet yoga centre and asked about me there. Visibly confused when they found out that I am not in the country, the police officers called their superior who asked for the person in charge of Satya to come to the station with all the documents.
Their reason was that they had received a complaint against the school. The same evening our friend Rainer Trubel attended a long meeting in the police station, and he did the same in the following days, together with a lawyer.
 During this time, police officers visited the landlady at Teynampet and told her to immediately terminate the renting contract with the yoga school, otherwise everyone would have problems. They also left a message for the Satya Yoga team saying that in 24 hours the place had to be vacated, otherwise there would be trouble.
 On 7th June, Rainer went to the police station where he was told that they will go to search the yoga centre. Upon asking for the legal grounds for this search, Rainer was told “here we are the law”. Without any warrant or other official papers police officers came to the yoga centre and started to search in every corner of the place, confiscating materials they considered fit for their purpose. They took yantras, Kali brochures, yoga and tantra books, and papers related to the teachings. No papers were made about these materials taken from the yoga centre.

It was only a few days after this incident that the police announced the newspapers that they would make a search in the yoga centre on Saturday 11th June. This is when they probably managed to get the necessary legal papers.

Later on the same day, on the 7th, an officer declared for the news that the materials that they had confiscated confirm the accusation of distributing pornographic or obscene materials. Up until now there are no evidences presented by the police in this file, nor they are any further measures accepted by the authorities in order to clarify the case.

Seeing the way in which the events were unfolding, the German consulate later on advised Rainer not to attend the meetings in the police station until the whole situation was clarified, and that the presence of a lawyer would be enough at this stage. And this is what he did. Yet the media continued to show interviews with police officers that declared that the members of the Satya Yoga team had absconded and they are searching for them. Yet another lie directly supported by the authorities.

The police came and sealed the door of the yoga centre, saying that it will stay like this until the investigation ends

Later on the circus become even greater; the police issued a warrant in my name, Adina’s name, and in the names of some of our colleagues so that we would not be allowed to leave the country! Why would they do this when they already knew we had left the country? Clearly they did this only for media reasons, feeding the media circus with as much heat as possible, serving an interest that is not in the same direction as their job. It was far too little for them to use the documents they had and to investigate correctly.

Recently, more and more media have taken the story and twisted it in the most fantastic ways possible. From an important Tamil TV station we hear that my spiritual guide Grieg is not allowed to leave India. From one of the biggest media news agencies in Asia we read that Grieg is imprisoned in Romania where he is serving a sentence for many charges among which is pornography. We read that I am wanted by the police for other crimes and that they are trying to find me with the help of international organizations … while I am in the same place as always. Is this just bad journalism? Why is it that they do not mistakenly publish our side of the story, because it is at least as interesting as the other one?
In reality, this is not just bad journalism (even if it is well adorned with it) but it is a deliberate scheme that I will explain further down.

In a more recent article in TOI, the journalist declares that five people from the Satya Yoga team were taken to the police station to be investigated. The strange thing is that all five of these people (according to the names given in the paper) left India a few days before the article appeared and they were never invited to the police station. Another lie on the behalf of the police and Times of India, (considering how many lies they managed to publish on one subject it could be as well called Lies of India).
The police are clearly playing a double role in this story: they either say to us that the whole situation is almost nothing and they want to give back the confiscated materials from the yoga centre, or they declare in the media that they are preparing for a greater operation and they have proof and severe accusations against the yoga centre.

The most recent media stories are fake interviews with one of Satya’s teachers and a completely fake story of a journalist who was “infiltrated” in the event in Chennai. Based on these lying reports, the media has tried to build up even more the story that Satya was attempting to create erotic movies with the participants in these events. Even though the whole story sounds stupid, it didn’t stop the journalist from publishing it, probably because it was just an order. The order behind this media campaign is now more clearly revealed and i will soon show you the evidences!

The police continues with abusive actions building something behind closed doors

The media noise enters a period of relative calmness in the second part of June since there are no news from us. Just here and there few articles and tv shows are talking about Satya Yoga center and harvest the last seeds from this media campaign. Yet what was in the media is moving now behind closed doors in the police station.

Few weeks ago we hear form our latest lawyer that there is an investigation on us since the police found – in a search in our yoga center – few kg of “powder”?! The search was done after they already searched the the yoga center with our colleague Rainer. They were not announcing our lawyer about this operation as it is normal in such case. Asking about the witness on this operation our lawyer was given a strange answer, saying that it was not his business and this is police investigation. They say that the “powder” was send to the forensic institute for analysis and after this will come out they will come back with answers. Any attempt of our lawyer to see the file, to get the warrant that was allowing the house search or the custody papers for the “powder”, papers that we are legally entitled to see, meet the same closed door from the police inspector mr. Pavun and his staff.

To this day there is nothing from the forensic institute, three weeks after this “powder” was send there. Everyone knows that the drug tests are standard and in every airport or border unit they have a kit for testing that will allow an operator to finalize the testing of a substance in few minutes to few tens of minutes. But such a long time for this analysis shows to me that they are making some maneuvers to fabricate the evidences since this is the only way they can have something. Lets see what they will come up with after analyzing so much the “evidence”. Maybe they will find out that we have some alien dust there and it was very hard to analyze it with the classic drug kit 

IMPORTANT: since these events started, due to the fact we took a stand and didn’t allow the lies to spread without our reaction a lot of good citizens were reacting, writing their support. Among these letters we have also received information that is a real bomb for the events that were started in India in this campaign. In the following hours i decided to publish some of these information so that everyone that want to understand better what is going on to have a clearer picture.

July 14, 2011

Article from Mihai Stoian’s Blog


22 July 2011

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