An ultimatum from the Orient to the secret society of the Illuminati (2)

Interview with Benjamin Fulford taken by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
   Camelot Project, Tokyo, Japan
Article taken from the Nexus Magazine, year VI, number 14 (January – March 2010) 
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Western and Oriental secret societies

Kerry Cassidy: So this guy sent by Takenaka, who came to you and made you the offer – to become a mason, who sent him?

Benjamin Fulford: Well, Takenaka was one of Henry Kissinger’s disciples. And Henry Kissinger works for David Rockefeller. I accused Takenaka of having sold the Japanese financial system to Rockefeller.
If you imagine a pyramid, at the first level of the pyramid there are the naive, the uninformed. The Rotary Club is on top of the fourth level. In this case we are talking about the highest level because when they suggested me to get into freemasonry, they said: ”Above level 33 there are 13 more levels.” Do you remember the dollar bill, the pyramid on it? The eyes represent those who asked the human race to build the pyramids. It is about an unfinished pyramid. Above the 33 levels there are 13 more. This is the internal group of approximately 10,000 people that control the Western world. I wish I could say that most people in this elite group are good people with good hearts who want to do good things for this planet.

KC: So you got this offer. What did you do next?

BF: Well, what happened next was that right next day I received a call from a Japanese film director who told me he wanted to speak to me about something. When we met, he told me: ”I would like you to meet a certain person.” So we went to another hotel room.
They seem to prefer hotel rooms when they want to talk about important things. I recorded this conversation too, although I would never make this record public. The one I met said that he represented an Asian secret society which had 6 million members including 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins.
As I mentioned before I have a degree in Asian studies, with a specialization in the Chinese area. I had read about this society in history books. I knew about them. It is about the Reds and the Greens… the Ming Empire which, at a certain point in history, had reached a high level of civilization, collapsed in front of the Manchu dynasty. The army and the Ming fleet became a secret organization.
So the Reds and the Greens represent the army and the navy fleet, the Greens are also the ones engaged in office activities. Therefore, the 1.8 million are gangsters. The other 4.2 million are intellectuals with a high level of intelligence. Their plan was to overthrow the Manchu  and restore the Ming empire.
They started the boxer rebellion, one of the objectives of this rebellion being the elimination of opium consumption. And those who were selling the opium – and this is very interesting – were Skull&Bones. So they have been fighting with this secret society since 1800, at least.

KC: Well, wasn’t it the British who introduced opium?

Yes, there were also the British. But Skull&Bones, besides being slave merchants, they were also opium traders. This was the so-called Chinese “net”. So it was both of them. 

KC: So you were in this hotel room…

BF: Well, they said they would like to offer me assistance because I had written a book about SARS and biological weapons. They also told me that “these people are trying to kill you and you will have to do something about it.”
All this occurred during the period of a single week. And it was completely unusual things. It took me a while to digest them. The first thing I thought of was:”Well, we could watch movies of the events on September 11 in Chinatown or something like this.” But I said this instead:” Let me get back to you after I think of these things.” And I spent almost a month thinking of all this.
I thought:”Hey, why wouldn’t we aim for the pyramid eye itself?” Because most of the Westerners do not even know it exists. They are very scared there at the top. I mean they kill so many people and so often that they are simply scared. These things are very secret. Before the Internet, nobody knew of all these. I would have also certainly believed little of it, if I had not had direct contact with them.
Again, if you watch these organisations and those who control them, you will see that the Rockefellers have control over the monetary circulation of approximately 10 trillion dollars.
But the Oriental secret society has six million members and the Western secret society… well, at the top there are only 10,000 people. Therefore, it is 6 million people against 10,000. When I realised this I instantly said to myself: “That’s it! All these scoundrels are at our hand!” And this was when I began to disclose all that information on the Internet, on Rense.

KC: All right. So perhaps you joined this group, given that you are not dead.

BF: Well, I was in Taiwan, I met their heads. And I joined this group. I am the first Westerner who joined in the last 500 years.

KC: And then Rockefeller or, I don’t know if you mean ”Rockefeller”, but the head of the freemasons, had to leave you alone?

BF: The Chinese or the Asians said: ”We will not make the first move.” But what happened was that I started to write about Takenaka and Rockefeller. And I got death threats from this ninja. He kept telling me:”Your time is up.” People that believe that they will not die are the ones who end up in Yokohama bay. Many… I got emails. I have evidence of all these death threats.

KC: OK. And now that you joined this group… I think it was real shocking news when people found out.

BF: What happened was that I sent an email in which I wrote: ”If you kill me, each member of the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Schiff etc. families will die.” You know, there are 600 assassins for each of them if we want. If the verdict is murder, then all can be killed…
Since then, I have been trying to make for me a clearer picture about what is happening. And I finally narrowed it to people who have the monopoly on oil and to those who control the FED. They are the source of the problem. The monopoly on oil… The Americans consider the control of oil as the key to their geopolitical power. But they lost this control because Putin threw them out of Russia. They no longer control Iran, or maybe they still control it, I do not know this. Ahmadinejad and Bush might work for the same king, I am not sure. And Venezuela is also free. So the Americans are losing the monopoly on oil.
The other thing that happened is that, theoretically, they do not have the military capacity to defeat the world. The US army cannot defeat China. They have made several attempts but each time the Americans lost. The Chinese people are prepared to fight and to win a nuclear war. They can shelter their entire population underground and can hit the USA with 300 missiles, destroying  almost every U.S. City. The Americans can remove from the surface of the Earth all the cities of China, but the Chinese will be all that time in underground shelters. And they (the Chinese) can destroy their aircraft carriers and satellites. Therefore, there is no way they can be defeated militarily.  The only chance of the Pentagon – and I know this – is to gain power “gently”, and to do this they need Japanese money to fund a campaign to eliminate poverty and stop environmental destruction. And that is the proposal I made….

KC: But fundamentally you want to bring together the Chinese and the Japanese, which I thought have been old enemies, to fight against the Rockefeller and those who have…

BF: Well, when they create biological weapons that kill only Asians…

KC: Then they have a common enemy.

BF: You mean: “Look, try to kill us. What shall we do? “To go back to their history, Emperor Meiji helped them defeat Qing and install Yat-Sen as President of the Republic of China. So together they helped the liberation of China. During the Second World War, this society – from Japan and other Asian countries – worked in harmony.
President Mao was funded by the Soviets, a subsidiary of Rothschild. So the Reds and the Greens came last in the history books in 1949, fighting the communists in Shanghai and then disappeared. But in 1967, they drove the Illuminati out of China. Because of this there was a big rift between the Soviets and the Chinese, the Soviet Union and China were on the brink of nuclear war. The Chinese had prepared in secret. They built these huge underground cities to be ready for a nuclear war. Then they kicked them out and thus China has become again free of these Western central banks belonging to the families…

Earthquakes and control of money

KC: Okay, where does HAARP come across in this?

When I published several essays on the internet about Rockefeller and the Illuminati, about the secret history of the Illuminati group, I received a call from that ninja. He said: “Oh Lord, you are in trouble. Now there will be an earthquake in Niigata. The Americans are going to use their device that produces earthquakes.” And boom, the next day, two identical earthquakes took place, of 6.8 degrees, below the largest Japanese nuclear reactor. And that is exactly what Takenaka told me: “The reason I had to give up the financial system was that they threatened us with their device that produced earthquakes.” Imagine that! To hit a nuclear reactor of an ally who financed your army with a device that triggers earthquakes. What kind of behaviour is this?

Okay. If they have it, then how can these secret societies say they can fight with such a device? Because you are talking about scaling weapons – I’m sure you know this.

BF: Well, you can not stop an assassination with a device that produces earthquakes. Westerners know nothing about their leaders, about their true leaders. So all you have to do is to kill them. You can not prevent something like that with an earthquake. This means to aim at the bull’s eye. But you can make them, for instance, a generous offer. So I say to those at the Pentagon: “You must save the planet and you will receive more money than ever before. Think about this.” They spent 600 billion dollars to steal Iraq’s oil and the rights over the oil pipelines in Afghanistan. For 600 billion dollars they could have had even a base on Mars! So we will give them more money than they receive from these idiots who control the oil.

KC: But if they print the money, why would they need money?

BF: Well, here is the trick, and this makes the whole story collapse now. Even during the Second World War they said to various nations: “Look, this is the oil that you can take and here are your dollars.” Helping them with dollars meant control over oil and control over this gigantic war machinery – the threat with violence. There are 53 trillion dollars in circulation. Again, the U.S. government owes 66 trillion U.S. dollars to the American people. The U.S. government needs to borrow nearly a trillion dollars a year just to go on … Can they threaten with violence? No, because if it gets to this, the Americans will lose. They can not use threat with violence because otherwise they would lose their monopoly on oil.

So if you’re at the Pentagon, you think: “Well, the only thing we can do is to bring all who are not part of Asia on our side.” And to do this you must be calm. We must fight poverty and save the environment; you help them save the planet. You offer them a way out. What might be done would be to replace the dollar with another currency. It may be necessary to have a single international currency, but as these guys think – controlled in secret by another elite. It is necessary that the money be controlled by the people … The key to democracy is this: the money to be controlled by the people, not by a secret elite. Money is the only thing that matters. If you lose control over money and it gets in the hands of people that you can not see, you’re a slave. You must remember this. Never let a secret elite take control over money.

(to follow)

July 2011

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